okay, but I’m also sorta: /: that he included the “””peachy””” tricksters again.. it just, rubbed me the wrong way. like:

“my characters are aracial.“ he says, to backlash of all the characters being portrayed as white in trickster mode. fast forward to a few years later. trickster mode is back, and everyone is “””peachy”””

  • My stepmother after I mentioned how many (I think most?? I saw mention but it was last year) Native Americans don't like the idea of Thanksgiving:Don't you just think you're being sensitive? :)
  • Me:Oh yes I am I'm sorry for mentioning that, as it being a celebration of us coming together with them though right afterwards we (white people) subjected and murdered them, as well how celebrations include racist portrayals and cases of cultural appropriation.
about the hamilton casting call

im honestly so mad right now??? people (white people in particular) are getting so angry about the fact that the hamilton casting call calls for non-white actors who can rap.

you might want to sit down for this one,,,, but hamilton is a non-white musical.

for every sally and jim that yell “discrimination!!!11!!” when they see this, it kinda makes me wanna stick a pencil in my eye socket. why? because these whiny brats cant stand the fact that something excellent is being saved for poc.

newflash. almost every broadway musical out there calls for white actors. we live in a world that is blatantly whitewashed, you can pretty much succeed in any path you take.

so can you please for the love of god let poc have this????

lin manuel specifically wrote this musical with the ideology that it would be america now telling the story of america then. and while you may argue that america now does indeed contain white people, the fact of the matter is, this musical was to be utilized by less privileged people in order to really stick it to the founding fathers who were very, very racist. irony in a musical???imagine that.

daveed even said in an interview the importance of non white casting was to really emphasize on a nation that often excludes people of color. and the musical really allows people of color to feel like they were actually apart of the nation!!!! this is a positive thing people!!! can you relax???

so white people, i beg you. if you’re really a hamilton fan, you won’t complain about the lack of white actors, because you know this was lin’s intention and this is a huge step for poc looking in the direction of an acting or singing career. be a supporter, even if you cant star in the musical you love, help the cast!! help the people that do try out!!! encourage people!!! positivity!!! YAY

don’t love hamilton for what you want it to be. love it for what it is.


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