BTS Reaction to having a girlfriend that never gets mad

Anon Requested:  Hello! I love your bts reactions and was wondering if you could please do a reaction to their girlfriend never being mad or upset (like they dont get angry easily and even when they should they still remain pretty calm)? Thank you❤️

Thank you for requesting ♥

Jungkook: Being the makeup artist for Bangtan you always worked on Jungkook most of the time since he would request you. Being his girlfriend and his makeup artist, you really could never decline working on im because this was your job. So when you two would have an argument this would be his way to talk to you. 

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yes Jungkook.”

“You dont seem upset, I know what I said wasn’t-”

“Jungkook, really. I’m not mad, please stop asking.”

He’d just look at you while you did his makeup and wonder why you weren’t more upset with him because if the tables were turned he knew he wouldn’t be as unphased as you were.

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Taehyung: He’d be worried when seeing the blank look on your face. He’d worry why you weren’t more upset with what happened. He’d wonder why you weren’t more upset with what the fan had just said to you but it seemed to him that you just had the words roll off of your shoulder, he wouldn’t say anything but worry that you were just bottling up all of your emotions.

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Jimin: Jimin would be walking next to you talking. He’s been wanting to talk to you for a while now ever since he saw you reply to a rude tweet on twitter. 

“So..” He would start and you would just look at him quizzically. “Are you okay? I saw the tweet..” 

“Oh it’s nothing, just some stupid girl.” You waved it off as if it was nothing, no hint of agitation or frustration on your face. “(Y/N), are you sure? What they said was pretty rude.”

“I’m sure.” You dismissed and continued walking with Jimin, he would let the questions in his mind go but couldn’t help but look back over to see the same look on your face. 

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Jhope: Hoseok would be happy that you didn’t get upset at a lot of things, he’d smile knowing you weren’t someone that let every little word someone else had said to you hurt you in any way. 

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Rap Monster: He’d roll over in bed looking at you, “(Y/N)…”

“Hm?” You’d reply looking up at the ceiling. “Are you still mad at me?”

“I’m not mad Namjoon.”

“Are you sure? Because-” Immediately you turned to look at him, resting on your elbow looking down at him. “I’m not mad, really i’m not.” 

He wouldn’t believe you but let it go for the sake of not arguing with you again.

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Yoongi: He’d just be looking at you as he brushed his teeth. You two hadn’t really talked since the night before when you two argued but he couldn’t decipher if you were mad or not. You always had a solemn look on your face so you just laying in bed on your phone confused Yoongi if anything. You wouldn’t even glance at him which only had him to assume you were mad when really you were just stubborn and wasn’t going to speak to him first.

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Jin: He’d believe you when you said you weren’t mad at what Jungkook had said, he’d understand that Jungkook was young and was the maknae so what he said wasn’t meant to hurt your feelings. Jin would smile seeing that you weren’t upset at the maknae’s words and would carry on the day as if nothing was wrong.

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  • Bioware: Yeah so Jaal's suddenly straight, sorry, here's a female Angara to romance though because that's totally the same thing!
  • Me: Sorry, my face is tired from... dealing with your bullshit
Cancer Crew Preference- How They'd Act When They're Mad At You.

Cancer Crew Preference- How They’d Act When They’re Mad At You.
A/N Again, MY opinions.

•He doesn’t get mad easily, but when he does, hes the king of making you feel guilty.
•Joji would ignore you, knowing that it made you feel bad for what you did.
•When you’d start wrapping your arms around him to try and get him to respond to you, he’d simply stand there stiffly.
•Eventually, he’d give in and hug you back, but not until you’ve tried a few times.
•"Im still mad.“ "Im sorry” “I know baby”
•He can’t stay mad for more than a day unless you messed up big time
•He’s your number one fan, so its really hard for him to be mad at you.

•Hes mad at you frequently, you irritate him, yet he can’t get enough of you.
•Ian would argue with you, it would end in a bug blow out and days ignoring each other.
•Hes stubborn so the first time you try and apologize, he ignores you.
•After a few days, he accepts your apology and the two of you make-up through the medium of love™ ;^)
•It will probably happen again though

•Screaming, cursing and a big expression of feelings.
•He doesn’t get mad easily because he’s pretty chill
•Max cries more than you do.
•"Fuck me, will you let me fucking speak cunt?“ Hed repeat, even if you were letting him.
•The neighbours aren’t pleased when you argue because max has no volume control.
•He talks more than you do.
•He might smash a bottle or two, then apologize after because he feels bad for being aggressive
•He calms down fairly quick.

•He wouldn’t share his eggs with you
•Loud groaning
•No jokes

A/N I didn’t do chad because I wasn’t feeling it. But here you go, im aware its not very good ok. Requests still open.


I was just reading comments and tags on the newest su episode… And i had to let out my thoughts about it.

