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I don't really see Yousef "I can't take my eyes off Sana" Acar is dating Noora, one of Sana's friends meaning he would see her all the time. Yousef "Alt for deg girl, how many kids do you want, fuck haters you go girl, are you looking into my eyes now" Acar is not dating Noora. And I will stand by it and believe it until I'm proven otherwise. He clearly likes Sana. I just think Sana's jealous of Noora. She's not even focusing on the carrot but Noora's face.

YES it would be EXTREMELY ooc if yousef was dating noora, it would literally make no sense. since we’re seeing things from sana’s pov we would have noticed if yousef showed any signs of being attracted to noora, and there hasn’t been one single sign. BUT idk man im still anxious….. 

ALSo yes sana is definitely jealous of noora and i think it annoys her even more than noora is being nice to her lmao and being a good friend

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Man im actually in much more pain seeing you get hurt than seeing you and your you know... i swear imma hunt down that anon spank his ass non stop like a mom XD

Ohh my :o Thank you for worrying. But, I am more worried to my followers who getting anon hate, and they can’t help themselves be in pain because of me.

I know i thirst and go on about the man but truly if there had’ve been no jeff hardy i feel like there wouldnt be me

And i mean the me i am now, jeff inspired me to be myself, jeff inspired me to be eccentric and dress how i want and be who i want to be, jeff inspired me to be an artist and a wrestler and id give anything…id give my fucking heart to meet that man and tell him just how much he means to me and how much ive related to him and how hes gotten me out of nightmare dark situations in my life and inspired me to get better and be the real me

I just fucking love and respect that man so much and i need the chance to one day meet him and tell him that

And im hella emotional right now and a bit teary over this if im honest

The man is just a fucking idol to me like fuck…my heart will fucking break the day he finally retires but i know i saw him wrestle live and all i want is to meet him and tell him all of this..and im even more teary now

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you did it again. what the fuck. man. im almost crying like your newest josuyasu comic was too damn cute. god. damnit. this isn't fair

lolol I’m sorry!!! 😇 (but also not 👿) I’m glad you liked it!! sometimes I worry it might be too mushy but I really appreciate the positive response TuT

i just spent 12 bucks on a plastic army man. well, three quarters of an army man. im going to stick that ¾ army man and another ¾ army man to make an even coolerer army man.

this hobby is ridiculous

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Im a trans mlm and I feel like I'm never gonna find another boy ever and I hate rushing into relationships so I've turned down guys who have asked to date within like a week cause thats just not me but nobody stays long enough to be my friend and to know them long enough. I feel so hopeless and lonely. :(

awe man im sorry :( i promise youll find someone more patient

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oh man im a massive otayuri fan but im so tired of yuri being a bottom just cause hes shorter and thinner and has long hair lmao

Sub otabek is my asthetic tbh