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Take a Break staging!

Phillip and Eliza are seated at a piano on the turn table facing downstage and Ham is at his desk right next to them facing upstage and it’s lit to look like two separate rooms and as they count in French the stage rotates so that Ham is now looking downstage and piano is facing upstage. When Ham starts being all dramatic and comparing himself to Macbeth the lights dim on the piano and Eliza sits down next to Phillip and side hugs him and it’s super cute. Then Eliza walks upstage and then back downstage but into Ham’s office like she went into a hall between the two rooms and takes Ham out with her. Then when Phillip starts rapping he stands up from the piano and Phillipa beat boxes (it’s even cuter than you’re imagining) then Phillip and Ham have a little proud father son precious moment hug thing and Phillip runs off. When Eliza tries to get Ham to take a break with her they are holding each other and are very close, it’s very intimate and loving but Ham’s a little bitch and won’t go with her and he kisses her hand before going back to his office. Then Angelica appears at the top of the stage right staircase twirling a parasol. She starts down the stairs and Hams at his desk and they sing about commas. And during that Eliza is standing in the piano room and I think she was pretending to look out the window like she was watching for Angelica. And Angelica comes down the stairs and they turn and see each other and squeal and it’s honestly so flipping cute and Phillipa runs over to Renee and they hug like little girls and it’s very cute. Ham comes in and Angelica walks over to him and they hug when she tells him how good it is to see his face. Eliza joins them and they talk about John Adams. When Ham reveals he’s not coming upstate with them Eliza moves to Angelica to tag team it up and try and get him to take a break and come with them. They go on either side of him, when Angelica says “Eliza’s right” she hugs her sister from behind, very tender. On the “lets go upstate” they both grab his hands and Angelica gets extra close to him and Ham smiles at her, he’s very conflicted. Finally he breaks away from them cause he needs to get his plan through congress and he goes back to his desk. Eliza moves to follow him but Angelica stops and consoles her and then they exit together hugging each other while Ham works.

Doing little things with boyfriend Calum like pecking his lips before and after soundcheck, holding his hand in public, you stealing his sweater so you can hug it when he’s away and fall asleep snuggling into it while he has your scarf
Or just eating lunch with him, he’s making you laugh so hard, people would begin to lool at you two and you’d blush but Calum would just look at you while smiling so much, knowing he’s the only one who can make you this happy and he’s proud you’re his girl

imagine how cute taehyung would be if his wife was pregnant

  • like he’d be so happy to find out that he’s going to be a dad but he probably would be so worried when you like sit him down to tell him 
  • like omg what’s wrong are you sick are you hurt and you would just be like chill tae i’m fine and then drop the bomb
  • and you’d probably be really nervous too especially since he’s just staring at you in that classic confused spaced out taehyung look with his mouth open and his eyes wide
  • but then he’d burst out in the widest boxy smile ever and he’d just like wrap you in a big hug and kiss you over and over again and tell you how much he loves you and you’d feel yourself relax because you had nothing to worry about and ofc taehyung would be happy about it because he’s just so eager to be a dad
  • so then starts super protective and clueless taehyung who spends the next week reading up on pregnancy and all the how to’s to handle stress and how to prepare for labor 
  • he’d take you to pregnancy yoga classes 
  • and go to birthing classes with you just so he can understand what you’ll be going through and so he can help you to best of his ability
  • and he’d probably come home every week with some new technique or exercise for you 
  • and some of them would be so ridiculous but you’d do it for him
  • and he would totally want you to rest 25/8 like he’d probably come home one day and see you trying to reach a plate on the highest cupboard and he’d scold you and get the plate for you and you’d be like ??? do you want me to just not move???
  • “yes”
  • and he’d force you to go lay down and then insist that he’d do all the chores around the house
  • that’s why the laundry turns out pink bc he doesn’t usually do it and he accidentally mixed the wrong coloured clothing
  • and he’s buying a ton of cook books for healthy meals for moms to be
  • and then you ask if he needs help cleaning up but he insists you sit and relax even though you’ve been sitting all day
  • he ends up making a bigger mess anyway while trying to clean up
  • but he’d love to talk to the baby (and sing too)
  • so he’d be cuddling with you on the couch and tracing patterns on your belly and he’d whisper about how much he loves them and how excited you both are to meet them and promises to be the best dad
  • and then he’d blow raspberries on your tummy too and be tickling you when he feels the baby kick for the first time
  • and he just stops everything because it’s so exciting
  • and then one day he’d probably find you staring at the stretchmarks on your stomach and he knows it kind of effects you because you’re quiet and he tells you you’re beautiful because you are and then tells the baby the same thing too and how he knows your baby is going to be just as beautiful as you
  • but then when you go into labor, he’s totally calm cool and collected because he had read so much about it and you had both been prepared so he’d be going step-by-step on what to do
  • but it’s not really at all like in the books bc everyone is different
  • and then you start freaking out because of the pain and just snap like nOT NOW TAEHYUNG I DON’T HAVE TIME TO DO DEEP BREATHING EXERCISES 
  • and he’d be so nervous omf and let you hold his hand really tight and tell you encouraging things
  • but then he’d probably black out for a moment because he’s so shocked and numb 
  • and then he’d hear the baby crying and honestly everything would stop because he’s finally a dad and my god he’s never seen anything cuter than his baby girl
  • and don’t even get me started on taehyung as a dad omg 

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“I like you that way.”-Theo Raeken

Request: “Could you do an imagine where the reader is a banshee,along with being Lydia’s younger sister and acts a bit like Lydia in season 2? Could it also be a Theo Raeken imagine?”

prompt: Theo asks you what’s wrong but you turn him down,being a little sassy. When you decide to apologise,you find him in the locker room and you guys start talking.

pairing: Theo x reader

A/N: Theo is nice in this imagine

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You opened your locker,looking into the mirror that hang loosely in it and applied new lipstick. So far,the day has been pretty lame. You already new most of the stuff your teacher talked about and nothing extraordinary happened either.