I hate when people complain about “filler” su episodes. Like “ughhh its just a filler ep. :\\\\ what a disappointment….”

1. Atleast you are getting new content.

2. Knowing SU, the “filler” episodes will be very relevent later, its still part of the plot leading up to something else later. A REAL filler episode in any show will have no relevance in future episodes.

3. Just because its not some dramatic, plot twisting, information loaded episode, doesnt mean its shitty. Stop being a whinny baby. All shows need a resting point, also you can’t always get what you want.

4. Before anyone gets mad…You are allowed to dislike! Some eps im more of a fan then others. Its just i dont like it when people act like “filler” episodes have no place in the plot of the story, and are just useless junk for no reason to exist and get mad at the people that work on the show for it. THERE IS A REASON IT WAS MADE.

There is no reason for people to get mad and nitpicky over a KIDS show. Im a big time extreme fan myself, but atleast i understand these things. I just enjoy the show, its got great characters and a story. I wish people would stop fighting and getting mad over little things.

it never ceases to amaze me that multiple ROMA have said that the whole deal with mcu maximoffs offends them and people are STILL like ‘why are you mad at joss whedonatello :)))))) his take on maximoffs is great :)))) protect them! :))))’

you know what he did? he and marvel execs denied two romani/jewish (who’ve been roma for DECADES) characters of representation by casting white actors; they made them WILLINGLY work with neonazis; due to mcu marvel retconned twins to be some kind of experimentation instead of being mutants and erased their ties to magneto making years of comics history invalid :))))

and now everyone thinks maximoffs are two troubled white kids :))))

is it what they deserved?

  • Keith: one more time Takashi, one more disappearing, and I'm done. I will not care anymore, do you understand? I'm not a fucking sailor to follow north star forever.
  • Shiro: but you're as beautiful as the north star.
  • Keith: thanks. but I'm still mad.
  • Shiro: beautiful as the evening star.
  • Keith: because I know what Venus looks like, you should run.
  • Shiro: but you said not to disappear again!


Why did you try to find the dog again?
Uhhhh cuz you said if I put the dog face filter on Coconut you won’t be mad at me anymore
So… :0
You know I was never mad at you, right?
It was a joke. I was joking.
Yeah I know
But I wanted to do it anyways
I thought you would get a kick outta it?
I wanted to make you smile
You’re fucking unbelievable.
Yeah but did it work
It worked. You made me smile.

[ Fanart for the fanfic ✓✓ Read !! 
You should check it out because it’s funny and tbh my fav so uH- 
it’s written in text format too (cool woah) i love it and maybe you guys will too <3 ]

When one of your cousins likes MLP and the other likes Star Wars and you’re short for time on Christmas presents

if you can take my son draco, shitball extraordinare, and know that people make mistakes and can rebuild, how the FUCK can u not accept the most lovable and loyal and fUNNY character in the entire series. harry would be nowhere without ron and he knows it too.

if you think that ron is worse than draco because he had human flaws that were for me, the most real and relatable in the entire series, then im sorry but you absolutely didn’t read the same series as I did.

  • me: i like a thing
  • person: u should not like that thing it is problematic
  • me: i am sad now but i still like the thing sorry
How Does It Feel?

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 1,519

Request: Kookie smut(like he eating you out) but very fluff pls (cause is your/reader first time)?(If You are okay with writing that) :3 :3 i feel such a pervert!!! Im sorry i dont know what Im thinking! Hope you dont get mad ! Byyeee 🍑👍🏻☺️😇😇😇😇😇😇

You were hoping to rid yourself of your good girl image once you got to college. Everything had seemed like it was falling into place. Your relationship with your parents was better than ever. You managed to receive many scholarships from your hard work in high school. You even had a job working at a radio station, which allowed you to have a stable income.

Although most of everything pretty much worked in your favor, you were still self conscious about one thing. You were still a virgin, and although you knew that it was perfectly fine to be one, your curiosity had gotten the best of you. You kept hearing stories from your friends about how they would have the best sex ever, whether it be at parties, in the dorms, or even in cars.

You did a good job with keeping quiet in these situations, in fear that you would be chastised for being a virgin.

It was 5 am and it was still dark outside. The rain gave the atmosphere a sinister mood as it had still been raining from the day before. You were getting ready so that you could take the first (and only) morning class you had on Friday’s.

As you slid your shirt over your head, you heard a knock at your door. You called out to see if your roommate was awake, but once you entered your room, you found her empty bed decorated with disheveled sheets. ‘Probably sleeping somewhere else after drinking at a party,’ you thought.

Another set of knocks ensued as you hurried your way to the door. You opened it and shivered from the cold, wet droplets that were now viciously falling from the sky.

“Hey, is it ok if I stay here till the rain stops? I was doing my morning jog but- the rain got too heavy.” It was Jungkook, your best friend. You were able to come to him for advice about anything. Nothing was too taboo when it came to him.

