ok but imagine how terrified magnus must have felt when he woke up in valentine’s body, with that mask around his face, desperately shouting ‘’help me! help me!’’ but with no answer, no one caring at all about how he feels and how confusing that must have been, your friends and loved ones just abandoning you because they don’t understand that it’s him, it’s magnus


“When I was a kid, I think I was always a bit of a show-off, from when I was pretty small my mum always thought I’d entertain in some way. But I don’t think I really knew exactly what I wanted to do. I never really wanted to do much at school. I wasn’t bad at school, just—I preferred kind of messing around a bit. But I think everyone does, so it’s fine. I enjoyed the performing part of school and stuff more than anything else so I think that’s when I kind of realised that was what I wanted to do more.”