School Kids


I sat down in science class sorting my books as someone sat beside me “morning love” I hear newt smirk beside me
“hey newt” I giggle
“you look beautiful today love” he smirks pressing a little kiss to my cheek making me blush like crazy
“thank you newt” I smile still blushing like mad looking down to my books making him chuckle at me
“why do you always act like that when I call you beautiful my dear?” he asks me resting his head on his elbow on the bench
“I dont know newt, I guess im just stil getting use to this” I smile
“your adorbale” he smirks giving my cheek another kiss
“Mr Newton! as you where clearly paying more attention to miss y/n then my class please explain what I was teaching just now” Mr janson our teach asks him
“sir you where trying to explain to our class the human reproductive cycle” he answers sounding as cocky as ever
“very well, atlest you wherr paying attention” mr janson says surprised and continuing to teach the class talking mainly about sex and reproduction and such about half way though class newt rested his hand on my leg I was a bit suprised I looked at him still sat at the desk his arm keeping his head up the other on my leg he noticed me and winked at me moving his hand slightly up and under my uniform skirt his finger tracing the lines of a forming ladder in my tights till the bell goes and I pick up my bag and books heading to the door where newt stood waiting for me “I have to go to math now okay but ill see you tonight okay” he says taking my hand and I nod he kisses my cheek and goes off to his class I havr a free period last today so I went to the yard and sat with my book reading away it seemed like no time at all before the bell went again so I left and walked home my house being empty my parents left a note they are out with there friends so I lock up do a simple dinner and go up to my room sitting on my bed reading my book not yet changed from my school uniform my white shirt and blue tie but I had undone the tie alot so it hung fairly low and my tiny skirt but I had taken off my tights I kept reading till I heard a knock at my window so I put my book down and steped over to the window opening the curtians and unlocking my window pushing it open to look out and see the source of the knocking till I felt lips pressed against mine till I backed away and sore newt climbing in my window and shutting it again as soon as he was inside “oh baby, you know I love your uniform like that” he says before grabbing me and lustfully kissing me his hands going to my legs to feel under my skirt roughly feeling up my arse before we fell back against my bed and he began un buttoning my shirt enough to show my bra and he began kissing down my neck “oh newt"I moan lightly I guess I kinda should explain me and newt have been secretly snuggling for about a year now we made sure to keep our relationship secret but its kinda hard considering we are very honry teenagers he continued to kiss my neck roughly feeling my tits and my arse before pulling away from kissing me to sit up ontop of me and look down at me I lean up to reconnect our lips making him moan wraping an arm around my waist before moving my hand to his belt and pulling away to kiss my face and neck "come on baby you know what I want” he moans kissing all over me so I take hold of his belt and undo his trousers enough to feel his rock hard bonner in his boxers he flips us over so hes laid on my bed “go on love"he says pushing me off the bed so I go and shut the curtains and standing at the end of the bed and slowly strip off my school uniform while he watches me I then sat back atop of newt as he had now taken off his boxers so I sat and grinded onto him "uh baby stop teasing me” he moans so I kiss him lustfully and slide down so he was inside me and within seconds he fliped us over and his hand was on my headboard thrusting into me at a fast pace both of us screaming and shouting till he came inside me and collapsed he pulled out and laid in bed with me till he got his strength back then kissing down between my leg using his tounge to toy and play with me till I came and we cuddled up in bed kissing and touching each other up till it got early ao we got dressed again and he sat on my window sil “ill see you later okay love” he says hugging me tightly
“okay see you soon newt” I smile giving him kisses
“I love you y/n” he smiles giving me another kiss
“love you too, same time tonight?” I ask
“of course"he smirks before kissing me one last time and climbing out my window


they still havent talked about it. maybe it just isnt time, but she cant stand knowing that he’s still … salty about it. there’s not much to do than apologize, but even then it’s not enough. she reaches over to jerk his arm, rudely waking him up by forcing him to lay down next to her. atty wraps her arms around his middle, head immediately going to his chest. “im sorry. genuinely. not just because i got caught, or because he died, or because you’re mad. i dont know.. what i was thinking.” a hand goes to trace little circles over his stomach, eyes shutting. “i’m not gonna lie, yeah, i had serious feelings for him. i have… similar feelings for you. –not that that’s a confession. but… it was still a mistake to get involved. and it was a mistake to hurt you. and to not even tell you. and… i really hope you can forgive me.”


