Imba ang Love.

Gusto nating lokohin ang sarili natin palagi na nakakalimutan na natin yung taong gusto nating kalimutan. Pero matatawa ka dahil alam mong isa itong malakaing kalokohan. Maaring sinasanay mo ang sarili mong wala siya, pero siya at siya pa rin ang iniisip mo. Wala kang magawa kundi ang lahat ng bagay na nararamdaman mo sa kanya eh tanggapin. Minsan sinasabi na nating ok na tayong wala sila. Pero bigla ka na lang magugulat. Isang iglap na matunganga ka.. Siya bigla ang naiisip mo..

Siguro nga mahirap utusan ang puso.. Unang una wala naman itong isip at utak naman talaga ang may kasalanan ng lahat ng ito. Alam mo yun.. Yung ok ka naman. Tapos parang trip mo maging malungkot eh iisipin mo lang siya. Nakakaloko.. Minsan you can’t help but to think na masaya na kaya talaga siya? Kaya na niya talaga kayang wala ka sa buhay niya? Yung mga ganyang tanong na palaging gugulo sa isip mo.

Pero pagtapos ng araw. Tatanggapin mo na lang eh. Na wala na talaga ang lahat. Maaring naiisip natin sila. Pero malaki ang chance na hindi nila tayo iniisip. Ang galing no? After ng lahat ng ginawa sayong kagaguhan. Sa huli.. Kabutihan pa rin ng lagay niya ang iniisip mo.

Imba ang Love.

An Imbolc Prayer for Brighid

“With snow’s first retreat and the heralding of spring’s dawn,
We give praise and welcome to you, Brighid.
With imbas and tending of flame,
We give praise and welcome to you, Brighid.
With reed and the cross of your forging,
We give praise and welcome to you, Brighid.
With poetry and adorations of your deeds,
We give praise and welcome to you, Brighid.
Welcome, Lady of Poetry, Healing and Creation,
Welcome and be celebrated this Imbolc day.”

Written by C. McCoy ( or


It’s Almost Spring, but There’s Still Time to Try Fat Biking on Public Lands!

In just a few short years, fat biking has become one of the fastest growing winter sports in the United States.  In 2014, the BLM Hartman Rocks Recreation Area near Gunnison, Colorado held its Winter Growler Fat Bike Race, and this year, the BLM showcased its outstanding winter riding opportunities at the first-ever Fat Bike Expo in Anchorage in late February. 

The BLM booth at the Expo featured BLM’s partnership with the International Mountain Bicycling Association. It also featured the new National Conservation Lands recreation mapping project and the MTB Project, a mountain bike guide and trail map website presenting the top 20 BLM Backyard to Backcountry rides on public lands.

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4 April is also me realising that Flik will be a monster if he picked up a HEMA (historical european martial arts) manual.

Other stuff I’ve drawn that relates to HEMA, sort of:

1) Chris Lightfellow

2) Dullahan

anonymous asked:

I am glad we are done with Susan & Oliver having meaningless sex, it was inevitable and I hope she is leaving soon probably in 5x15 according to IMBA, they are rushing with Susan's storyline & she isn't an important character that is why goes missing for ages before walking in Oliver's office when writers are confused what to do in a scene when Oliver is in office just to say one dialogue and seduce Oliver. Honestly Oliver looked shocked seeing her, like he forgot she exists too.

Hi, Anon!

I think we can all be happy that scene is finally over because now we can see their “relationship” falling apart. I am bracing myself that it might take some time before that happens, though. Someone (was it WM?) mentioned that Oliver and Susan care about each other and while I might see a little bit of that on Oliver’s side (caring =/= loving) I don’t see that with Susan beause she was so happy about the possible story, so maybe we will have to see a little bit more of them. Since MG also said his relationship (it’s so odd to call their thing that!) with Susan is going to be a source of hope for Oliver in season 5B - I think I already mentioned that it’s not about Susan and much more about Oliver projecting his hope onto her because he still can’t believe he himself has that hope - it might be possible that she falls for Oliver and the whole thing is going to be a little longer. On the other hand up onto 5x16 which is the last at this time confirmed episode with Carly Pope is like almost ½ of season 5B, so maybe we get rid of her sooner than we think. Maybe she just stays around even after the inevitable break-up.