Some people told you that you and Lydia were pretty similiar. Not just in the way that she was you sister,but Scott and Stiles often mentioned you often behaved like her a few years ago. You remembered that. Lydia not really caring about many people,pretending to be more stupid that she in fact was and being not so nice in general.

On the one hand,you wanted to be like her,be more friendly to everyone and try to help with the same banshee powers Lydia had. But on the other hand,you were always living in your sister’s shadow. You didn’t want to be her dublicate. 

That was why you still pretended to only care about a few people,although every time you felt that someone was in danger,you immediately told the pack. You sighed,closing your locker and instantly jumping slightly. “What the hell?”you said,facing Theo Raeken,who casually leaned next to your locker.

“What’s bothering you,beauty?”,he charmed,but you just rolled your eyes. “You.”,you smiled evily,turning on your heels to walk away from him. “I see that something is wrong,why don’t you tell me?”,he smirked,easily catching up with you. “I think I’ll pass.”,you said,before turning around the corner to get to your next class.

You could have slapped yourself. ‘Such a handsome and charming boy asked you what was wrong and you just turned him down? Oh,god,Y/N! You need to learn to get to know people and to trust them.”you said to yourself,right as the lesson started.

After school had finished,you hesitated to go home. You just didn’t feel like going home so early. At first you wanted to go into the library and read as much as you could,but then you saw Theo going into the locker room.

You just stood in the hallway for a minute,fighting with yourself whether you should follow him and apologise for being a little rude earlier or go into the library and read. The good side of you won and so you made your way to the locker room,biting down on your lip.

You threw open the door to the locker room,finding Theo shirtless. You eyes went wide. “Oh god.”,you breathed out,which made him turn around quickly. “Oh my god,I’m sorry.”,he apologised,quickly throwing a shirt over himself. “I better go.”,you said,wanting to turn around but Theo’s hand was already in a tight grip around your wrist.

“No,wait. Why are you here in the first place?”,he asked. “Uhm I just..I just wanted to apologise for being sassy to you earlier.”you stuttered,red colour flushing your cheeks. Theo started smirking immediately,slowly letting go of your wrist.

“No problem. I like you that way.”he said,turning towards his bag. You narrowed your eyebrows. He liked you? “You like me?”,you brought out,not really knowing if you really should have said that. He turned around,still smirking. “Yes,I do. Why shouldn’t I?”,he asked. “Because I’m not Lydia?” It was like a question but you instantyl regretted saying that.

This time,he narrowed his eyebrows. “What?”,he asked. You didn’t reply,you just stared down at your feet. You should have gone to the library,you thought. “Do you want to tell me you think Lydia is better than you?”,he asked again. You didn’t answer. “Hey,”,he said,placing a finger under your chin to make you look up to him. 

“I like you and there’s nothing wrong with being a little different than Lydia. You don’t have to be like her.”,he said,still staring into your eyes,you staring right back. “But I’m not as nice as her,and I want to be.”,you admitted quietly. “Be how you want to be,no one is pushing you anywhere.”,he said.

But you soon realized the two of you were slowly going backwards,soon reaching the wall. “You’re pushing me right now.”,you laughed slightly. He grinned. “Yeah,but I am allowed to.”,he smirked. “What makes you think that?”you asked,also smirking. 

“This.”,he said,starting to lean in slowly,before pressing his lips onto yours in a quick move. His lips felt like heaven as they permanently moved against yours,being careful and demanding at the same time. 

After a while,you slowly pulled apart. “You were right.”,you whispered,brushing your lips against his before leaning in for another kiss.

Hope you guys like my first Theo imagine xx


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Imagine Stiles finding out you’re a Jedi.

——— Request for anon ———

You pull him into his bedroom, closing the door behind him as he asks, curiosity getting the best of him, “All right, now, what was so important you had to tell me it in private like this?” Stiles sits on his bed, looking up at you for an explanation before he teases, “Are you a spy?”

“No, Stiles,” you chuckle, coming to sit cross-legged next to him as you set a pencil between you. “Just watch.” You focus on the pencil, calling out with your mind for it to move. It yields to you easily enough as you twitch your index finger in the direction you want it to go, focusing your power with the movement.

Stiles’ jaw drops as the pencil floats from the bedspread, “Dude! Are you a witch?”

You reach out to grasp the pencil from thin air before your eyes meet Stiles’ wide, excited ones, “No, Stiles, I’m a Jedi. I was using the Force.”

“Quit pulling my chain!”

“I’m not! Look,” you protest, leaning to your left to grab your bag and fish out a cylindrical, metal rod the size of both of your fists on top of each other. With the flick of your wrist, the unmistakable sound of the weapon’s activation accompanies the bright, dangerous light that gives it its name, “This is my lightsaber.”


“you know Y/N is here right?” Corey asked, “like storming down here right now about to kill us?”

“she’s not going to kill us.” Josh stated but then turned to Theo with wide eyes, “she wont kills us right?”

Theo wasnt paying attention, he was looking up the hallway. you were leaning against one of the walls, watching with a grin. Theo smiled back.

