as much as I understand everyones anger towards Jason (believe me i am mad too) i do kinda think trying to boycott the show is taking things too far. Think about all the others you are harming/disrespecting by doing that? What about all of Eliza’s, Marie’s, Lindsey’s, Ricky’s, Bob’s, Adina’s etc. hard work? We know how everyone of the cast love the 100 and their character. If we boycott the show they’ll lose that and to be honest they aren’t the ones to blame. I am so sad about Lexa’s death and i am so beyond disappointed how Jason didn’t think this through but i also love all the cast’s hard work and dedication they put into this show. You don’t have to follow Jason on twitter or praise him after every episode but at least watch the show for the actors who put their heart and soul into this show. At the end.. How disappointed we may be.. We all know this wouldn’t be what Alycia wanted from us. Fuck Jason and his bullshit but please don’t give up on the show/actors.

When one of your cousins likes MLP and the other likes Star Wars and you’re short for time on Christmas presents

lmao i cannot believe this fandom honestly. it’s 2016????? and you still???!! say “_____ girl”?????!!!!!!! (sidenote before i get going- i know that there are people who don’t know a whole lot about this stuff but are trying to learn and if that’s you then sit back fren ur all good im not mad at u go off and do good things) this post is for all the (cis) girls who blatantly ignore the fact that not everyone is a girl. and i know for a fact some of y'all are ignoring this post right now. and im willing to bet that you have trans/nonbinary friends IN THE 5SOS FAM. yet you still show zero respect to them and continue to post shit like “all michael girls reblog this lol”. i can’t believe that this is like the fifth post ive made about this issue and it hasn’t gotten better. you know why? because y'all can’t get off your goddamn pedestal and treat other people with respect for once. “but aiden I identify as a girl!!1!” great good for u pal stop saying “___ girl” because girls do make up the majority of the fandom (it’s true) and if you make the change then other people will and then we can have a safer environment for everyone. oh also stop assuming everyone’s damn experiences. “oh this post won’t matter calling them a girl shouldn’t make them feel bad” that’s bullshit and u know it. some people (me hi hello) feel very uncomfortable with even being in the same category as girls. and there may be someone who’s like “yeah idc man call me whatever the fuck you want” but u know what? it’s always always always better to be safe than sorry.

so the gist of this post is: stop saying “___ girl” leave that in 2015
and i will continue to post about this until i see a change happen.

hope u have a nice day :)

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hey i don't know if you do requests/ still do requests but could you do the wtnv thing with nobody does a slice like big rico but instead it's nobody does brunch like jerry's dinner?? plz and thank you

I mean….

….. but whatever; I needed to de-stress anyway.

it never ceases to amaze me that multiple ROMA have said that the whole deal with mcu maximoffs offends them and people are STILL like ‘why are you mad at joss whedonatello :)))))) his take on maximoffs is great :)))) protect them! :))))’

you know what he did? he and marvel execs denied two romani/jewish (who’ve been roma for DECADES) characters of representation by casting white actors; they made them WILLINGLY work with neonazis; due to mcu marvel retconned twins to be some kind of experimentation instead of being mutants and erased their ties to magneto making years of comics history invalid :))))

and now everyone thinks maximoffs are two troubled white kids :))))

is it what they deserved?

good morning world

and to the punk who compared me to donald trump because I dont want to share my reasoning for talking shit about a cartoon character before I blocked them, go fuck yourself.

you wanna know why im mad at ford that badly, huh??? I was good and ready to keep this bullshit off of tumblr so everyone could be happy but apparently that’s not good enough for you. APPARENTLY I have to explain every aspect of my life that disagrees with how you feel or else im the worst person alive.

cliffnotes version, last year was extremely tough for me. I was dealing with an emotionally abusive relationship and the trauma I still suffered afterword, self-harm, poor performance in school, constant emotional breakdowns, and a heaping helping of mental health issues.

it was also the year I got back into gravity falls! and over time dipper and mabel became like comfort objects to me, something I could hold on to through all of that. I see a lot of myself in both of them, and I’m very protective of them. they are immensely important to me. so yeah, when damvtf aired, I freaked out! I saw someone encouraging dipper to throw himself into danger and hurt himself further for the sake of knowledge, and someone brushing mabel aside, calling her “suffocating”, and I watched her fall to the ground with no promise as to whether or not she would be ok. I was beyond devastated.

