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Hey I'm kinda new to the nick toons unite fandom. Any tips?

I- Uhhhmmmn…let’s see, anon..

As you know NU is about the big main four nicktoons (danny phantom,timmy turner, jimmy neutron and spongebob squarepants)…you can add other nicktoons in it as you see fit but it’s optional..

If you’re an artist, you can start off  by drawing the original first or your own interpretation of NU, or the ships in the NU ///it’s all up to you..ovo;;..if you’re a writer, write anything (drabbles/one shot/long fanfics) angst/funny/bonding moments bout them…if you’re a fan you can share your own opinion on them too..just be nice and and you’re good to go..

If you have any drawings/headcanon/writings to post, just tag them as “nicktoons unite” (with spacing) so everyone tracked that tag can see it..

Andd ofc every fandom has ships and here is the list of ships in nicktoons unite:

Jimmy and Timmy- jimmy timmy

Danny and Spongebob- spongeboo

Danny and Timmy(broship)- hartman bros

Danny and Jimmy- spooky nerds

{pls tag them appropriately if you’re posting smut 8′)}

there’s a lot of artist who in the fandom as well, not just me and check them out too cuz all of them are hella rad..anyway there’s nicktoonsunite, pooshpin, sora, semie, z , nicktoosunitedtodowhatever , dollytoonsannchann laser-lance, pines-ghosts etc

writers too: specter mommavanillabear nicktoonsreunited (rp blog), chinchilla-writes

so sorry if i missed some of you//sobs…but anon can check for more of them in the nu tags

And there’s tons of NU aus but im lazy to list them out..

My last tips is don’t be an asshole in the NU fandom and be kind to each other..especially in the ships..

NoW be creative and GO AND HAVE FUN in the fandom