“whats the plan today Theo?” you asked.

“i thought if i started enough havoc you would show up.” he answered.

you laughed, walking towards him, “dont tell me you went through all this trouble just to get my attention.”

“and if i said that was the reason?” he smirked.

you brushed past him, walking further into Eichen,“then i would say stop being a coward and just ask me out like a normal person.”


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‘’she broke up with me.. again, I.. I don’t understand..’’ I hear him sigh.
‘’I did everything right this time, I made time for her, I got her everything she wanted, I was always there for her, fuck.. I was such a damn good boyfriend.. damn I sound like girl..’’ he chuckles softly ‘’look y/n just please call me back when you here this, I could really use some company right now..’’
The voicemail ended. I sigh rubbing my head. I knew this was going to happen, Valencia was using him. She was in it for the money. I shake my head, he was too blind to see it. I’m always the one picking up the pieces. I get up. I tried to tell him that Valencia was using him, but I didn’t have the heart to do that. He just seemed so happy and I couldn’t ruin that for him.
Me and Justin haven’t talked in awhile, mostly because of his ‘’relationship’’ with Valencia. Almost all the time he got for himself he spent with her, the time he didn’t he was talking about her. It made me sick, I kinda just stopped texting him, and talking to him he didn’t bother to find out why and that was absolutely fine..
But now when he got his heart broken, suddenly he takes notice of me.
Justin is my best friend. He has been for almost 3 years now. He helped me through a lot. He’s always there for me, he always supports me, he always listens, except when he is in a relationship though. He invests all his time into the relationship, he falls too hard too fast.
I took a deep breath, tonight will be the last of it. I am going to pick up the pieces again, as he has done for me multiple times. But I will give him a piece of my mind. This boy is wrecking himself. He falls for the wrong girls, he pushes his friends away and then always ends up with a broken heart. And then the cyclus starts all over again.
I put my coat on and head outside. I unlock my car and get in. I sigh his house is like a 20 minute drive. I turn the radio on as I pull out of my drive way. I drive to Justin’s house can’t helping but to feel slightly nervous. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s seeing him after almost a month, or the fact that I was going to tell him what I’m actually thinking, or that he’ll be a wreck I hate seeing him cry. I think it’s little bit of everything, I’m not even sure.
I sigh as I pull into his driveway. I unbuckle my seat belt and slowly got out of the car. I close the door behind me. I lock the car and head to his door I try to open it but it was locked. I sigh and reach in my bag to get his key. I unlock the door and walk in. I close the door behind me and set my bag down. ‘’Justin…’’ I call. I waited for an answer but when I didn’t get one I walk upstairs, he’s probably in his room. ‘’Justin’’ I say again when I when I stood in front of  his room. I slowly open it and walked inside. I gasp ‘’Oh my god’’ I cover my mouth. I can’t believe what I’m seeing, why am I so stupid? ‘’Y/N!!’’ He says in shock when he notices me. He quickly covers himself while the girl squealed and quickly got under the duvet covering herself up too. I quickly get out of his room. For fucks sake, here am I thinking he is all heartbroken, fucking worrying about him. Of course he be fucking random girls…. I run a hand through my hair. I quickly walk downstairs ‘I should not have come here’’ I mumble to myself.
‘’Y/n’’ he calls as he follows me down. ‘’Y/n wait!!!!’’ he calls again as I keep walking ignoring him. ‘What?’’ I say turning around crossing my arms. He had covered himself up with a towel.
‘’what are you doing here? why did you come?’’ he asked looking at me.
I raise an eyebrow ‘’excuse me? you called me remember? saying how you needed someone, you were oh so heartbroken and when I come I find you here fucking some chick!’’ I exclaim.
‘’oh right,’’ He scratched the back of his head ‘’thank you for coming though’’ He smiled awkwardly. ‘’I did though..  but I didn’t get an answer so I then called Felicia. I thought that maybe your were busy or even mad at me… I really did need someone to talk to and be with me here..‘’
I scoff shaking my head ‘’I can’t believe you’’.
‘’What are you so mad about?’’ he ask frowning slightly.
I huff ‘’what am I mad at?’’ I say raising my voice. ‘’ dude we haven’t talked for like a month because of this hoe who’s been using you, you literally put her before me. You’ve known her for about 4 months, you’ve known me for over 3 years, and you still put that bitch before me, you didn’t even care enough to just even text me, I do always find the time to talk to you so why can’t you?! And when I do come over because you fucking called me after you got your little heart broken, I fucking came over and you be here fucking some random chick…’’ I turn around heading to the door. ‘’Shit y/n.. ‘’ I hear him mutter. ‘’Have a nice life Bieber, I’m so done with your shit..’’ I say as I walk out of his house and to my car.

Drammaaa. Soo as I promised the full imagine, what do you think part 2 or nah? Hope ya’ll like it ! lovee - m

oh btw request are open! SO feel freee 

“I don't mind if every night we lay our heads down somewhere new, ‘cause home is you”

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The one where he loves you more than the sun loves the moon and you love him too ♡

The voices in his head all whisper of her now. She’s got that look in her eyes like a light in a window, it makes him think of home. Everyone with her name means something to him now and he’s decided to love her more than he does the stars. Even her sighs are smiles and when he undresses her it’s like he can physically see the world fall from her shoulders. She’s the one he thinks about when the party’s over and he’s coming down and the buzz is fading and everyone else is gone, she’s the one he’s always thinking about. One time, in a fight, she said she hated him and he kissed her and told her to say it like she meant it, I think that’s the best way to sum up these two.