and whether or not you, personally, think that’s true or that it was fords fault, has nothing to do with this. I don’t care. I’m not going to come after you like you’ve come after me. the bare fact of the matter is, for VERY PERSONAL REASONS, dipper and mabel both helped me cope with a really shitty point in my life, and I saw ford as a threat to that. hell, maybe I even know in the rational part of my brain that what I feel about him is kinda unreasonable!! but who fuckin cares!!! he’s not a real person he’s a cartoon character!!!!

and like, in the flip side of that, if you are someone who is a fan of ford, maybe even uses ford to cope the way I do with the twins, I respect that. I will not try to bring you down. the worst I’m gonna do is vagueblog about the community on twitter, which I have a right to. I’m not attacking anyone.

and I am so sick and tired of being forced to explain my personal life in order to justify a harmless opinion. I’ve had to do this so many times at this point. why do you care? why do you fucking care, so much that you put this energy into trying to make me feel bad, into forcing me to write huge posts like this? I’m so tired of it. I want to be allowed to talk frankly about how I feel without being demonized for it, especially when I’m doing it on a completely different website than this one.

Y'all need to stop with the “another pasty white Peter Parker” shit. Peter Parker is a white dude no matter how made you get it won’t change that. He doesnt need to be another race, he just needs to be funny and a nerd. Im pissed he’s in high school but of course im gonna still see it, just like you all are. Instead of getting mad that a white character is white how about you bring awareness to other minority heroes. Shit I was blogging about black panther for years and now like 9k people know a bit more about him. Message studios, never shut up about Blade,do something but dead all that getting mad that Spider-Man is white shit.

Acting like y'all didn’t fuck with Spider-Man when it was just Peter

Cancer Crew Preference- How They'd Act When They're Mad At You.

Cancer Crew Preference- How They’d Act When They’re Mad At You.
A/N Again, MY opinions.

•He doesn’t get mad easily, but when he does, hes the king of making you feel guilty.
•Joji would ignore you, knowing that it made you feel bad for what you did.
•When you’d start wrapping your arms around him to try and get him to respond to you, he’d simply stand there stiffly.
•Eventually, he’d give in and hug you back, but not until you’ve tried a few times.
•"Im still mad.“ "Im sorry” “I know baby”
•He can’t stay mad for more than a day unless you messed up big time
•He’s your number one fan, so its really hard for him to be mad at you.

•Hes mad at you frequently, you irritate him, yet he can’t get enough of you.
•Ian would argue with you, it would end in a bug blow out and days ignoring each other.
•Hes stubborn so the first time you try and apologize, he ignores you.
•After a few days, he accepts your apology and the two of you make-up through the medium of love™ ;^)
•It will probably happen again though

•Screaming, cursing and a big expression of feelings.
•He doesn’t get mad easily because he’s pretty chill
•Max cries more than you do.
•"Fuck me, will you let me fucking speak cunt?“ Hed repeat, even if you were letting him.
•The neighbours aren’t pleased when you argue because max has no volume control.
•He talks more than you do.
•He might smash a bottle or two, then apologize after because he feels bad for being aggressive
•He calms down fairly quick.

•He wouldn’t share his eggs with you
•Loud groaning
•No jokes

A/N I didn’t do chad because I wasn’t feeling it. But here you go, im aware its not very good ok. Requests still open.

Okokokok so i just hit 500 followers, and in my 3 years and multiple blogs on this site, I’ve never had this many followers. So i’d like to thank each and every single one of my followers.

Thank you to wenjunoui for making the banner (im still mad at u abt the selfie) bc god knows what mine would have looked like if i did it.

I’m following over 800 blogs so im obvs not gonna be able to name you all, but the people who are included in this post are very dear to me and i love you guys a lot


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A part of me thinks hiro might be above a full blown teen trash phase but that doesnt stop me from imagining him wearing a shitty skull tshirt and a beanie over his messy hair, coming home and throwing his backpack onto his bed and tadashi, whos home early, greets him with “hello sunshine. how was your day” and hiro replies “ugh” and slams the screen door between their rooms. Then after a moment it opens again and hiro somewhat sheepishly clarifies “im not actually mad at you just like the world and stuff” while still scowling and its so funny that tadashi laughs (and earns an even meaner scowl), but then says “wanna know what doesnt suck?” And shows him some new piece of tech he made and watches hiros face brighten up completely with excitement and “you got it to work?? How??”

