okokok so ive been gone for a week and now im back ready to play. so to start a new “chapter” of Reflections, i skipped ahead of the story. first off, jonathan and june had a baby who is now a cutie toddler, and then got a divorce a few years later because of her attitude etc. shortly after he and sydney got married and june took their child. jonathan and sydney got a house in willow creek and live together. that should be about it. the story shall be back soon. :)

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It is 10:35 pm and I'm thinking about that cute employee at McDonald's who always stares at me every time I go in. He noticed me at school one day and looked all flustered like he wanted to say something but didn't

aw this is so cute !! the start of a cute love story im ready

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i kant believe how kind u are. i have never asked for advice but im noisy so i always ready what you say to people and thank you Sooo Muuch

i was literally just about to make a text post about this but like

sometimes i dont even give advice some of the messages i get are from super shy people they’re always like “how do i tell someone…” and i always say “just tell them what you told me” and then they go “wow you give such good advice” and im really not saying shit besides affirming them and its so funny that all they need is a little push my babies are leaving the nest i cant believe it

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Have you listened to adventure zone nights? I recently donated to maximum fun and listened to them and they are a++ i love Tom Collins, and the way Clint sings as Lenny Manelito is just a++++ i love them. I hope that when the first campaign ends they may just pick this up as the next campaign they play i love it that much.

i haven’t listened yet but im a maxfun donor now too so i’ve got them ready to go as soon as i get some free time! i want to draw along with them like i’ve been doing with the main campaign

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Imagine Ludwig sitting next to Alfred during a world meeting and trying to sneak-snuggle him, but he's not super experienced with PDA so he ends up being super obvious with his nuzzling and hugging and it's so freakin adorable that everyone else is ready to gag

im alreaDY GAGGING 😩😩😩😩 so cute!!!

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I feel like puking, because I'm happy & in shock. Liam is a dad, Harry is releasing solo music, Louis is performing. I really think that I won't survive solo Harry/Liam. I might die. My emotions are fucked up (right now). March 25th has a NEW meaning to me now. -Sarah



Dean + worrying about Cas

+ Bonus:

another Victor-already-had-the-ring™️ theory:

ok its 2 am and I’m rewatching yoi for the 3rd time today and I’ve been thinking..

remember our heartwarming airport scene??

Originally posted by happycat900

as already discussed, Yuri and Victor have been together every day up until this point for close to 8 months, and it was absolutely devastating to be apart (especially under the circumstances). Their beautiful reunion only confirms how much they love and need each other and can’t stand to be apart. So seeing Victor (with the outfit he left Russia in ep 9) in the episode 11 preview looking so upset was not a big shock.

Buttt watching episode 9 again, had me wondering… maybe victor isn’t just down about being apart from Yuri, but is doing that hardcore thinking he mentioned in the airport scene.

While in Japan, without his precious katsudon for what could not have been more than 3 days, Victor realized he never wanted to be without Yuri again, for as long as he lived. That he wanted to stay by Yuri’s side forever, and so decided he was going to marry that man. He bought the ring while in Japan, and that’s why the ideas of marriage and being together forever are already on Vctor’s mind when reunited with his lovely Yuri.

(tl;dr) after some soul-searching while alone in Japan, Victor decides he can’t be without Yuri ever again and that’s when he buys Yuri’s ring. HE’S HAD THE DAMN THING FOR WEEKS NOW, WAITING FOR THE RIGHT MOMENT PROPOSE. BUT YURI BEAT HIM TO THE PUNCH LMAO