Love was never his “thing”, he wasn’t good at it, he didn’t understand why anniversaries were important or why in romance movies the boy was always willing to give up everything to be with the girl. That was, of course, until he met her. Now he can’t get over how the sight of just one girls smile can take his breath away and how his lyrics are only beautiful because they rhyme with her breathing. He told her he loves her and now he can’t stop and she’s been reintroduced to his bedroom walls so many times, it’s almost as if they’re all she’s ever known. Her smile reduces him to stardust and he forget he’s made up entirely of lonely nights, she’s got the mouth of a sailor and eyes that can bring any ship down.

It’s common knowledge that she loves him too with every bit of her, well common knowledge to everyone but him. She wants him to kiss everywhere she touches when she thinks of him and she just wants him to know that her arms, they are tired, but they are always open for him. She’s not a fragile rose, she’s a rare wildflower; she likes that he knows that, she likes his rough hands and love that leaves her breathless. She doesn’t flinch when he touches her, I think that means he’s important. Touching his skin is both exploring unknown countries & finding a map that leads her home.

With each other, they’re home.

out and about the streets of LA at nightime calum and luke decided that they wanted to go to a club he texted you to let you know he would be home late so you wouldn’t worry about the cold and empty space next to you when you drifted to sleep. you wanted to wait for him but you knew how much calum liked to party especially on break, you bit your lip looking over at the clock next to your shared bed “11:11” you gasp immediately closing your eyes thinking of a wish that would be right for tonight “i wish calum would come home safe tonight so we could sleep soundly together” you blinked your eyes open and turned on the tv watching a marathon of animal planet’s top animal rescues. 2:00 and you were drifting you decided to turn the tv to something more upbeat to get your brain moving, instead you switched to TMZ tonight. they had the cameraman rolling into a black van that showed luke and calum your eyes widened as you squirmed around getting closer so you wouldn’t miss anything, 

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You guys will hate me for this but imagine Danse is curled up in bed with the Sole Survivor. They’re asleep and he’s just running a hand through their hair and watching them sleep. They look peace. He could stay here forever and be happy with just being intertwined with them like this. He’s so happy they want to spend the rest of their lives with him. Then..something hits him and it feels like someone knocked the air out of his lungs. Synths don’t age. He does not age. Sole will. Sole is going to grow old one day and eventually..they’ll be gone and he’ll be left behind. It terrifies him. He doesn’t want to lose them, he can’t. Suddenly he’s panicking and he buries his face in their hair, trembling but he doesn’t even realize it. “Don’t leave me.” He whispers and he feels something wet slide down his face, tears. “Don’t go where I can’t follow you..”

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Can you do an imagine where the reader has been dating George for a while but Mrs . Weasley treats her like how she treats Fleur.(kinda mean and gives her the cold shoulder) Then when George looses his ear she expects her to leave him but she sees her take care of him.

Finished one, yay! Thank you for the lovely request and I hope you like it, have fun reading! x

Warning: slight mention of blood/injury!

You had lost count of how many times Molly had rushed to the door of the Burrow, nervously looking at the sky and hoping she would spot her family somewhere in the meadows around her house - although there was nothing to be seen. Both of you were worried, but instead of mutual comfort, silence dominated your togetherness, and thus you had decided to stay in the living room while she was changing her location every now and then. Ginny was considerably nicer to you, for she was just as worried and therefore started a conversation sometimes, and yet you were not sure if she really liked you. As much as you loved being with George, his mother obviously not being too fond of your relationship was a burden: She didn’t greet you as lovingly; she was rather dismissive towards you when you tried to approach her, she even liked to give you glares sometimes, but you did not know why. Whereas George had always told you that she could be quite complicated, you thought it was more than that, and now that both of you were waiting for loved-ones, you considered her utter hate for you confirmed. You were sitting on a window ledge of the living room when you suddenly heard Molly mumbling words before hurrying into the corridor to open up the door, and she immediately ran towards the dark meadows. As you got up to follow her, she quickly hissed at you, making you back off. “Stay inside, I’ll take care of them” – You got inside again, slightly angry at what she had said, but you obeyed and tried to look through the windows again. When you spotted dark figures approaching the Burrow, your heart started beating faster as ever, but you could not see who they were. Ginny appeared behind you, seeming just as nervous. Molly finally pushed the door open, whereupon you got up immediately and ran toward the corridor to see who had arrived first – to your horror, you spotted George around Lupin’s and Molly’s nape, looking weak, with blood stains on his clothes. “George” you gasped, running toward him, but Molly heaved him forward so you could not approach him properly. “Into the living room!” she instructed Lupin. Only now you realized how pale she looked, but your eyes were soon fixed on George again. He was laying on the couch, his eyes closed. Without hesitation, you kneeled down next to him, shocked about all the blood that was covering one side of his face and neck. Although you had known how dangerous the flight would be, you never truly thought about George getting seriously hurt, and now that he was laying in front of you, you were incapable of speaking for a moment. Molly’s sobbing was what made you wake up again. “W-what happened? Where are the others?” you mumbled, automatically turning to Lupin. “Death Eater cursed him. But he was a good sport, made it all the way to the Burrow. I don’t know where the others are, unfortunately, but I trust them.” he said rather softly; you gave him a glimpse to show him your appreciation in return before turning to George again. “It looks really bad, should we-“ “I think we should clean the wound first” Molly threw in rather hastily, now drawing out her wand and tracing it over George’s skin, whereupon you sighed out. When the blood slowly disappeared, you started stroking back his hair very softly, hoping he’d wake up sooner or later. “Oh boy, I reckon we won’t be able to patch up the wound completely” she then said when all that was left to see was a hole on the one side of his head, marking the place where his ear had been once. “Dark magic, Molly. I think he’ll have to live with it.” Lupin confirmed. “So we’re not going to be able to grow back his ear?” – “Yes, (Y/N), it certainly won’t work. Dark charms-“ Lupin started explaining, but Molly interrupted him immediately, looking rather furious. “No, it’s not going to grow back. He will look like this for the rest of his life, and I sincerely hope that’s not a problem for anyone” – “That’s not what I meant, I was only asking-“ – A loud thump was audible from the meadow, and before giving you a sharp glimpse, Molly rushed off to the door again.

