Being Noah’s Girlfriend:

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  • he’s a huge romantic
  • or at least that’s what he tells us in every interview
  • so I have a feeling noah would spoil you a lot
  • flowers?
  • yes
  • late night dates?
  • hell yes
  • early morning dates?
  • depends on the day
  • lazy dates?
  • who doesn’t love that?
  • noah also likes to go on hikes
  • (according to an interview, i think?)
  • so that’s obviously a thing you two will do
  • that pocket thing he does in tatlilb
  • yep, he does that to you too
  • if you’re short
  • the height difference would be freaking adorable
  • noah would often like to put things on high shelves so you can’t reach them
  • piggyback rides i feel like are a must
  • lifting you up to kiss you
  • you’re like a freaking monkey, i swear
  • and he loves it
  • but if you’re tall
  • boy would love you long ass legs
  • he would love it when you wore his clothes.
  • noah would still give you piggyback rides
  • fight me on that
  • you would also probably still be all over him
  • i’m short so I don’t know what tall life is like
  • I’m sorry
  • but you’re all still cute!
  • anyways back to noah
  • you two would probably get an animal together
  • like a dog or cat or something
  • but probably a dog since he loves those
  • and honestly so do i
  • he would 100% take a million pictures of you
  • and you’d be stupid if you didn’t do the same
  • he would be your wallpaper on the phone
  • and you would be his
  • sleepy noah
  • fancy noah
  • cuddly boy noah
  • you get to see all that plus more
  • being close with his friends, coworkers, and family
  • being protective of each other
  • he gets jealous easily, i think
  • i know i would if my boy looked like him
  • but it’s never a ‘possesive’ relationship
  • there’s a huge difference between the two
  • noah likes to get frisky
  • i don’t usually like to do smut about actors
  • but i get a dom/sub feeling about him
  • like, he is both a top and a bottom
  • fight me on this
  • anyways, let’s get back to the less smutty stuff
  • your family would adore him
  • who doesn’t?
  • if you don’t like working out, like me, he would try his hardest to get you to work out with him
  • but if you already work out
  • you guys definitely go together sometimes
  • noah likes reading
  • so do you
  • or at least i do
  • so i have a good feeling you two would spend days just reading or sleeping
  • cuddling is a must if you’re dating him
  • there’s no denying that
  • you would go with him to premieres
  • watch all of the stuff he’s in
  • be incredibly proud of all he’s accomplished so far
  • you would steal his many hoodies and t-shirts
  • noah would love that so much
  • boys (and girls) love when people do that
  • plus I love hoodies so i will take whatever i see
  • sarcasm is a strong key to your relationship
  • watching movies together
  • sleeping together
  • he will be a big spoon
  • and a little spoon
  • depends on the day
  • just as long as he can hold you
  • or just be near you
  • so many flirty comments
  • noah would be incredibly proud of you too
  • he’d be one of your biggest fans tbh
  • there will be a lot of inside jokes
  • listening to music a lot
  • especially in the car
  • it’s like a concert in the vehicle
  • you two would be that cliche couple that matches sometimes
  • especially matching pj’s for christmas/ winter
  • match hoodies during the fall
  • costumes that go with the other during halloween
  • etc
  • his smile always makes you happy
  • even during the rough days
  • noah would tease you often
  • both sexual and not
  • living together
  • eventually
  • he will sometimes make dinner
  • sometimes you do
  • somedays you do it together
  • baking together
  • sometimes it ends up in a fight
  • or a makeout session
  • depends on the day
  • honestly
  • this boy is just boyfriend material
  • looks and personality
  • he’s literally what i look for in a guy
  • whoever dates him/ marries him
  • is going to be so freaking lucky




Harry Styles

Text message



Stop your crying

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”



She’s not me / Part 2


“I know sometimes I tend to lose my temper.”

“Depression isn’t just being sad.”

“Don’t ever touch me again like that.”

“I just love your ass.”

“I hate you.”

“I’m lost without you.”

“What are those scars?”

“I can’t stop thinking about you - even when I’m with her.”

“I don’t need you.”

“You’ve been drinking.”

“You’re married.”

“You have no idea how much I want you right now.”

“If you walk out that door-”

“I can’t breath.”

“Get your shit together.”


“I just want to help.”

Calum Hood



You used to call me baby / Part 2

″I’m so in love with you.”

“I fucked up.”

“We’re more than friends.”

“You’re beautiful.”

One picture / part 2

Australia / part 2

“What did you just say?”

“We already slept in the same bed.”

“About the baby - it’s yours.”

“Do you trust me?”

“Stop being cute.”

