hey, so im a 16 year old trans guy who was outed to my family two years ago. since then, theyve gone from thinking it was a phase to being actively transphobic. my mom literally refers to me as “s/he”, both my parents refer to me as delusional and have repeatedly told me im selfish for wanting to transition. ive resigned myself to having to put up with this until im 18, but when im legally an adult i want to be completely financially independent from them so they cant hold back my transition by threatening to cut me off. ive already given up on going to college, because i have no way of paying without their help. ive applied to several jobs, but haven’t been hired anywhere yet. my paypal is if any of yall want to donate. im currently really bad at digital art, but i can draw you something on paper for $5-$10. if all of my followers donated $1, id be able to transition & start a new life where im not constantly afraid. please, donate or rb if you can. this means the world to me

  • me opening a trench coat to reveal my dragon sized hoard of pirated cams of shows i cant see legally because im broke and dont live in new york: hey kids wanna see some musicals???

magnus: welp, thats the last of the paperwork, ango. im officially your legal guardian.

angus: wow!!! thats so exciting, sir!!

magnus: hey you dont have to call me sir if you dont want to. you could call me dad.

angus: oh, ok! let me try………i love you, dad.

magnus: *clutches his chest and eases himself down into a chair* ACTUALLY I DONT THINK IM READY FOR THAT YET

update on my situation for those curious!

my parents are still convinced i’m delusional because im trans. they’re currently not letting me take any steps in my physical transition, or even change my name or buy a packer. they’ve also started monitoring me more closely- they supervise my internet activity, track my location, and go through my stuff. they also threaten me for doing anything wrong at all, and my stepdad will yell at me if i dont respond to him fast enough. i dont feel at all safe in my household. i’m currently at art camp for another two weeks, and having my own space has been super nice, but i have to go back home after that, as well as see extended family im not yet out to an i suspect will react really badly to my gender presentation over the summer. i unfortunately dont have anyone i could stay with (and it probably wouldnt be legal anyways). im currently just trying to save up money so i can move and transition once i turn 18 (in two years), and donations are still highly appreciated! on the bright side, i feel like im slowly becoming independent & will do well on my own !

inspired by that one time Jos did a Coco cosplay and I died

BTS As Things Youtubers Have Said
  • Jin: Im not saying im cute but damn im cute.
  • Rap Monster: I dont know why everyone says i have lip injections, like this is all in the decription
  • Jhope: Hey guys today im gonna show you a super easy dance tutorial. Lets get started! *unexplainable flailing of arms and legs*
  • Suga: Hello everyone its Richie from Social Re-i wanna kill myself slightly less.
  • Jimin: Hey guys today i want to show you my summer lookbook. *strips naked*
  • Taehyung: Ok like i know im at the Gucci store alot but that does not mean i live there.
  • Jungkook: I dont know why everyone comes at me telling me i cant do this or that, LIKE IM LEGALLY AN ADULT NOW SO STFU AND LET ME LIVE