You had stayed with George to watch over him, but thinking about how other people could be hurt as well and Molly’s comment, you felt miserable and wished nothing else but for George to wake up. His cold hand was resting in your grip, and you started putting kisses on his cheeks from time to time since he liked being woken up like this in the morning, and when he actually opened his eyes you gave him a most trustful smile. “Hey, Georgie” you mumbled in relief. His eyes wandered over your face for a moment. “Hey, (Y/N). How’re you? How am I?” – “Good, good, George. I’m just glad you’re back; I was really worried” – “A spell hit me right into the face” he said tiredly, his finger pointing at one side of his face to show you. “I know, Georgie. Lupin told me” – “Oh, right. The flight was bonkers; I thought I had died for a second. I actually thought I was in heaven when I opened my eyes and saw your face-“ – “Shut up, George” you chuckled, putting a soft kiss on his forehead. “But I know that my ear’s in heaven now” he joked. It was incredible to you how he was able to make fun of himself such short time after a painful incident had happened to him, and you gave him a chuckle in return, although seeing him like this touched you immensely as well. “Yes, there’s a special place for George Weasley’s ear in heaven. It probably has wings” George was chuckling as well now, slightly playing with your fingers as he did. When he asked where Fred was, though, your smile faded. “I don’t know, George. You were the first ones to arrive, so-“ – “Where’s George?” someone suddenly said, and a moment later, Fred was standing in the living room, watching his brother and you. “What on earth happened to you?” he then asked and kneeled down as well. “Got struck by a curse, our Georgie-boy.” you mumbled. Fred’s eyes wandered over the hole now, and he looked rather amused than irritated. “You lost a bloody ear?” – “Very much correct” George smirked in return.

The whole team had gathered in the kitchen to digest the recent happenings; with Moody being dead and several injuries, it was a rather glum atmosphere. Molly made sure everyone would get a hot meal after the flight, although you only took very small bites, believing she would not grant you anything anyway at the moment. To your fortune, Fred had been very kind with you, but when he sat down on the table to talk to Ron and Bill, you decided to go look after George who had claimed to be fine resting on the couch. The living room was quiet, its lights were slightly dimmed down, but George still looked rather pale. “Georgie” you mumbled, whereupon he opened his eyes and turned to you. “I thought you might be hungry” – “I have to admit I am” he smiled, “Thank you, (Y/N)” You handed him your plate before caressing his cheek for a quick moment. “You look all troubled” he then said, his eyes fixed on you. He was right, after all, but you could not quite put into words what made you feel low at the moment. It wasn’t merely the depressed atmosphere in general, but also the feeling that your care for George wasn’t taken seriously. “Just go ahead, (Y/N). You know I’m all ears…” - While George was smiling blissfully at himself, you just gave him an almost aghast glimpse. “I’m out of words, George” you finally uttered, and now he was actually laughing, whereupon you joined him. “You stupid git” you chuckled – George, on the contrary, only blew you a kiss and acted really arrogant until he had you laughing so hard you put your lips on his cheek to make him stop fooling around. “So if the curse has pretty much cut my ear, isn’t it possible that it’s still laying somewhere on the ground? Maybe someone will find my ear in their backyard tomorrow. We should try and trace it, (Y/N), I’d really like to have it back” –  “And what’re you going to do with it? Put it in a glass, carry it with you like some people do with their teeth? Besides, one ear looks just as good on you as two ears do. You don’t need it back, Georgie, really. I think you’re going to be fine this way as well” As you got rather serious towards the end of your sentence, you suddenly heard someone gasping behind you. Both George and you looked around immediately, and what you saw irritated you so much you stood still for a moment. Molly was watching the two of you, her expression softer than ever; even her eyes were slightly reddish, and when she realized that you two were staring at her all bewildered, she finally drew nearer. “Oh, you two- And you have brought him food!” She was addressing you, which was so unusual you blushed quite heavily. “Mum, what is it?” George asked. His mother, on the contrary, only walked toward him and put a kiss on his forehead before she put her hand on her cheek. “Oh boy, all this time I’ve been wrong!” she said, “I never knew how close you were. I believed (Y/N) would leave you after your accident, Georgie, but she took care of you so well. (Y/N), I never knew, I never knew!” Only now you realized that she seemed to have watched you two for quite a while, but it sent shiver down your spine to hear that her attitude toward you was rather positive by now. “I’ve told you, mum” George said slightly accusing, but he did smile when he saw his mother all relieved. “I know you did, dear, I should’ve believed the two of you! Oh my, I used to think you were only fooling around with him” – She now turned to you, and for the very first time, she gave you a trustful and loving smile, and although you could not quite comprehend, you smiled back. She sometimes even apologized, whereupon you tried to be very calm and gentle with her, telling her it was okay, but she sometimes seemed rather guilty. But when she actually gave you a hug after comforting her for quite a while, you felt George taking your hand softly, a proud smile on his face: You knew it was going to be fine.