“Do I really have that much of an effect on you?”

“Why are you naked?”

“You’re a real bitch.”


“We’re more than friends.”

Crashing the date

“Are you jealous?”


“I like it when you’re pissed.”

“Yesterday you said you loved me.”

“Ignoring me doesn’t change anything.”

Him finding out you’re pregnant (Dad!Calum)

Toy store (Dad!Calum)

Nightmare (Dad!Calum)

Perfect little family (Dad!Calum)

“I love you.”


Nervous (Dad!Calum)

Ashton Irwin:

Meeting his family


Luke Hemmings:

Girls night

Person A: *deep in thought* Hey B?

Person B: Hm?

Person A: What are we?

Person B: Were just tiny flakes on Earth with no understanding of our existence and our lives have no deep meaning whatsoever.

Person A: No I meant… Nevermind, good night.

You’ve always been convinced your grandmother hated you. Ever since you were a young child, you can remember being sent off to stay with her for weeks at a time, your parents being sure to remind you constantly, of how grudgingly she was taking you,and to be on your best behaviour. You simply accepted their word as truth, often left wondering what you did to make her hate you.

She was a stern woman, almost appearing cold at times, and lived in a rather grand villa, with lots of rooms, many of which were forbidden to you, some even holding very detailed locking devices, keeping them firmly shut. Your room there was beautiful, and you were always treated well, but still there was that constant knowledge that she hated you, and viewed you as a hassle, that kept your relationship rather detached in a lot of ways.

Your grandmother insisted on you having intense teaching sessions whenever you stayed with her, most of the time taking over these lessons herself, further solidifying that somewhat cold image in your mind. She taught you basic things, but also many strange things. Outside of the usual things a child would learn at school, she also insisted on giving you intense lessons on calligraphy, art,  mythology, various religions -including many things on the occult-, multiple languages -including a few dead ones-, chemistry, in depth knowledge of plants and minerals, politics, law, horse riding, survival techniques, first aid, and even quite a few lessons on weapon use, and building various devices. Any time you questioned why you needed to know these things, you would be sternly guided away from the subject.

She had her moments, when she showed a softer side. Those times that she would see your loneliness and let you tuck yourself into her side as she read various legends to you, a glass of warm milk and a plate of fresh cookies at hand. If you were lucky, sometimes she would tell you a story as she tucked you into bed. They were always bizarre and exciting, but somehow it always seemed like she was speaking of real experiences, no matter how crazy that sounded to you. Sometimes, you even thought your felt her press a kiss to your forehead as you fell asleep, tucking you in neatly. You could never find it in you to hate her, though as a teen you did try, and fail, to resent her controlling ways. Somehow, you never could. 

The year that you moved out, was the year that she passed away. Having always believed she hated you, it was no wonder you didn’t quite believe it at first, when you found out she had left everything to you, rather than your parents as you had assumed. Your parents wanted nothing to do with the funeral when they found out they wouldn’t be getting anything, and so it was left to you to fulfil your grandmothers detailed request for her cremation, and dispersal. 

The house had a coldness to it that you never felt there before, when you arrived. Listlessly, you found yourself straying to that familiar office, where your grandmother could often be found of a late evening, wine glass in hand, and strange maps and diagrams laid out before her. Resting on top of her desk, you find a thick, old, leather bound book, with a single note on top. Inside the note, you find a date, time, location, and plane tickets, all intended for you.

To your shock, you find that the book, is in fact some sort of grimoire, stock full of ancient looking diagrams, rituals, spells, and texts. Overwhelmed, you set it aside, opening up her desk draws to distract your spiralling mind. To further the revelations of the day, you find a draw full of correspondence between your grandmother and your parents. She had never “Grudgingly” taken you, in fact, it seems she had begged to have you every single time, often ending up only managing to convince your parents, once she agreed to fulfil some financial desire of theirs. From the way she wrote, it seems she loved you very very much. Amongst the letters, you find one unopened, and unsent, looking as though extra care had been taken when making it. Its addressed to you.

Thanos is sitting in his cottage/hut/thing, happy with his success. He looks down when he senses movement and sees an adorable eight-foot long snake. He picks it up with his right hand, ‘cause he knows snakes don’t like cold metal. He laughs as it happily slithers around his arm. Slowly, the snake makes it way up his arm and to his neck. When it starts to go down his other arm, Thanos starts to suspect, but it shies away from the cold metal like a normal snake would and he relaxes. Suddenly, there is a flash of green. It reveals not only that the snake is, in fact, Loki, but that he stole Thor’s new axe as well. Loki is smiling and as he brings the axe down he says, “It’s Me!” Thanos doesn’t have time to react as the axe cuts through his arm and severs the infinity gauntlet from him. Loki quickly reaches out with one hand, grabbing it just before Thanos does, and disappears in the blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, Thor is searching for where he could have put his axe when Loki pops up in front of him. Thor immediately grabs him by the neck and is ready to punch him for tricking him again when Loki yells, “Wait!” and brings out the infinity gauntlet. “See? Good Reason this time!”

