A few infos about Renée + doodles :3

i havent stopped smiling since we kissed last night, i think this is the beginning of something lovely and im so ready for whatever the next couple months will bring with you in them. 


(Welp, it’s a day late, but here’s the final timetable for the big ol’ kindasorta sci-fi anime (and like two joint french productions, shush) streaming extravaganza (extreamaganza?) that i’ll be running alongside the BDSpaceAU event (and also past it, ‘cos I don’t have the heart to cut out anything), from the 6th to the 18th, hopefully!)

(if anybody wants to watch an extra episode of anything in the block, that’s what the Free Episode spaces are for, by the way, if there’s any requests u v u )

(I’ll make another, more concise post for tonight’s stream later!)

oh yeah today was Last Day of Classes and i’m genuinely bummed out, i’ve really enjoyed them a lot and i will miss some of the professors and classmates dskjhsdkjbsdfkndsaisdfknjsdknj

Im making changes!

Im going to add two new female muses that I have been desprate to add here for so long but didnt because my femalesget ignored and over looked 99% of the time.

Im kinda sick of people jumping ALL over my male muses (dont get me wrong its very sweet but I have females too.) So most of them will be entirely private except the three main men. But they will still be selective.

Females will be open and i will reply with them more often and give them open starters.

Wecreatethedarkness muses will be entirely private. Message me if you want something but if you have not rped with them before now the reply would most likely be no.

I should not feel so shit about my females being ignored as I do so yhese changes will be in place as of tonight and my blog update.

Thanks. Love you beautiful people!

i havent been posting on here in the last couple days cause ive been an emotional wreck but im abt to get So high and theres a high chance im gonna overshare so just. get ur umbrellas ready boys theres gna be a shitstorm

tomibunny  asked:

The fic I'm planning is one where Sportacus works out (naked, kinda playfully coy) to 'earn' gettin dicked down. Fun for everyone involved cuz Robbie gets to watch naked Sportacus jiggle around and Sportacus gets to work out.

i need this
im so ready