I’m gonna brag about sir fluff butt for a little.

 I haven’t worked with him about staying for forever, tonight I’ve worked with him for about 35 minutes and he’ll stay with out seeing me while I walk down my hallway and he comes when I call him eeeee.

 I know it’s not that fancy but I’m so proud of him he’s so damn smart. And earlier we played a game of hide and seek with him and he was lookin for us so good haha I’m proud of my hairy baby 💖💖💖 

it’s almost the end of the year and seriously 2013 was an amazing year for exo. isn’t it crazy that for almost the first half of the year exo was still hidden inside the sm building, the only glimpses we got were airport photos where we wondered to ourselves how often oh sehun would change his hair. but from the beginning of june up until now exo has condensed so much promotions and surprises for us fans, how am i even alive omg. they released three albums along with six mvs and earned so many awesome awards. they have a show now and participated in some popular variety shows as well. they have earned themselves a lot of respect from seniors and made us fans fall for them over and over again. all within seven months