💣 Before, when Damian was new to the Manor, Bruce’s bedroom door was always locked. Damian told himself he did not care. He could get in other ways. 

He didn’t know why he checked the lock every day. 

me: [sitting happily with thace and all of my thace-is-keith’s-dad headcanons and fanart]

voltron writers:


still cant fathom that this masterpiece of a show will be ending come 2018. Adventure Time had and still has a lasting impact on the animation scene. Cartoon Network will never be the same once it’s gone. gonna be a hard one to let go.

boy and dog forever ✌


its been so long and im still upset about this


It’s been 5 years since the fall of the Mikaelsons. We’ve managed to keep our monsters buried. Now we’ve got to make sure they stay there.


anyways, not to dig up old wounds

But this is to everyone who said i dont draw keith “asian enough”, on the left is keith i drew, and on the right is me… an asian ? So

I may or may not have been talked into keeping this blog for the sole purpose of telling u all to fuck off lol

Im going to bed now cause i still have school tom obviously so goodnight to me then- TvT

Why was Tobin playing defense? Why was Megan even subbed in, and Kelley taken out? Why was Christen not even playing until extra time? The fact that Jill has Alex, one of the best forwards in women’s soccer, and Christen, who with more experience can be one of the best, and they aren’t starting together?! It’s absolutely ridiculous. Those two, given the time to get in rhythm with each other, would be unstoppable. Yes, we had a lot of opportunities on goal that we should have made happen, but Jill and her coaching decisions played the largest role in our loss yesterday.