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Make a playlist out of the letters of my url  (THIS WAS SO DIFFICULT)

Build God, Then We’ll Talk (Panic! At The Disco)

Just One Day (BTS)

Open The Door (Topp Dogg)

Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song (FOB)

Oh (Girls’ Generation)

Fun Boys (BTS)

Follow Me (Topp Dogg)

I’m Bad (NU’EST)

Come As You Are (Nirvana)

Identity Disorder (OM&M)

Amazing Bad Lady (Cross Gene)

Loud Like Love (Placebo)

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i finished me3 today oh my god… i destroyed the reapers & the only ppl who survived were joker, traynor (bc i romanced her on accident and then didnt have the heart to be mean to her lmao) and garrus <333 but fUCK im very emotional?

but naturally i started another playthrough right away, and now im having lots of fun playing mass effect 1 again

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IZZY OMG 1ST HI BABE HOW ARE YOU?! 2ND DID YOU WATCH TONIGHT'S EP OF TW??!! LIAM IS SUCH THE MOST PRECIOUS LITTLE FIRECRACKER EVER AND IM TRASH❤ sorry Liam is one of my faves, what you think about the marrish scene? Love you my precious bday buddy❤❤

OMFG TALIA O M F G YES. FIRST OFF IM GREAT GORGEOUS HOW ARE YOU???? SECOND OF ALL HOLYYYY SHITTTTT YOU BET I DID. i was gonna message you bout it but i remember you said you had finals so i was like ‘izzy izzzy cool it girl u can wait til she sees it to fangirl.’ IT WAS SO GOOD I FORGOT HOW MUCH THIS SHOW IS MY SHIT LMAO. Liam is TOO PRECIOUS FOR THIS WORLD I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. when i actually started season 4 i was like ‘sigh the show doesn’t need new characters focus on the ones we have now!’ BUT I FLIPPING ADORE LIAM THIS SEASON he is such a sweetie pie.

and with marrish idek like i liked their little flirting by the car that was cute and the coffee thing that was ADORBS i was legit sitting there like ◉‿◉ 

but with the scene where they almost kissed i was like….hmmmm parrish why yo hallucinating that… but at the start of the episode when that happened i was like oh maybe its because the banshees kiss in folklore means kiss of death and he was dying??? and in that case pARRISH DONT DO IT YOU ADORABLE SMUCK. but then they were flirting and i was like (⊙_⊙’) what is happening

but what realllyyyy annoyed me was that lydia literally got hardly any screen time in the two episodes??? like when we had the start where she’s kicking ass i thought it would have revolved around her a little more since you know the eps are obviously flashbacks so shouldn’t she be more in them??? i was kinda disappointed about that sigh. BUT OMG i am so ready for some Malia character development bc season 4 she literally just stood there unless she was making blunt comments and everyone looks at her like shes stupid. but when she identified as a Tate I WAS OVERJOYED YAY like babe please don’t associate yourself with that dickweed Peter urgh. BUT TALKING ABOUT THE SIGNING THE INITIALS SCENE HOLY SHIT WHEN SCOTT PUT ‘AA’ I WAS LIKE CURSE THESE EMOTIONS ಥ_ಥ 

lmao babe i swear i didn’t mean for it to be this long i’m just SO HAPPYYYY TEEN WOLFS BACK YAY!! that way i don’t have to think about the 100…ouch… but i’m going to stop here because this is really flipping long lmao sorry beautiful if you read all that lmao. ok love youuuuuuu my precious cinnamon rolls magnificent muffin blair to my serena bday buddy ilysm <3

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6 random facts about yourself and then pass it on to your 10 favorite followers!!!!

!!! :o

  1. i’m really into hockey now & i regret everything. fav teams are the habs and blackhawks (even tho their logo sucks im sorry everyone). super excited for the new women’s league!
  2. pearl is my favorite gem on steven universe. all this hate makes me laugh but also kind of upset
  4. i read so much fanfiction its probably unhealthy
  5. im always ot3 trash it doesnt matter what fandom i will always find an ot3. (hq third yr ot3….i havent forgotten u)
  6. im in the process of brainstorming some ideas for an original story! i hope i can develop it enough to make it into something

….i dont want to pass this along to 10 bc im lazy maybe like….5 ppl

tbh if i stop talking to you for a moment please dont take it personally, im just probably not in the mood to talk to anyone at all. it doesnt have anything to do with u or anything im just v emotional trash and i tend to be rly reclusive ;; this also happens irl so im sorry if u get offended bc u think i dont like to talk to u/u bore me but rly its just me