Time to meet my favorite characters.
So gullible I can’t even. DjrifjfjrnfnFJTJRJWNSN


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lowkey salty that people keep asking you how you got this url after yoongis mixtape just came out like youve had this forever i followed you so long ago

HAHA im not that bothered by it tho tbh? like it’s kind of an obscure lyric (although definitely not as obscure as some) and since it predates hyyh era, not everyone knows it @_@ but that’s fine w me! i’m still reeling from the fact that my url went from obscure bangtan lyric to his solo stage name and the name of his mixtape like i dont have time to get mad at confused people im too busy crying lmFAO

everyone thinks i wanna say sorry to you and i dont really care about her. theyre all wrong. it was never her fight. i wanna make sure i spend every day lettin her know how loved she is, i wish i was brave enough to tell her to her face just how sorry i am. you on the other hand? you got what you deserved. id do it again in a heartbeat if i had to. you treated me like a child, and now even though im mad at you, im also scared. horrified. but i still dont regret what i did to you.

ok so. whoever is that “underdog” guy i fought with earlier who was trashtalking me for being a bad mercy,

i was trying to get to a widowmaker while you were complaining, bro. you know, the widowmaker who’s half health and probs doing a better job at being alive than u are. i didn’t heal you once and you trashtalk me for the entire time and u expect me to be ok with u complaining about “bad picks” when im one of the two supports who’re actually doing something

see i also got a card and actualy did my job tho sure, lmao, u got play of the game lmao. if you want, you look for a mercy who will actually tolerate ur trashtalking cause i doubt you’d find one tbh

i reported ur sorry ass i hope i dont see u again bye

About 8 years ago I was at my sisters baby shower and we all played this game during the entire event where if someone caught you crossing your legs you lost and didn’t have a chance to win a prize and I remember someone caught me “crossing my legs” but in fact I was crossing my ankles and I was so pissed off because I didn’t know that crossing ankles counted as crossing legs and I am still mad to this day about it.

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"It’s not selfish to want to feel loved and wanted." You should consider those words instead of being mad at your friend. Feelings are feelings. Maybe the dude is being ignorant of what's going on with you right now, but it's probably not malicious.

no, he knew exactly what was going on because we talked about it a lot. he knows im a mess and I just need friends and yet he still decided to pull that when I do not have the energy to deal with any more sadness or guilt

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Sweetie why are you yelling?? The 1 thing that made me mad today is when she said i didnt respect myself for making that comment… thats some shaming shit and im not for it. Dismiss the fact that he had a girl cuz i didnt know. Me talking about sex does not mean i dont respect myself… even if i was out there sittin on niggas faces willy nilly. Im grown thats my business and that still wouldnt give you the right to try and shame me.

Other than that. This shit is funny to me

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HEY OMG ur like one of my fave mutuals but i've been gone from tumblr for a while so hi i hope ur doing well my dude <3 also im on my period as well i fell ya gurl. n if u want u can tell me what motivates you to do art bc i always get so frustrated and am not rlly motivated ya know?

Hey there, sweetie!
Welcome back in the madness 💟
I’m alright, thanks for asking. Period is still being an ass but what can I do…

