I really want to write a les amis 1960’s au revolving around the emerging queer liberation movement and include events like stonewall but im so nervous to write, i havent published anything online in years. i iust dont know if anyone would be interested in reading something like this or im just over excited about it because this is what i study in college :( bleh


hi everyone

wish me luck guys tomorrow i start my dorm life at school, i leave my house tomorrow

i feel a bit nervous like really nervous, i have never been away home before so this will be something totally new for me, i hope my roomates like me

this means i’ll be less active here :///// i will only be allowed to go home on weekends but i wont be allowed to go home in 2 weeks (i guess thats the rule)  but since the campus is only about 30 mins away from my home  im required to live on campus

im going to miss you guys, i will try to be as active as i can when i am home on the weekends

i hope you guys take care and stay safe

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Sleepover at Pearls (Trixya Highschool AU)

Soooo I have never written ANYTHING before… but here is a preview of what might be a sleepover Fic based of my Trixya highschool au 🙊 I don’t know if it’s worth shit, but if anyone’s interested at all…I might continue it. I am super duper nervous about this 🙈

“Are you gonna go to Pearls sleepover thing?”
Katyas thick accent rung in Trixies ears as she squeezed her pillow tight.

She wanted to go, she really did. But all the girls wearing lingerie and nightgowns, she’d be wearing a t-shirt or some hideous pjs from years ago…

She heard her phone vibrate, a text from Katya.
“Hey, you seemed kind of down today, wanna talk?” - K

“Nah it’s fine, I’m just not sure what I’m gonna wear to Pearls party…I don’t really have anything” - T

“Haha me neither! I haven’t done laundry in months! I have a pair of boxers with hearts on them, ya or nah?” -K

Katya sent a picture of her in the boxer shorts, they where white with hearts on them. Trixie felt her cheeks getting hot.

“They are really cute, you’ll look
great” - T

If Katya could look that cute in a pair of mans boxers, maybe Trixie could find something to wear…but Katya looked good in anything really.

Trixie felt her phone vibrating again after a few minutes, a heart followed by a picture. It was a frilly pink nightgown with some bows and ribbons lying on Katyas bed, looking misplaced on her brown and green bed sheets.

“I thought you might like it, I found it a couple of weeks ago at a thriftstore, I have washed it of course. I think you’d look really cute in it” - K

“ really?! It’s really cute! You are really sweet! Thank you! Do you think I could pull off something like that tho?” - T

“Bae, you are gonna blind them all with your beauty” - K

Trixya felt her stomach filling up with butterflies flailing around, suddenly she couldn’t wait for the party.

“ you’re the best” - T

“I know ;)” - K