me: ugh im so gay

some white gorl: sweetie :))))) they’re called homosexual Americans,,, so maybe check yourself before you offend anyone :)

me: how did you say :) out loud

one thing i’d like to say is: be specific. when talking about a celebrity, or character, or show, if you can be specific with the labels, the better off you are.

alex danvers and maggie sawyer are not JUST wlw or sapphics. they are lesbians.

poussey washington is not JUST a queer poc. she is a black lesbian.

times to use more inclusive terms are when it’s multiple identities, such as avatar having many characters that are poc, clarke and lexa are wlw/sapphic, etc. you can use all-encompassing terms with shows such as these (though even with a:tla it’s best to also say that it was influenced by many south asian countries) because it represents multiple sexualities and/or ethnicities.

but honestly? most of the time representation is made, it’s for one specific minority. and while many people who aren’t that exact identity can appreciate and feel comforted by it, when you decide to slap a vague label on something that was specifically created for one marginalized group, you erase the group it was made for.

javert being continually whitewashed is really troublesome bc it leads to situations where

a) people who are only familiar with the musical/movies (or hell even the book, bc i know i sure missed the reference to him being not white the first time i read it) think that he IS white

b) this leads to him being reduced to the “racist cop” which strips a lot away from him, because a large part of javert’s character is his internalized racism and his struggle with that, and you lose all of that nuance if he’s presented as white