listen ok i am practically crying tears of happiness i havent felt such genuine happiness all summer, and for the first time im actually a little excited to go to college. a very very kind lady came to my house to help me fill out and explain things to me about financial aid. i was so relieved to hear that she too was the first in her family to go to university so she was feeling the exact same things i did but everything turned out okay for her in the end.  omigod i feel like she literally saved my life i am so sorry for ranting but i couldnt sleep most nights because of this stress and she literally just flung that stress out the window in a matter of minutes. i swear to god i found my motivation again, myself again, and i am so frucken ready for college. come at be bro 


I got that new glasses black and white myspace angle you like.

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so yesterday my friend confessed to liking me and boy oh boy I like him back, but I literally spent the whole summer trying to figure out if he liked me and bam! there we go! this cutie patootie might be going to prom this year I'm not ready haha

ahh omg im so happy for you friend!!!!