GOT Season 8 Teaser Thoughts

To my beloved Jonsa family, thank you for all the wonderful metas that i have been enjoying and rereading over and over again since yesterday about the new GOT season 8 teaser. The teaser was everything I wished for and more!

- the voiceovers talking about Jon’s true identity and how when this truth will out he would need not just protection but most importantly someone who will finally love him and give him the Stark name. 

- enter of course our beautiful and badass Queen in the North, Sansa Stark, Lady of Winterfell ie Cat 2.0 to give Jon the loving he deserves and finally give him the Stark name.

I don’t know why I suddenly thought that the mid part of the scene in the crypts makes me think of a wedding in the reverse lol. 

like honestly look at this…

(gif by @visenyastargaryen)

Jon is walking down the aisle while his radiant Bride, Sansa, is waiting for him together with the Best Woman, Arya… hehehe… i know pure tinfoil but i can’t help it, i mean the fact Jon chose to walk alongside Sansa speaks volumes to how the two are truly partners…

I cannot wait for The Royal Wedding of my beautiful Queen, Sansa Stark and her gentle, brave and strong Prince that was promised by Ned, the King in the North, Jon Snow and this time, the pack will definitely survive!

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when i see your url i think of how much i love you and how sweet you are!! but also asvgdhejk like 9/10 times i think of this one really old post you made that was like?? a chat post? but i cant even remember what it said but i just always remember so strongly thinking "ME" when i saw it so ascdfbhjk also pineapples

I would die for you.

I actually think they did a really good job with alluras death (besides the fact the coran didn’t get to say goodbye I will never recover from that)

But this actually made me cry so hard, they showed how much they all care about her and how she cares about them.

I will never get over Hunk saying, “But there is no Voltron without you.” Because seeing the joyful character sad is one of the saddest things ever.

And how alluras voice cracked saying goodbye to pidge and Pidge saying she’d miss her after the bonding they got this season was so heartbreaking.

Just everything about this makes me so sad.

So sad.

Her saying I love you to him for the first time was really powerful no matter what you ship.

AND EVERYONE WAS THERE. I can’t stop crying oh man lotor was there and they all got redemption and her father was there and she’ll see her mother too I’m crying for coran right now he was so good to her.

Anyway I think this was a really good ending even though my ship didn’t become canon I can still aprreciate a good goodbye scene and this was one of them I’m crying so much

robert downey jr stans r actually so pure. like they all just out here supporting a cute ole man and his cute ass family. truly the most non-toxic part of this fan base. bless u team downey stans. u r truly the greatest thing that has ever graced this fandom. i love u all.

A classmate to me: Have you seen the new Spider-Man movie?

Me: Which one? Homecoming? But it came out a year ago…

Classmate: No,no…uhh how is it called? The one with black Spider-Man!

Me: Into the Spiderverse? But it hasn’t come out yet-

Classmate, interrupting: VENOM! Have you seen Venom yet?


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