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Hi! So here it is, the finished song. Firstly, I would like to apologise in advance for both the sound of my singing and the general quality of this video. I spent a lot of time working to perfect the song-and I’m still not completely happy with it-and by the time I actually got round to recording it, I’d caught a cold which means I do sound kind of strained and it’s not ideal :( But I couldn’t let everyone down! 

So let me just start off by tagging taylorswift. I didn’t want this video to be focused around me and the way you’ve changed my life so I kept it short, but I want you to know that you’ve had an extraordinary impact on my life over the past six and a half years. I want to thank you, here and now, for helping me through some of the toughest times of my whole entire life. You’ve been the one constant when everything else has fallen apart. One Swiftie involved in this project summed it up perfectly: I have never felt alone because I’ve always had your music. That’s an incredible thing. You’ve taught me how to be confident, fearless and strong, and how to shake off the mean things people say. Every word of this song is true and working alongside such amazing people has made me realise that we all feel the same way about you, Taylor, and if I walk away from life having accomplished one thing, I want it to be making you know how much you mean to us. You might never see this, but you might, and it’s that hope that keeps me smiling, day in, day out. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know where I’d be right now. I’m so glad I found you. 

Not only has your music helped me through a lot, but you have too, even if you do not know it. Because of you, and the person you are, and the things you’ve experienced, I was encouraged to start writing songs. Two years ago, I picked up a guitar for the very first time. I was going through a lot in my life. All of my friends had turned against me, I found a guy who I thought I could always turn to, and he broke my heart. It was worse because, as you sung in ‘Teardrops on my Guitar’ all those years ago, he really was the only one who had enough of me to break my heart. And he did. I thought I didn’t have anyone left, and I turned cold. I was convinced life would never get easier. I slipped into a self destructive pattern of waking up, going to school, and then coming home just to stare at a wall. I barely ate, I never slept. I’m not proud of the person I became. By this point, I’d been a fan of yours for a good four years. I loved your music, your lyrics, your ability to put feelings into words, feelings that I couldn’t begin to explain. But it wasn’t until two years ago that I really started listening. And then I realised that I could channel my negative thoughts into positive things. And I did. I picked up a guitar, I learned to play piano and I started to write things down. My life was transformed and within six months I was addicted to songwriting. I loved the way it happened differently every time and how three people could manage to inspire a million different songs. Thank you for getting me through that. And thank you for helping me become who I am today (AKA a much happier human being). 

Like I said, I don’t want this to be focused around me at all. So now, here’s the important part. Tagging all of the wonderful Swifties who made this project a success: 

taylorswiftangel 13mosaic-broken-hearts hearteyeswift evswiftie taylorispurrfect swiftieshea iknowforyou crumpleduppieceofpaper13 butterflytay13 taylorhaimandcats holdingon13 amyswiftnl shewearskeds onelookkdarkkroom outofthemaplewoods braveandwild13 flowers-finally-clean1989 makeallthetayblesturn agenttswift taysmybestfriend closestthingtomichellepfeiffer andshewhispersback standing-inanicedress rosegarden-filled-withthornes (now savedbytheswiftswifternet wefoundwonderrlaand welcome-to-new-yorkk butterflies-turnedto-dust enchanted-daydream-nightmare we-sing-hallelujah flashbackstartsswiftie stringofswifts lysssyyy fivestarswift idkmybfftaylor maddyswiftie7 taylorsblankspacebaby1989

I would just like to thank all of these beautiful, beautiful people for sending me so many lovely replies. I was completely overwhelmed by the response and it’s given me the confidence to share one of my songs with the world (something I’ve never had the courage to do before). 

We love you Tay, forever and always xo


ummmmmmm I’m nervous lmao! I’ve been doing this routine for MONTHS so it takes me less than 20 minutes. I’m not a professional but I do like to think that I know a thing or two about makeup so feel free to send my any questions or comments about this and I’ll answer them thoroughly! anyway here we go!

Step 1 (not pictured): Prep! I always try to wash my face before I do my makeup. I prime my face with the Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm and I LOVE IT! Before I used this my makeup would already be fading at noon, and I do my makeup between 7:30 and 8:00am!

Step 2: Conceal! My everyday concealer is the LA Girl Pro Conceal in Natural (I hate that name… is every other shade unnatural?? anyway). I apply this under my eyes, under and around my nose, and on my forehead. Some days, like today, I add the Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Concealer in Light/Medium lower. I do this because sometimes the LA Girl alone doesn’t transition well on my cheeks and the Covergirl remedies that.

Step 3: Blend! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME I SPEND MORE TIME BLENDING THAT ANYTHING ELSE. I always use a damp sponge! I don’t use a brush bc  all of my brushes leave streaks! That being said, I don’t have a single makeup brush that cost me more than $5, so that might be a factor.

Step 4: Set the Concealer! Some people rush to set their concealer, but I don’t find it necessary because my undereyes are going to crease no matter what because the skin there is wrinkly. I use the banana powder in the E.L.F. Contour Palette. If I’m feeling special or doing makeup for a special occasion, I apply the E.L.F. High Definition Loose Powder; I don’t bake bc I don’t have the patience for it. I dust the areas off and that’s the concealer. OH and I use the E.L.F blush brush for all of this!

