live fast (are you nasty?) / a mix for madelyn bc i love her (◡‿◡✿)

001. miss jackson - panic! at the disco / 002. disloyal order of water buffaloes - fall out boy / 003. prostitution is the worlds oldest profession (and i, dear madame, am a professional) - cobra starship / 004. dangerous blues - the young veins / 005. all the pretty girls - fun. / 006. between love and hate - the strokes / 007. people never done a good thing - patrick stump / 008. die alone - the brobecks / 009. get lucky - daft punk / 010. just give me a reason - p!nk ft. nate ruess / 011.  round & round - imagine dragons / 012. new york (saint in the city) - the academy is… / 013. so long, and thanks for all the booze - all time low

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been thinkin bout you.; a wolfgang x kala mix

Why won’t you just leave me alone?

I tried. Believe me, I try not to think of you. But every time, it brings me straight to you.


Break the Sky (For You and I are Going Nowhere) (part one)

~a high school hxh au 

Rating: G
Pairing(s): Kurapika/Leorio
Warnings: Uh….none?
Summary: Leorio asks Kurapika to prom, but there are a few bumps along the way.
Word Count: 2,767
Chapters: ½
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A/N: nb pika (they/them), this only part one! second part is currently in production. this is a BIRTHDAY FIC for ada!!!!! letmygaysmarry, i hope this is a sufficient birthday present :0

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so I'm going to France on Monday

I’m so nervous but also really excited and i want to scream. it’s my first time traveling alone (though i will meet with a group from my school, I will spend my first week there with a girl I hosted in February. I’ll just fly out alone but still) and my first time leaving North America, my second time leaving the country (though the first in over 10 years) and my french is very limited and im not particularly good at listening to french and comprehending it on the spot.

it just seems so unreal, though, how it’s finally happening. my suitcase is mostly packed and everything

I’m so hungry….oh MYgos

U don’t understand i!!! Hadnt been hungry in probably months and today I woke up with an appetite im screaming im so happy and nervous :’)

this has all honestly been so overwhelming. new class new people. and the worst part of being back is to watch the only people i really care about other than my family leave. i wanna cling on and let it work but the longer i cling on the more it’ll hurt when they leave. and letting go now, i wouldnt know what couldve been if i did. everythings much more complicated in my eyes and it frustrates me that people brush it off when i gathered so much trust and courage to let them know. maybe my thoughts are eating me up. maybe thats why i have the overwhelming urge to cry when i look at them or when im alone. maybe thats why i get that horrible pain in my stomach and chest because im so nervous and tense. maybe thats why i feel like screaming because i was told my solution was ugly. maybe thats why when i say when i do it, it’ll be for all.