badboy!au ;; jung hoseok

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  • the wealthy son of a businessman
  • him owning the rich bad boy name because of how intimidating he looks, and how he isn’t afraid of stepping up to his shit talkers
  • doesn’t like getting his hands dirty when trouble finds him sometimes, so he has his followers take care of the junks
  • is known as a playboy type, who carelessly plays with everyone’s hearts
  • him catching your eyes when you had accidentally ruined his heated make out session with a senior 
  • you getting flustered and hoseok smirking when seeing you like that, and running away immediately
  • him forcibly changing homerooms, that way he can be close to you
  • you nervously and trying to avoid him, but the more you try to run, the closer hoseok gets to you
  • him picking on you by tugging at your ponytail, flicking your ear, and spitting spit balls at the back of your neck
  • him also blowing you kisses when you turn around to glare at him deathly
  • the teacher sending you to make copies of worksheets, and hoseok volunteering on helping you out
  • him trying to get close until you blurt out about being in a relationship
  • “i have a boyfriend! and if you don’t stop, i’ll tell him!”
  • hoseok feeling upset that you’re already dating someone 
  • but it doesn’t stop hoseok from still trying to hit on you, when he knows your boyfriend is from another school
  • you pushing him away every time hoseok gets in your way, but he only pulls you closer
  • you receiving hate letters because hoseok’s attention lies on you
  • him getting hit by your hateful letters and you telling him to leave you alone
  • hoseok finding you being lovey dovey with your boyfriend when he comes pick you up from school
  • him getting angry and feeling jealous
  • him purposely messing with other people in front of you; kissing them and mumbling sweet nothings, while slowly bullies you
  • but in truth, hoseok has been picking fights once school ends because he’s irritated by how you continuously ignore him
  • him meeting you at the karaoke bar you work and saves you from being harassed
  • you thanking him but calls your boyfriend, however hoseok seals you in a tender kiss
  • “what the hell, jung hoseok? leave me alone!”
  • “i can’t when you’re all i think about!”
  • you ignoring hoseok even more to be with your boyfriend, especially when you’re out of school and runs into each other
  • your boyfriend noticing this and telling hoseok to back off, but hoseok isn’t scared and steps up saying that he’ll fight for you if he has to
  • you receiving more hate letters and even gets bullied in the restroom, which concludes into getting locked inside
  • hoseok coming to save you 
  • “who did this to you? give me a face if you don’t know their name!”
  • “just let it go and stop bothering me, and maybe then i won’t be tortured everyday”
  • hoseok finding you crying nights later when your boyfriend leaves the karaoke bar you work at, however you weren’t working that day and was there on a date
  • you telling hoseok to just bug off, but it angers him that you’re crying and the other man doesn’t give a damn
  • him rushing out to beat up your boyfriend, who reveals to have dumped you for being too stuck up and says hoseok can have you
  • “don’t treat a human being as if they’re a broken toy when you don’t want them anymore”
  • you not showing up to school, and hoseok becomes worried so he asks the clique you hang around with about your whereabouts
  • him being greeted by your grandmother, who says you should be at school and him too, since it’s around lunch time
  • hoseok takes his leave in apologies, and continues on finding you
  • he finds you eating inside a lonesome tent at the street food market
  • him joining you without a doubt and trying to cheer you up
  • you learning a few things that hoseok isn’t so bad, and that he only gained that playboy name because a lot of the seniors likes him
  • he doesn’t care for anyone and just kisses them out of pleasure because it’s fun
  • but admits that when he kissed you, it was real and true
  • you blushing like mad because hoseok is really confessing but you don’t wanna hear it
  • hoseok helping you get rid of these hate letters when announcing that you’re both dating, though you haven’t even said yes when he confessed
  • him making sure you’re safe when joining you at work and walking you home
  • your grandmother immediately approving of hoseok, and calling him son-in-law whenever he comes over
  • your ex-boyfriend calling you all sorts of bad names when catching you and hoseok holding hands, when truth is hoseok snatched yours to hold
  • hoseok standing up for you, and saying that you’re his golden trophy rather than a stuck up broken toy
  • you slowly falling for hoseok day by day, but denies it when your friend asks about you and him
  • you meeting his father who looks strict and intimidating, but all in all is an entire goofball who grew to love your presence
  • “hoseok-yah, this one should be kept well!”
  • hoseok ignoring his father, and you learning why
  • “dad and i haven’t been the closest after mother fell into a coma. it’s been seven years since we’ve last had a decent talk. i overheard him saying something about pulling the plugs, and that’s when i shouted out about hating him. everything i do outside is for a show - publicity stunt, so my father could receive a bad name, but does it matter anymore?”
  • you comforting hoseok when he takes you in to visit his mother’s old room, and you telling him everything would be okay
  • you even accidentally slipping out an i love you when hoseok got teary eyed after telling you more of his story
  • hoseok repeating the same beautiful three words in return and softly planting his lips on with yours
  • you and hoseok officially dating
  • you making him and his father reconcile because a father and son shouldn’t hate each other
  • hoseok’s father sending you both on a lovely vacation before senior years starts, because you’re the sunshines of his life
  • you and hoseok watching the gorgeous sunset together and him hugging you from behind closely
  • “i love you and i never want to lose you”
  • “you won’t ever lose me when i love you so much in return”
Stockholm Syndrome

Inspired by the song Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes.