Thor laughs, takes the gauntlet, and chucks Loki out the window. As Loki falls he shouts, “Good luck finding your axe now!”

Later - Part 1

Noah Centineo x Y/N

Summary: With Noah’s rising fame, he seems to be neglecting the one person that means the most to him, Y/N.

A/N: Hey guys, so obviously I watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (you should check it out if you haven’t, it wasn’t as cliche as I expected it to be) and I’m now in love with Noah Centineo! The second (and final) part of this writing with be out probably next Monday, so let me know if you wanna be tagged!! I have a lot of other contact coming out this week, so follow me to keep an eye out! Check out my masterpost below!! Requests are OPEN and feedback is appreciated! Thanks for reading everyone!





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She hated feeling this way.

She knew it was wrong. She should be proud. He was finally achieving his dreams of becoming a serious actor and household name. And while she was proud, she couldn’t stop those other emotions from creeping in and ruining her mood.

Fear. Jealousy. Sadness.

The fear came from the idea that he would grow too big and forget about her. She lived all the way across the country and while they had been together for almost three years now, she knew how quickly relationships could end because of distance. It had been five months since they had seen each other in person and it was starting to take a toll on her.

She knew she had no right to be jealous, they were actors. But hearing the story about how Lara Jean’s background wasn’t staged and how him and Lana have really been bonding over things like hot yoga had really hurt her. She know he wasn’t doing it on purpose and that he would never cheat, but being so far away was clouding her thoughts.

The sadness showed up when she would look at her phone and see that he had barely been replying to her for a while now. It had started out as just late replies and a few missed FaceTime calls, but now she could barely remember the last time they had a full conversation, especially one that hadn’t revolved around his rising fame. He used to be the one that she would call anytime anything significant happened, but when she would go to dial his number, all she could see was the amount of missed calls where she had done the same thing and ended up disappointed yet again.

It really wasn’t healthy to keep all this in, but she wasn’t sure it was something she could talk to him about. Usually when (more like if now a days) he picked up her calls, he was always so happy and excited and she hated to ruin that because of her dumb feelings that didn’t even make sense. But when she saw the Instagram post of him and Lana, she knew it was time.

Surprisingly, it only took three rings for him to pick up. She had actually flinched in shock when he responded, having already planned on just leaving a voicemail. She was shaken from this when she heard him say again, “Hello?”

“Hey, it’s me.” A tear dropped from her eye when Noah excitedly greeted her before starting to ramble about when was going on in his life. “Noah,” she cut him off, “We need to talk.” He seemed to be confused as he responded, “Isn’t that what we’re doing, talking? I’ve missed you so much babe, I have so much to tell you.”

Before he could go off once more, she interrupted, “Noah, please.” At his silence, she continued, “We need to talk. Like a serious talk.” Noah sounded concerned as he asked, “Is everything okay? Is it your family, are they alright? You know I’ll be on the next flight over.” He was beginning to panic, so she quickly stopped him by saying, “Noah, calm down. My family is fine. Everyone else is fine.” This only caused him to panic more as he asked, “So you’re not fine? What’s going on, what can I do?”

Y/N sighed as she told him, “You can just listen.” At his silence she continued, “This isn’t working anymore, Noah. We’re different people now and we’re going separate ways. Can’t you feel the distance? When was the last time we had a full conversation without someone interrupting or work getting in the way. I’m just tired, Noah. I’m so tired of being the only one putting in effort. I can’t be put on the backburner anymore, I just can’t. I’m sorry Noah, it’s over.” Before he could try and fix things, she had already hung up.

Heartbroken, he went to call her when realization smacked him in the face. Right there, clear as day on his phone was all the effort she had been talking about. All the missed calls and voicemails and unanswered texts from her that he kept pushing off, saying to himself that he would reply later. It seems like all those laters had really added up. He turned around and threw his phone against the couch in anger. He stood there with his fist clenched before sighing and going over to his phone and dialing her number.

Just as he went to call, Lana walked in, “Hey Noah, we’ve gotta go. We’ve gotta be on stage in two minutes.” He sighed once more before closing his phone and then opening it to see a picture of him and Y/n on his background. It broke his heart, but he knew what he had to do. Maybe one more ‘later’ wouldn’t hurt. “Yeah, let’s go.”