“Yeah, you know you can always come crash for a bit,” you assured. You quickly closed the door to shield the rain. Jungkook walked over to sit down on your coach as you shuffled into the kitchen to start some coffee.

“You want anything to drink?” You asked politely. You looked over to see Jungkook staring at the pictures of you and him above your tv.

“Nah, I’m good,” he replied thoughtlessly. You walked over to the couch where Jungkook sat and began to stare at the pictures along with him. You looked over to your side and studied his features. His hair was damp and clung to his forehead, his jawline clenched from what you assumed was his focus on his current daydream. He had no morning classes but enjoyed exercising early in the morning. You looked over his side profile; you had to admit, he was pretty attractive. That then gave you an idea.

“Kookie, you know how you told me I could ask you anything, right?” You reluctantly asked.

“Yeah, what’s up?” He turned his head to face you now.

“Well, I was wondering if, you know- if you’ve ever eaten a girl out before.” You quickly shut your eyes as you realized how dumb your question was. You knew he was far from pure, especially from the stories you heard from him.

“Yeah, why do you ask?” He lightly chuckled through his question.

“Umm, I just wanted to know….how it felt, you know? I mean you totally don’t ha-”

“You want me to eat you out?” He questioned with his familiar smirk on his face. You slowly nodded as you fiddled with your fingers. He brought his hand up to caress the side of your cheek.

“I want you to say it,” he commented lightly. His index finger was stroking your cheek in an up and down motion.

“I want you to eat me out,” you forced yourself to say. Your voice was soft and full of embarrassment as you spoke. His right hand grabbed the back of your neck, and he leaned in to kiss your soft lips. You could feel the gentleness of his lips on top of yours. He sucked on your bottom lip and bit down on it softly to gain his tongue access to your mouth.

Your tongues danced together at varying rhythms, and before you knew it, his hand was unbuttoning the jeans you had just put on. His fingers slid underneath your peach colored lace panties and ran the tips of his fingers up and down your folds. You gasped at the feeling, the sensitive nerves becoming so receptive to Jungkook’s touch.

“Do you like the way it feels?” He cooed next to your ear. His warm breath travelled down your spine as you nodded your head along with an 'mmhm’.

His fingers came back up to rub circles into your clit. You could see from your peripheral that he was watching your every movement. Your gasps had become heavy with each touch on your sensitive bud.

Jungkook suddenly released his hand from under your panties and unzipped your pants to slide them off easily. He was now standing in front of your wide spread legs and lifted them to swiftly remove your jeans, followed by your panties in one quick motion. He crouched down so that he was on his knees, and lifted your legs so that they were resting on his shoulders.

Again, he ran his fingers up and down your folds, while his mouth had gone dangerously close to your slit. You looked down at Jungkook and noticed that he was completely focused on his early dessert waiting in front of him. You watched as he licked your wetness in one kitten-like stroke of his tongue.

“Wow, you’re so wet,” he commented seductively. He looked up at you with hooded eyes, then continued to use his fingers to stroke you.

“I’m gonna put my fingers in, ok? Tell me if it hurts.” You then felt his finger fit inside your tightness. He slowly moved the digit in and out of you and your mouth opened in a silent 'O’. Just as you were about to tell him to add another, he did just that.

You moaned as you felt yourself become wetter by the second. If this is what his fingers felt like, you could only imagine how his mouth would make you feel. You slowly felt a third finger enter you, and you felt yourself stretch around his digits.

“Jungkook,” you sighed. “It feels so good.” You couldn’t believe you hadn’t had someone do this you you earlier.

Jungkook released his fingers from your wetness and started lapping at your slit. The feeling of his tongue satisfied you in ways that were unexplainable at the moment. All your body was doing in response to his actions was breathing heavier and moaning louder.

“This feel good too, Y/N?” You heard him mumble against your entrance. The mixture of his motions on your clit and the movements of his tongue on your pussy had your hips bucking widely at him. His other hand came up to hold you down as you couldn’t contain your excitement to feel the tension in your lower stomach burst.

You moaned and gasped as Jungkook’s lips were sucking your lower ones. You could hear the sounds of him slurping the juices that were dripping from your pussy.

You once again felt two fingers enter you, this time pumping faster as you held on tight to Jungkook’s hair. You urged him to go faster and to lick and probe your hole rougher as you were starting to relieve the built up tension.

Before you could even warn him about your upcoming sensation, you felt yourself release against his lips. You looked down in amazement as you saw Jungkook eagerly cleaning you up. When he was done and lifted his head to look at you, his chin was shining from your sweet juice.

“You just squirted,” he said with a smile on his face. You covered your face with your hands in embarrassment. You felt so vulnerable to him.

