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Alright guys, during work yesterday I had this weird mind blowing moment and I kinda freaked out and well, I think this could actually tie up the whole concept of BTS’ concept music videos, specifically I Need U and the Prologue, and tying it in with RUN.

What if Jin and Taehyung are the same person?

OK SO WAIT. Here me out, because even I know this sounds weird af, but if you look back to a few things, it’s not that weird at all.What made me think about this was the prologue where Taehyung jumps, and I Need U where the boys all kill themselves.

SO, what if, for Taehyung to live, the rest of the members had to die, but for the rest of the members to live, Taehyung had to die? This forms two different universes/parallel worlds.

They have many scenes that parallel each other, and I’ve always thought this scene at the end of the original version of I Need U was kinda weird.

All the boys are near the water here but for some reason only Taehyung and Jin have these close up shots, why only them??

This is actually replicated in RUN, and at the end of the video as well~

And there’s also the scenes in the japanese version of Danger where they mimic each other’s postures and mannerisms.

These scenes are back to back within the video, and whenever Jin sang his verse, the video was centered around Taehyung and his struggles.

So what exactly does all this mean?

I think that possibly Jin could be the adult version of Taehyung. It’s really weird, but perhaps, he’s the Taehyung that didn’t jump and got to grow up but all the members are gone, hence why Jin is literally always sad and alone. That’s why he’s always so perplexed during so many moments in RUN.

Look how the boys are all literally on Jin’s side of the table. And after the house of cards is torn down by Taehyung, the boys just pat Jin on the back, kind of like ‘hey, it’s okay dude.’

Quite literally, Taehyung knocks the cards down. sorry so for so much ‘literally’ but yeah lol

It’s like they forgive him for moving on with his life. Remember those petals and all the imagery in I Need U, those six petals.

This now to me seems more connected with these petals being the other members. 

This matches with J. M. Barrie about his brother dying and being able to stay young forever within his eyes. And I think that is exactly what’s happening here. He can remember his friends as the young selfs they were up until their deaths, so they can stay in his heart and remain that way forever.

Which also goes amazingly well with this part in I Need U, with Jin staring up at the sky, as if he’s watching the boys leave to NeverLand.

‘Second star to the right, and straight on til morning.”

There’s also the part in the choreography for RUN that everyone has noticed and messaged me about. During the dance practice along with pretty much most of their live performances, Jin’s verse towards the beginning of the song, it’s Taehyung’s voice that is played in the recording even though Jin is the one dancing during that scene.

Also, with the gif above, you see Jin interacting with the members as they all display obstacles in Jin’s way, his way into adulthood? How his friends are holding him back within their youth? A sort of Peter Pan Syndrome if you will.

I briefly mentioned it in a past theory, but Peter Pan Syndrome pretty much speaks for itself. But it’s basically when someone wants to live the carefree life he had as an adolescent. This was created from the code as defined by J.M.Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, “I don’t want ever to be a man. I want always to be a little boy and to have fun.”

Which is more or less this entire concepts message. Live life now while you’re young and don’t take advantage of it.

Jin being the oldest member could have quite a lot of say in this. 

Well, this is interesting right? How Literally everyone moves and Namjoon is shown behind Jin once Taehyung enters the formation. Freaking sketchy I tell you.

Now, what about all those scenes in RUN where Jin is just blanking out?

Ahh, and if you’re familiar with the video, but both of these scenes occur just after the cards fall. The first gif being just after Taehyung purposely knocks it down, and the second gif being when Yoongi breaks the mirror during the fight with Jungkook.

These are both related to the house of cards falling, and how the group fell apart.

I do infact believe that the majority if not all of RUN is just some weird hallucination that Jin is having metaphorically about him growing up, and the members aren’t really there.

This, to me, is most obvious during the tunnel scene. Towards the end of it, there’s a man that shouts ‘move your car’ in Korean, now seriously, with all that happening and stuff, I really doubt that they’d only be yelling at Jin when they’re seriously half a dozen boys spitting and spray painting their cars.

So that has to mean that the boys aren’t there, and it’s a metaphor for his rebellious years trying to keep up with him.

Another thing that supports that Jin is completely alone with his friends all gone, are these two scenes that I actually didn’t notice how similar they were until actually writing this theory and looking through the video again since they aren’t back to back in the video.

The above gif is just after Hoseok falls back asleep on the bed, and the transition goes to all the members in a field like place,

Now, you’ll notice that it’s basically the exact same spot, and Jin is even almost in the exact same position, just his legs a little different. But look at how peculiar he looks when he sees Jungkook, like ‘wait, what..?’ he’s almost shocked but not completely, not like the earlier scenes with the house of cards.

This kinda gives me ghost kid vibes a little bit, like he’s not really there.

But look at the scenes again, why would the other 6 boys leave him there in a field like that, because they weren’t there to begin with.

Also, Jimin is the only one besides Jin not sleeping within the field scene, and I think there’s something there. Honestly, I can’t tell what role Jimin is meant to play at this point because he hasn’t had too many main roles in the storyline besides burning the photo in RUN.

The Prologue:


Interesting right?

This to me signifies the two different worlds/parallel universes. 

One where Jin is alive but the others are dead, leaving him to be alone. (prologue photo)

And one where the members are in a NeverLand type of world where they don’t grow up but also Jin isn’t there. (run photo)



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so like im a lil convinced these two are related
There was a blue eyed pikachu named Puka in the anime, capable of “sensing” big waves
And I’m hoping the alola raichu form is a callback to him because honestly that,, would be adorable