Person C: So B, I heard A likes you.

Person B: Oh… They’re cool and all but I dont like them like that.

Person A: *clutching onto a confession note* Ok then. *leaves*

Person B: *smiles* I like them way more than they like me.


the alien took a swing at you that you easily blocked. “well now you’ve done it.” Wanda laughed as Steve took a step forward menacingly, “Steve was going to kick your ass anyways but now? now its personal.”

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thank you to this gif maker for giving me permission to use their gifs! i adore the mcu and this blog has such beautiful gifs! <3 

Mood Swings

Summary: When you start having random mood swings, the Avengers want to understand what’s wrong… but you only want to see Peter.

Paring: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader (Female)

A/N: I know I should be probably doing requests, but this idea just came to mind and I had to write it.

With your legs starting to feel numb, and your stomach constantly sending you waves of cramps, you impatiently wait for the heat pack to warm up in the microwave before taking it out. 

Wrapping the heat pack around your stomach, you slowly limp over to your bedroom, remembering to grab a bag of popcorn on your way there.

“Hey honey, do you mind helping me in the lab today? Maybe even work on a new suit” Your father Tony asked, walking up to you with a small but friendly smile.

“No dad, not today” you snark, hand reaching towards your stomach as another pain rushed through.

“A-are you okay? is something wrong?” He asked, immediately going up to you to inspect what was wrong, but you only insisted on making him leave.

“No dad, just leave me alone” You try, shoving his hands off of you as you try to scurry to your room. 

With the heat pack still on your stomach, and the bag of popcorn leaving buttery aromas spreading across the room, you only sigh when a large figure comes into view.

“Y/n… that is no way to treat your father” With his hands on his hips, and a small frown replacing his features, Steve stood in front of you, blocking your way out.

“Ugh, just leave me alone,” you reply, trying to get around him but only stopping shortly when Bucky comes in.

“Hey, what’s going on here?” he asks, hand reaching out to grab the bag of popcorn in your hands, but you shortly hold it away from him, earning a small upset frown.

“Y/n is giving some attitude, which is not like her at all” Squinting your eyes, and resisting in the urge to scream, you quickly reply back to his comment.

“Well excuse me if all I want to do is be alone!” you yell, turning around to go another way, but being stopped when you feel another stinging pain shock throughout your body. Bending down to the floor, you sit there with a hand on your stomach and the other loosely holding the bag of popcorn you so desperatly wanted to eat

With the three of them rushing over to your aching body, you start to see most of the other Avengers joining in on the scene. All with different expressions, and all with different questions.

“Hey, hey, hey, are you alright?”

“What’s going on here? Why is Y/n on the floor?”

“Whoever hurt her is gonna pay for it”

“I swear to god if Peter broke her heart i’l–”

“Friday, do a scan on Y/n… see if she’s okay”

With all the questions, and the worst period you’ve had in a long time, all you wanted to do was be in your room wrapped in your blanket with Peter… but he wasn’t here.

“Can you all just please leave me alone!” you yell, your eyes beginning to become teary as the cramps in your stomach grew worse, your head now being cradled between your knees.

Everyone was silent, almost watching you on the floor suffering in pain. That was until the sound of a door opening drew some attention.

“Is everything okay in here?” You recognized that voice, the sweet charm laced into it. There was no one else you wanted to hear.

The sound of footsteps drew closer, almost stopping in front of you. Looking up from your position, your eyes meet soft brown orbs laced with concern. But as soon as he saw the heat pack still on your stomach, and the bag of popcorn that was now everywhere on the ground, he immediately knew what was wrong.

“Hey, hey, hey, how ‘bout I stay here tonight, hm? We can watch your favorite movie and cuddle?” Peter grins, bobbing down to meet your eye level.

“With chocolate?” you ask, already starting to scoot your way closer to him.

“With chocolate” he grins, hand rubbing your knee.

“And I can wear your jumpers?” 

“You can wear my jumpers” he smiles.

With a small smile, you lift your hands in the air, waiting to be carried. Without hesitation, he quickly stands up and lifts you up from underneath your arms, causing you to almost immediately wrap your legs around his torso. You laid your head on his shoulder, eyes closing softly, as he picks up the heat pack, as well as the leftover popcorn, being careful as he leaves to go to your room.

A silence fell over the Avengers as they watch Peter carry you to the elevator…

“What… what the hell was that?!”

Yeahhhh this was badddd…. but I already wrote it sooo,,, whatever…

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