“Hey, don’t do that. Don’t be shy,” Jungkook assured . He had put your legs down and rose to sit by down on the couch. He closed your legs together and pushed you up on his lap, giving you ample amount of room to bury your face in his chest. You said nothing in response as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Aww, you’re so cute. I hope you know I enjoyed that.” You heard him say. You felt his arms wrap around yours as you lifted your head to look at him in the eyes.

“You’re not mad at me, right?” You question anxiously.

“Why would I be mad? I’ve been wanting to do that for a while now.” You relaxed as he planted a chaste kiss onto your lips.

“Thank you for helping me, Kookie,” you commented. You then nuzzled your face into the bottom of his neck, completely forgetting about your morning class.

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hey soph could you recommend some good girl group tunes (since you just started your sideblog) ? i'm mad at myself for not being into girl groups more. the only ones im into are f(x) and 4minute (rip). i dont even know any of the popular stuff like i've heard OF a lot of them but i haven't actually heard any of their stuff.

oh my gosh my dude i am HERE for u. ok i’m hardly an expert on girl groups (and there are still many that i’m not super into so there will be groups missing that others might like sorry in advance), but i’ll list my favorites in alphabetical order by group jsut for ease of organization~

actually first of all go watch fingertip

now granted these are only the songs i have in my own itunes!! but even so i still ended up with the longest list in history. either way, enjoy!!

ok now the rest under the cut bc u kno i get carried away (ult faves are bolded)

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hey i don't know if you do requests/ still do requests but could you do the wtnv thing with nobody does a slice like big rico but instead it's nobody does brunch like jerry's dinner?? plz and thank you

I mean….

….. but whatever; I needed to de-stress anyway.

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hey this is the anon saying that ppl had a right to b mad at su: i don't mind u yelling! im fine now that i know u don't have a problem w/ the actual criticism and understand y ppl are mad i still love u and ur still an angel

I am still a lil sorry for yelling at you, angel….

I’ve been a lil stressed lately with all the nitpicky people and the drama and some pals being harassed and… I just feel a lil trapped!  i can snap easily when I am under stress, some people say I am like Ruby because of that!! 

I hope you can pardon me, is just that today I set myself the goal to not get into any drama and well… didn’t even lasted an hour!!

i mean i really wanted to enjoy the proposal. you know full on tears. sobbing in joy. excitement coursing through my veins. but knowing that there’s still this secret and that he’s still hurting and when the secret comes out they’ll have to do it as fiances and she’ll probably ask something like “did you know before you asked me,” kind of line really makes me mad. and then next week looking like the secret doesnt come out and its a regina fest. not too excited. kind of bitter.


part 2 Imagine for “why tf is she holding my baby”
I was pacing back and forth around the room. i don’t even know why i let justin take y/d/n, and then he had the nerve to take her to selena’s house!
*10 minutes later*
Justin came in, i rushed over and took the carseat from him & went upstairs.
“baby im really sorry i didn’t know you would react this way” justin came upstairs with me. i just rolled my eyes and kept walking.
“y/n seriously you have the baby now, why are you still acting like that” “justin you fucking lied & then took my daughter to another girl’s house” i replied.
“you know y/n, im going to leave and go somewhere for awhile, i tryed apoligizing and you don’t care so it’s whatever , you’re acting so dumb” he yelled and walked out slamming the door.
i can’t believe he was mad at me and then yelled at me when he was the one who lied and took my baby to selena’s house like are you serious? so i texted him..

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As someone who started reading your fics in early 2014 (I read Its Okay Now and Surge de Hydra as they came out), I just want you to know that I fully support you 100% in you writing what you want. Im not a fan of YOI (I watched some eps but sports anime cant hold my attention) but I still skim through your stories if I want to see how your writings doing, and if I wanna read your HP fics, I can just reread what youve already posted in the past. Not all your HP fans are mad, I still support you!

Thanks! <3

Though I do recommend YOI. Yuuri and Victor have such a sweet relationship and watching their character growth from the first episode to the last literally makes me want to squeal and cry! I went in for skating and came out with a canon same sex OTP who are engaged and living together in Russia.

Frankly, YOI did it right. While the romance wasn’t the main focus(which is why it’s not in the yaoi genre), it was still obvious as the episodes passed.

My children care for each other so much! If I could have a relationship like that, I wouldn’t mind a romance for myself.

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So you know how when you eat celery you have a net loss in caloric intake? Is there something like that for dogs (im assuming celery won't work because plant fibers hard to ingest). My dogs are very food motivated but my family refuses to do scheduled feedings so they free roam and their dish gets topped off so I can't really take a portion of it for treats because they'll eat it back anyways. (My mom is mad cus one of my dogs is too fat for safe anasthetics but still won't change her mind)

Supposedly green beans is zero calories but I don’t know of any negative intake foods, no. I’m not a nutritionalist so I don’t even know if that’s possible.