Step 5: Foundation! I apply the Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation in Nude 40 all over my face. I use a flat face brush and blend in circular motions both for coverage and to make sure everything looks smooth. On the topic of powder foundation! I used to always use a liquid foundation, I never liked it. Every foundation I used made my face feel sticky, no matter what I set it with. I am so happy I switched to powder. I never thought that powder could give me the same coverage, but I was definitely wrong; it all depends on what kind of brush you use. The denser the brush, the more coverage. Also, I don’t have any particular attachment to this foundation; it’s just the one I first tried, so I kept using it. I do recommend it, but I think I’ll try something else when I’m done with it just for some variety. 

Step 6: Contour, Bronzer, Highligter! After I apply foundation, I look one dimensional. To fix this, I contour and bronze. I start off with the E.L.F. Contour Palette; I mix the bronzing and contouring shades and blend just under and on where my natural cheekbone sits. I’m blessed with super huge and high cheekbones, so it’s super easy for me to contour and bronze. I also apply some to the sides of my nose because the concealer can make that area super monotone. After those powders are on, I take a warmer bronzer and put this on my actual cheeks to add some color back to my face. Today I used the KleanColor Tanned Rawr Matte Bronzer with the same brush that I contoured with. Because this bronzer is pretty cool and because I’m not one for blush, I also apply thr Prisma Powder Foundation in the same place I would put blush with the Ulta blush brush; I have no idea what shade it is, but it’s super warm. It can look super orange, so I use a small amount with a light hand. Next is probably my favorite part. I hightlight my cheekbones and nose with the Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana. There is no one on earth that could use this as a bronzer; it’s super pale and shimmery and it’s one of my favorite products (here’s a post I made about it!). On some days, I add the E.L.F. in Moonlight Serenade. This highlight is super intense and very yellow, so I rarely use it on it’s own, but I 100% recommend it! Lastly, to make sure everything looks smooth, I take a big powder brush and blend everything again.

Step 7: Set the Face! Because looking powdery is a given with powder foundation, I soak my face in the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Spray & Set. I really mean SOAK. 

Step 8: Brows! Since my eyebrow lady WENT. TF. OFF. my eyebrows take a very little amount of time. I use the NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Espresso. I promise they’re very shapely but I didn’t bother brushing them out before I started doing my makeup, so you can’t really tell by the pictures. I just darken them up, especially the tail.

Step 9: Eyes! Unless I’m playing around, I always do super simple eye makeup, and it’s always matte. It usually consists of a neutral brown an a lid close to my skin tone. Today I slapped that Kleancolor Matte Bronzer into my crease with the Morphe B81 (MY FAVORITE BRUSH PLEASE BUY THIS BRUSH) I applied that E.L.F. banana powder on my lid with my finger and that’t the eye makeup. I tightline with a black eyeliner pencil and put the Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer in Nude on my lower waterline. MY favorite mascara at the moment is the L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Intenza mascara in Blackest Black on y top and bottom lashes. I take my time, especially on the bottom, to make sure my lashes are as long as possible without getting clumpy.

Step 10: Lips! Most days, I stick with Carmex because I find it annoying to have to check my makeup a bunch of times throughout the day. I only use lipstick if I’m in the mood, and it’s always matte. Today I used the Ruby Kisses Matte Lipstick in Brown Sugar. THIS IS MY FAVORITE LIPSTICK. IT IS PERFECT. I PLAN ON BUYING ALL 24 SHADES. IT’S ONLY $2.99. I also like the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi because it’s very close to my natural lip color; I plan on buying more shades of this as well.

Step 11: Set and Finish! Lastly, I spray my face again with that same setting spray, though not as much. As this is drying, I take my time inspecting my face looking for anything amiss, like a mascara smudge or something that wasn’t blended enough, which I correct. With that, I’m done!

I hope you all like this because I spent like an hour typing all this out lol. Also that hat is a MAJOR key to success bc my forehead is on 10. Like I said PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send my any questions! Anything makeup related at all! If you have any tips for me, feel free to share them! I also wanted to add that you do not have to spend a lot of money on makeup or brushes to look good! I have never spent more than $11 on a makeup product, and that was the setting spray, which can be compared to the E.L.F. spray that costs $3. I really wanted to stress that lol! Thank you!

Sir, do I know you?

Summary: (inspired by this gorgeous work of art by llster). Phil met stranger he once loved. Dan met stranger who was nothing more than stranger.

Genre: Angst(??)

Warnings: major character death, signs of depression, swearing

Words: 949

A/N: this is my first fic so please be nice to me:( also im sorry in advance

And he still loved talking to him. Even though it was kindof one-sided conversation, Phil could still imagine sarcastic comments Danwould have, how his dimple would show up when he smiled on his wrinkled cheekthat used to be soft and glowy. Phil would get up every morning excited to talkto him again. He got out of their house and stopped at a flower shop to get a fresh bouquet of flowers. He didn’t mind a rain, he didn’t mind his aching joints, he just wanted to be with Dan. He wanted to walk through the familiar gate and straight to the place. The place where his husband was sleeping under the cold ground.


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