Tadashi talkin smack about hiros angsty music while simultaneously being the one to air guitar with him and take him to concerts

Tadashi always seeming to know how much space to give hiro during his shitty teen mood swings and how much to actively drag him out of them, bc tadashi knows all the things hiro likes to cheer him up or distract him, and hiros shitty teen angst never seems to rlly apply to him (maybe because he is the thing hiro likes the most)

JORDAN MARON! Martha has been through some tough so let her know that you are still on her damn side instead of calling her salty damnit!


Just another clueless girl ~ Cameron Dallas Imagine (Requested)

ourspacevanity said to mmagcon101:Hi, love your blog!💕 Could you write an imagine where the reader just got her medical degree and she’s an intern? Surgeon please. Her boyfriend is Cam but she haven’t told him or his friends about her work? And she hears Cam and boys talking about how she’s just another clueless girl? And then she gets mad at them and leaves? And idk later they meet her in a hospital? Idk you can use Y/N or my name Rue? Im sorry if this isn’t a really good script haha


I literally love this request so much :) 

A/n I am not good with medical terms nor do I know their true schedule so bare with me :)


Masterlist  Imagines  send Request 


awaken to the sound of your alarm beating , groaning rolling over to put it to silence. Cameron’s arms still wrapped tightly around your waste You turned over giving him a gentle kiss beginning to get ready for your day at work.

You haven’t told Cameron what you really worked for every time it would come up you would find a excuse to get off the topic, You didn’t want to tell him for the stupidest reason and you knew it it was just that you didn’t want him to just love you because you were an intern on your way to become a surgeon, Or treat you differently because you were Intelligent . it was weird but just your thoughts kept you from revealing the truth .

finally ready you left cameron another note like you did every morning ‘Good morning handsome’written on it you smiled , leaving for a day at work .

during your lunch break you called cameron just like everyday, he informed you on the guys coming over his place for a ‘guys night’.You loved Cameron’s friends they were all or most of them respect full young men which you appreciated .

after work you headed back to your place to get comfortable to head over to Cameron’s , grabbing a few things and you were on  your way .

You arrived at his place he had a condo and it was very fancy, he gave you the key to his condo in case of anything . you opened the door to already hear them screaming and just having a good time . you took off your shoes to peer in on the topic of the discussion. Creeping behind the wall standing in silence .

‘are you sure man she’s just not for your money ? you are successful and i don’t know what she is or what shes about‘ Taylor chuckled . you gasped in shock and infuriated quickly remembering to be quite , ‘nah man I don’t know okay and I don’t like to judge she said she’ll tell me where she works when shes ready and i respect that it just had me thinking’Cameron admitted , the sound of chips being munched on filled the room . 

‘what is she like a fucking stripper ?’Colby joked ‘strippers don’t get up everyday at 4 in the morning ‘ Cameron laughed at his joke.

‘She’s probably just another clueless girl’Taylor continued .

‘guy’s we should really-’Aaron started, but you cut in .

‘Just another clueless girl? is that right ? this ‘Clueless girl’Happens to have a PHD from Harvard went to college for 8 years and am still taking courses for 6 more years and I’m an intern at the hospital making 20 dollars an hour working 8 hour shifts , but I’m a clueless girl right ‘ You chuckled folding your arms leaning back .

‘what?’ Cameron gasped confused .

‘yes’You spat giving attitude.

‘why did you keep this from me?’Cameron stood up, the rest of the guys sat clueless not another word from them . ‘i don’t know reasons ‘ You looked down at your feet . ‘Y/n’ He lifted your chin up , ‘okay fine because I didn’t want you to treat me different or act different because I am intelligent not to toot my own horn or anything ‘ Cameron chuckled pulling you in for a hug smiling . 

‘I am in awe and love you way more if that was even possible , Y/n your a successful,intelligent and independent women you are honestly remarkable and i’m amazed ‘He gave you a kiss .

‘damn Y/n i feel like shit assuming things , i’m so sorry ‘Taylor stood up giving you a huge . The rest of the guys followed with apologize, ‘thanks guys’ You smiled feeling a sense of relief . ‘How do you balance it all ?’Aaron asked .