As you can hear I am certainly not a fan of Susan being around longer than necessary, but I kind of see the point of this storyline and I am even kind of excited about the storyline about her betrayal, though. I don’t consider publishing the information as the only kind of betrayal. For me she already is betraying him. Anyway, however long it takes, I know their thing will end and Olicity will reunite. I am waiting… a little impatiently, but I am waiting. 

Oh, and your are totally right about Susan just going missing and then popping back up. I actually wondered if they would go the way of saying Oliver and Susan haven’t met again after that kiss because she wasn’t even mentioned (not that I complain!). Really everything with them takes place behind the scenes if it isn’t about showing Susan pushing and digging. This thing they have is built of lies and secrets and I kind of believe that no matter what will happen I can’t see her redeem herself enough for her relationship with Oliver to ever truely work. 

Speaking of that, it got me thinking of Olicity because of course there was a lie and some sort of betrayal involved in their relationship, too. The reason why I think they still have a chance, while Oliver and Susan don’t is because the lies and the form of betrayal is just so different. Even if Oliver and Susan fell in love with each other (I don’t see that happening! It’s really just a what-would-happen-if-though-it-will-never-happen!), the beginning of their relationship still started with a lie. Everything Susan did up to this point was to get the story. Oliver’s lie meanwhile of course affected his relationship with Felicity because it was a betrayal of her trust, their feelings for each other wasn’t affected by that. Like Susan lied to make Oliver believe she wanted to be with him when really she wanted the story, while Oliver really loved/loves Felicity. He didn’t pretend any of this.

(I kind of have trouble to say what I really mean here. What I am trying to say is that one lie is not like the other here. While I think that Oliver has a chance to redeem himself for his lie and hence deserve another chance with Felicity, I am not sure that there is anything Susan can do that would redeem herself enough to make her deserve another chance with Oliver. These lies are just too different for me. But then I don’t know which way the show is going and I still haven’t completely made up my mind about everything, so… I am still not committing myself to only one version of this storyline.)

Yeah and don’t even get me started on the look on Oliver’s face during that scene in bed. He looked like he needed to throw up. He could barely look at her. I still have kind of hope that he will feel like he deserves better, but I don’t know. I am still open-minded about where the story goes. 

I want it to end (I am going to wake up every Thursday, looking for Barney and Robing to jump on the bed with a bottle of champagne, screaming, “The broke up!”), but I am excited to see how it ends. Does that make sense?

xoxo Kathi

P.S.: As long as we have to endure Oliver and Susan, I will keep myself busy with Oliver and Felicity gifs and videos to increase my excitement for the reunion that I am still confident is coming somewhere down the way. 

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P.P.S.: I am unable to reply to asks shortly. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I am usually not a talkative person.


Tunggu sampai suatu hari tu, kita jumpa dan berbual lama. Imbas kembali sewaktu kita mula-mula kenal dulu. 

Semua adalah aturan-Nya. 


On the way to Zion National Park, mountain bikers can check out singletrack, ladder bridges and flow trails on BLM Utah #mypubliclandsroadtrip stops!

Gooseberry Mesa

Gooseberry Mesa National Recreation Trail, located in southern Utah’s red rock country, is designed for technical mountain biking. Singletrack and slickrock wind across the mesa top in a series of interconnected trails bisected by a dirt road. Rising to the north are the massive sandstone sentinels of Zion National Park. Spread out below the west rim is a panorama of colorful desert mesas and water carved canyons. (Photo by Leslie Kehmeier, International Mountain Biking Association)

Three Peaks Recreation Area

Three Peaks Recreation Area offers mountain biking and more – places to camp, rock crawl, disc golf, ride OHVs and fly model air planes.  Within the approximately 25 miles of mountain bike trails, unique ladder bridges can be ridden as optional lines.(BLM Utah photo)

Iron Hill Trail System

One of the newest trails built in southern Utah is the Lichen It and Lava Flow loop. This is a 4.5 mile loop with a 2.5 mile gentle uphill ride with a fast 2 mile downhill flow trail. These two trails are the first of many more miles being planned and built so stop in often and ride the new trails as the system grows! (BLM Utah photo)

Magtago ka na...
  • Lolo: Magtago ka na apo. Sinabi mo kasi sa teacher mo na nag absent ka pero nandito ka lang pala sa bahay.
  • Apo: Lo, magtago na rin po kayo kasi sinabi ko namatay na kayo kaya nag absent ako.