Clear in pallet 7.


Could you do a happy clear with number 18? :)

I’m sorry I just realised I’m so terrible at colour palette and drawing. What is proportion

idk if this is a happy Clear or not hahhahahha and is it ok to combine both palettes;;;;

Might re-do the palette 18 if you’re unhappy with this though.


It’s just about taking all these negative thoughts and just bashing them away. And just thinking “No, this is my life. I’m gonna make the best of it and I’m gonna do as much as I can to have the happiest time”

Happy Birthday Mark Lee  💕
Please do not repost

Cri I tried my best but it’s still a mess don’t zoom in ;w;

hi (lmao that was lame) it has been exactly two months since ive started this blog and ive reached over 1k followers already i definitely did not expect to gain this many followers so quickly but i would really like to thank all of you for following me (the horrible gif represents what i feel ok) i know i dont really talk to you guys much but thats just bc im an awkward turtle lol i love you alot!! <333

Now on to my first follow forever wooooooooooooooo

they are really really awesome blogs that made my 2 months here a great one and i love every single one of them (90% of them are senpais im so embarrassed)

baem-baem bam-baams choijaes dandyjinyoung got7asks got7playground jackseons jaksonwang lim-jaebeom markjestic markjin marktherapper marktuanz marktuon markyien oneday-everlasting qot-7

and also fyeahs that fill up my dash with precious fantakens and info about the boys

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