‘honestly i have no idea ‘ you chuckled taking a seat munching on the chips .

the rest of the night was full of questions and just finally getting to know each other as friends.


sorry for errs and the length of it :0

This got me thinking what do you want to be when your grow up ?

Tell me Here  !!!!!!!!! I would reallly love it and might respond with my goal ;)

if you can take my son draco, shitball extraordinare, and know that people make mistakes and can rebuild, how the FUCK can u not accept the most lovable and loyal and fUNNY character in the entire series. harry would be nowhere without ron and he knows it too.

if you think that ron is worse than draco because he had human flaws that were for me, the most real and relatable in the entire series, then im sorry but you absolutely didn’t read the same series as I did.


If Kishimoto is gonna be in NYCC dont be a douche and go just because you wanna give him a peace of your mind. We’re all better than this, not just as fans of the Naruto we USED to love, but as human beings. Listen I know some of us are still mad a.f. over this ending and I know that we want answers but Im going to tell you he will probably not even give you the answer you want and give you what he’s been saying in interviews. I know some of us despise him for what he did to our beloved characters and the story and for what he’s doing to the children of our babies but I am writing this to tell you PLEASE, WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT MAKE A FOOL OF YOURSELF AND BASH(screaming obscenities, he should die, bullshit bullshit bullshit) HIM IN FRONT OF THE FANS THAT STILL RESPECT AND LOVE HIM CUZ YOU WILL LOOK LIKE A MAJOR LUNATIC IF YOU DO. And this is only to those RABID fans that dislike the ending. I hate the ending,no, more like despise but if I were to live in NY and I had the opportunity to go see that man, I would go up to him calmly, ask him the one question I want answered most and after he is done telling me and hoping he gives me his most honest answer I would tell him I dont agree with the way he ended the story and that I dont like the new series at all and that I wish him the best of luck cuz hes gonna need it and then walk away. If you’re gonna go to tell him off say it in a civilized manner no matter how enraged you are. If you’re going just for that though then it is probably best you dont even go cuz its not worth the money and energy. Please I beg of you to those who are gonna go and see him and are of the Anti-Ending portion of Naruto dont make a FOOL of yourself in front of thousands of other people and make all people who are in the same boat look like lunatics, please.



                                 soz for the awful graphic

So I recently hit 1K, which I am over the moon about so thank you all for putting up with this mess of a blog on a daily basis. I promised that when I hit 1K I would do a follow forever for this milestone, so here it is! (if you’re not on here and you think you should be im so sorry, I probably missed you, but honestly, i love you anyway!)


I have met many people through this site but 3 come to mind in particular:

I met you a long time ago it feels and you were the first person I really every spoke to, I know we haven’t talked for ages but I still remember you and classify you as a good friend!

Jesus Christ girl, you’re slightly mad but I love you anyway, we have so many convo’s about the weirdest shit and I’m so glad this stupid fkn site brought us together.

CJ I dont even know when to start. I classify you as one of my best friends and I’m so glad I joined that tinychat when we first met. Thanks for the advice, the laughs, and thanks for being the Sansa to my Margaery. xx


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what makes me so mad about the hamilton phenomenon is the fact that you have something that is so fundamentally flawed, even with good intentions (which are questionable) and then you come here and can’t even have fans that are willing to discuss the issues frankly and without bias. like i know the way fandom works, i know it’s disgusting no matter what, but the issues with this musical are so glaring and obvious and you still have people (white people, it’s always white people, the specific people it wasn’t made for of course) that can’t get it through their skulls that this is something that at best needs to be criticized, and at worst shouldn’t have been made at all.

like the musical itself was a mistake but maybe it would be more tolerable if all it’s die-hard fans didn’t have their heads up their asses

ok like the longer you’re in this fandom, the easier you realize who’s really in your corner (aaron butterfield & sao) and who isn’t (sugarscape *cough* & alan ewart) and i know people do what they have to do for their own personal gain, but don’t pretend you sympathize so greatly with us and the hell we go through, if all you’re going to do is say screw it and change your mind a month later. everyone has their own agenda but i promise there are a lot of better ways to promo yourself??? than to act like you care & lead people on?? like this fandom is powerful, and honestly there’s nothing wrong with people piggybacking off that. heck, we’re happy to help people who treat us with respect?? (james corden, random radio stations, etc.) but it’d be great if we could be taken seriously and not baited all the time. like i get so tired of people cashing in and then screwing us over but whatever congrats alan you suck