You asked me what motivates me doing art…mmmh. Well, I love drawing. I’ve been drawing since I can remember and back then I was just a little girl. I’ve never stopped and I never could. So love and passion motive me. Also others artists, seeing their artworks motivates me to work hard and doing better! Oh and you guys always motivate me 💕

i cat stop cring i hate uyou guys icant fucking breathr i cant breathee tsrngxf i jate you fuck you im leaving i dont want to be on her anymotre why i  ot cryingng i dont want o fuc no i never tghought u guys would be like thgis i dont want anything to do w you whats the point in eve edxplaining do you know why i blocked you enily bc i saw ur posts and i cousnt sto p cryoin and its been n mre than n hour and i still cant stop and nicki wtf i never fucking blocked you i remver sending you an anon asking why you bocked me i rmeber ging around asking pp  confused and hurt but nobody knew ask britt i told her too but you know what u both are disgusting rn bc its FUCKKING TUMBLR ITS TUMBLR WHY ARE YOU SO MAD OVER SMEONE UNFOLLOWING YOU ON TUMBLR WTF S A MUTUAL FOLLOW ANYWAY I DONT GIVE A SHIT ABT HAT STUFF IM iteraly only here to talj abt pcy and exo thats its it dont know what u guys are saying i dont kno but i do kno that my hands are shing so much allah forgive if i did aything wrongi never knew that unfollowing someone would make u hate me so much and u think im some crazy bitch i never did r said annthing mean to you guys ever??? but no just polz dont talk abt me anymore my hurt hurts so much it hurts so much and icant breathe e mm sorry to ny followers and my friends who mesaged me i dk how to type rn r even icant see the screeen and icant brarhrd i just dont want to be here anymore 

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it seems like you're the only person who mentioned hicstreme0 deactivating?? and I'm kinda confused? I would personally love to know why bc their one of my favourite artists on tumblr... haha you don't have to respond to this, but obviously thanks if you do

Some asshat(s) started accusing her of pedophilia bcs she drew hux like a twink and it caught on like wildfire bcs tumblr is made up of faux-pious drama fiends.

Im actually still mad and wont talk about this further.


I am taking a sorta kinda not really semi-hiatus from this blog and 5sos bc my love for them is slowly dying and I need to take a break before I start hating them (that has happened, just not with 5sos)

sO ANYWAYS what im making this post for is to let you know that I am currently existing in my other blog @interstellarharry, so if you’d like to talk to me and keep up please give it a follow!!

I will still visit this blog from time to time, I just won’t be as active as I used to be back in the good old days ha

on that note, I hope you’re not mad at me for making this decision and hopefully 5sos’ new music/album will revive my love for them and I will see you again really really soon! until then, FAREWELL MY DARLINGS I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH

what i really hate about tumblr culture is that when some of you dont like something you immediately start sending hate instead of just …….. i dont know trying to fucking understand the situation inseatd of just pointing fingers every fucking where??? like @bitchwaynes and @swanqueenfeathers have been recieveing anon hate and like honestly whoever is sending those messages needs to go out and get a fucking life. im so mad about this

106 Overlook

when i feel the need to recapture my innocence
i drive past the blue and white german house
if i want to relive richard being jealous of my chopper bike
or witness 10 year old cassidy swing from the for sale sign
i take the long way home
im holding onto you like the greased watermelon and you are scratching at me harder than kyle, eric, and robbie did
the girls always win
i hope you know that.
my mother said that she knew i had an enate sense of balance
when i walked on the railroad ties at the age of three
i wish i still had that.
if i am mad at my sister, i think of the time buster brown dragged her across the snowy yard my her hat
and the time ricky let buster out
buster died that day, and michael was so messed up.
the time sara and i wrestled on the rope hammock
i knew she was cool.
i lived in the attic because it was closest to the angels and santa.
now leaves cover the driveway and 106 overlook road is bluer than before.

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no offense but I don't see why they would defend him (tony/rdj) tbh... people have every right to get mad by how much screen time he got in a cap movie. idk, just my opinion

yes, youre right but i just dont think its right to blame rdj for something that wasnt his fault. im just sick of that argument cuz its wrong. he didnt push for more screentime. the russos asked him to come in and people still say that rdj pushed to be in the cap movie. like. hate tony/rdj all you want but at least know your facts because. i mean, if you want someone to blame, blame marvel for feeling like they had to try and compete against dc. because it wasnt rdj’s fault and if they were gonna make the movie the civil war movie, tony was not gonna have a small part because he is literally the whole other side of the argument. so i just dont think its right to balme rdj for his amount of screentime