Characters: Demon!Dean x Hunter!reader

Warnings:No plot, just SMUT. Swearing.

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A/N: Happy smut appreciation day/ smut apocalypse ! So exciting seeing everybody’s ideas and creativity. I was really inspired to write a demon!dean fic because he’s all I can think about lately. So I hope you all enjoy. Thank you for reading xx

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You weren’t going to lie- you had a thing for gorgeous bad guys and Dean Winchester was looking particularly delicious with his hands tied to the chair, his thighs apart, looking at you a smolder that could singe the clothes off your body.

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(Heroes -The New Age) L.H. AU -PART 2-

“Really cool power that you have.” A soft voice talked to (Y/n) while she walked pass the garden outside going to the other side of the campus. She looked over her shoulder to find the wind boy and smiled at him. “Thank you.” She never thought one day she would hear a compliment about her power, she didn’t actually like it.

“Do you only control the wind?” she asked curious not feeling too shy when talking to him. “All the weather.” He said and raised his hand moving it from left to right only one time and suddenly a heavy dark cloud appeared above them making it rain but before the drops hit their heads, the boy made the wind blow them away and made the cloud also fade.

(Y/n) was impressed with his demonstration. It was really special to control the weather, for her it was way cooler than make stuff burn on fire.
“Wow!” she says but it wasn’t suppose to come out actually.

“See you in the gymnasium?” The boy asked when noticed that they already arrived to the girls dorm. (Y/n) nodded and he started walking away, when he was already far she screamed “Wait!”
He turned back to look at her and she asked still screaming “What’s your name?”

She could see him laugh amused with her. He screamed back in response “I’m Calum!”

He walked away and she got in the dorm. Her first social experience in that place wasn’t too bad, maybe it was good for her to stick around with the freshman Calum so he could blow her fire away or make it rain when needed.

(Y/n) walked in the corridor stopping in front of every door looking for her name written on the paper hanging outside every room. She stopped by the fifth door and entered when saw her name on the list.

“Excuse me” she says before totally entering the room. Only one girl was there and she was waiting for (Y/n) all day. They would share this room for the rest of the year and both girls expected to become friends, it would make things easier and lighter in their bedroom.

“Hey, welcome!” the pretty girl greeted (Y/n) and helped her with her bags. They put all on the free bed next to the window. The girl looked at the curtains and drapes and instantly felt a twist in her belly knowing that this place would be dangerous for her new colleague.

“Hi, I’m (Y/n).” she presented herself sticking her hand but quickly pulling it away not knowing if her pills were still making effect. “I’m Jackie.” the veteran smiled “I’ve been here for two years already.”

(Y/n) liked Jackie’s good mood, she already liked the girl by far. Hoped she kept that spirit for a long time. “Two years? Weren’t you supposed to be in ‘battlefield’ already?” (Y/n) reluctantly asked. She didn’t like to be nosey but she wondered why Jackie was in the academy for so long. Thought also that she could be there for longer years.

“I didn’t pass the test to make part of the heroes in action. That’s how we call the group that successfully finished their training and are now in the city doing their mission.” The roommate explained. “But they also spent a lot of time here, I’m not an exceptional case.”

Jackie talked like she knew everything about it. And she actually did. She was a very curious girl, more than (Y/n) and with that she knew everything about that academy.

“Do we all have the same training?” (Y/n) asked not hesitating. She felt like she could talk with Jackie without worries, she felt comfortable with her just like she felt with Calum and David.

“No, no. We train with people similar to us. Similar or compatible powers.” The veteran knew the conversation would last so she sat on her bad and (Y/n) sat on hers not taking her eyes from Jackie.

“What is your power?” (Y/n) wanted to be like Calum and answer with a demonstration but she knew that it was a terrible idea. So she just simply responded “I kinda of make things burn.”

“Like fire?” Jackie asked and (Y/n) nodded. The veteran had a look in her eyes that to the freshman it was a little strange, not bad but strange. “Are rare those like you, you know?” Jackie stood up from the bed and walked towards the window next to (Y/n)’s bed and pointed out.

“See that rounded construction?” the girls looked at the other side of the enormous campus where there was a white construction, looked like a huge half of a ball and (Y/n) instantly wondered what was that. But she didn’t have to ask because her roomies already started explaining.

“Only one person trains there.” Jackie began and quickly continued. “This closed field was specially made for him, it can only be used for those with powers like yours.” It sounded really special but (Y/n) didn’t feel that way. She always had in her mind that her powers were dangerous and bad. It wasn’t special or cool as Calum and Jackie seemed to think.

“Who is he?” (Y/n) asked biting her lip anxious to know who was the one like her. It sounded like he was famous in the campus for being the only one to get access to the white private training area. (Y/n) wanted to know him.

“You’re gonna see tonight. He will be at the opening battle.” Jackie responded and (Y/n) felt the anxiety grow inside of her. Quickly the girl opened her backpack looking for her pills planning to take an extra dose of them. She did so and it scared Jackie a little, the roomies didn’t expect (Y/n) to drug herself that way.

To the freshman it wasn’t getting drugged but getting to her normal state. It was the only way to calm her down and prevent the fire to take control of her.

“Don’t worry. I am okay.” (Y/n) assured Jackie and even though it wasn’t true, there were no further questions. (Y/n) would try to patiently wait for the show tonight in hopes to meet her alike.

Part 3?

Don't vote Trump.

Not even as a joke. The man wants to bomb the same oil fields we mine, not to take out terrorist, but because the Rockefeller family takes a small portion of import and exported oil.

He treats his own employees like garbage, so imagine what he’ll do as president.

He has said before that Republicans are stupid and would vote for him no matter what, so don’t just to spite him.

Would you prefer Coke or Trump cola and why did you pick Trump cola?

He’s a weasel bastard that uses illegal tactics to keep from going broke after something of his fails harder than the Titanic.

And if you take away his hair and facial features, his head looks like a shrunken midget dick that’s been tanned too long.

I Needed You ~A Theo Raeken Imagine Part 2

A/N: Okay so I decided to write a part 2 to my other imagine. Let me know what you think about this. I really appreciate feedback on my imagines. Thank you guys for liking the other one so much. Love you guys. 

Prompt: Theo kidnappes you, forces you to have his child, and then falls in love with you. You develop Stockholm Syndrome and Theo decides to let you go but has the doctors make you forget everything thats happened between the two of you over the past few years.

Part 1

You looked at him your hands placed on both of his cheeks. His eyes closed, leaning into your right hand. He knew he shouldn’t be here with you. But he’s longed for your since the day he left. He knew in the end you were going to get hurt. He knew he had to tell you what he did. He needed to tell you why you couldn’t love him.

 “Who hurt you?” He opened his eyes at the sound of your voice. He saw the concern written on your face and knew this was the moment to tell you everything and so did he. He told you how he knew you years ago, how he kidnapped you to get back at Scott. He explained everything he did, how you got pregnant with Mikey, how he ended up falling in love with you, and how he ended it all by making the doctors erase all memories of him. Throughout his explanation you got progressively farther and farther from him. Refusing to look at him. Anger and sadness coming over you all at once as you remembered every little thing he did. “Please say something” He pleaded from behind you.

You looked at him for the first time since he started speaking. You wanted to slap him, kick him, anything to make him feel the pain and betrayal you were feeling at this moment. But you knew nothing would work. This man, this stranger, was in capable of feeling anything. He was not the Theo you meet 2 months before. Instead he was your kidnapped, your son’s father, the man who caused you to forget a 2 years of your life.

You remembered everything. Everything he did to you, everything the doctors did to you. You remember crying every night for the first year you were there. But you also remembered falling in love with him. How he cared for you after you got pregnant. He refused to let the doctors touch you. He loved your son. He natured him, played with him, became his father. That’s how you fell in love with him. It was real, all of it. Yet he believed it wasn’t. You remembered him leaving you along with those men. He left you when you needed him the most.

“You left me Theo. You left me there with those men” Your voice got louder with every step you took towards him. Tears threating to fall. “Do you know what they did to me Theo! What they put inside! I felt all of it Theo! I felt every needle pushed into my skin! Every single tool they used to torture me! They took out 4 years of anger and missed torture! You didn’t hear the constant clicking, and the screams of my 2-year-old son! Him begging them to not hurt his mommy! I needed you God Damnit! I needed you to save me!” Stopping right in from of him, your fists beating against his chest with every angry sentence. He stood there taking it all. Every hit, every scream he took. He knew he deserved it. He deserved it all. You broke down. You fell to the ground, tears falling one after another repeating the same words over and over, your voice getting weaker with every statement. ‘I needed you’.

Theo took this as his chance to wrap his arms around you. He held you so tightly against him, pulling you closer and closer with every sob. “I’m Sorry. I’m So Sorry.” He didn’t know what else to say. Nothing he could ever think of would make up for what he did. He knew that. He wanted to just hold you, be there for you. But as soon as you composed yourself and realized what was going on. You pushed him away. He looked at you with guilt written all over his face trying to come near you to hold you again. To comfort you for what he did.

“Don’t!” You stepped away. “Don’t touch me! I really loved you Theo! I fell in love with you!” He shook his head and looked away “No, you didn’t. It was a disease. No one could really love me. I’m a monster.” You felt anger take over your body once again. “But I did! It wasn’t a disease Theo. I loved you with every fiber in my being. But you refused to believe it. You made me forget you. We could have been happy Theo, we could have been a family. But you decided that you weren’t good enough for me and because of that you lost the only persons who really loved you.”

You grabbed your bag off the couch and walked towards the door. “You can still see Mikey if you want. He doesn’t remember what happened and he doesn’t need to know. Our relationship may be shattered but it doesn’t mean you need to shatter then one with your son. Goodbye Theo” With that it was your turn to walk out on a pleading Theo.

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One of those crayon doodles would totally be Hawke trying to look cool while fighting the Arishok to keep Isabela from being taken away. When we all know that fight consists of mostly screaming and running away hoping your Mabari tanks him.

imagine the kirkwall crew criticizing the art though. fenris standing there like “i don’t remember you being that brave, hawke” and anders all “you were bleeding much more profusely than that. i know. i had to deal with it in the aftermath.” isabela patting hawke, telling them “it’s the thought that counts” and “at least varric can make you sound much more impressive later”

speaking of varric, he’s the one that makes the fight sound more like what the destiny trailer showed. at least somebody around here has some respect for the champion. 

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Imagine showering with Eric.

Ugh imagine, like it would be really early in the morning and you’d be in the shower and he’d come in rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and start throwing his pajamas off and slipping in the shower beside you, and at first you’d be a bit surprised but he’d just give you a quick kiss and ask you to pass the shampoo like non sexual showers with him would be the best, he’d look so beautiful, like water drops stuck in his eyelashes and the water trickling down is shoulders and back kill mE