You know what makes me mad? The fact that Kim Samuel, who is 15 year old internationally, creates the most fun, enjoyable and energetic “Super Hot” performance. He even included Daehwi and Seonho’s idea, Minki’s shoulder pose, the rabbit move that Jihoon did at the arm wrestling match against Dongho, the heart poses, the dabbing pose, Daehwi and Dongho scary scene and the iconic trouble maker that Seonho and Guanlin did together in the performance. What he wanted was for the fans to enjoy the song as well as the little things that made up Produce 101 Season 2. He went through so much in the past and suffered all the negativities comments from this show. And I’m going to say it one more time that no one deserves this 15 year old talented boy. No one. Not Mnet. Not Kfans. Not even us. 

okay so I know I’m probably grasping at straws right now, but I was looking closely at one of the Batman White Knight teaser images, looking for something similar to what I found in this image and goodie goodie gumdrops i found some interesting things

okay so here’s the image i was looking at, specifically looking closely at the things in the room that had both joker and batman in them and oh man

there is just nothing straight about having an image of you and your bro caressing each other on your wall

the teddy bear joker cuddles, is wearing a batman shirt, and the joker’s pillow has batman’s face on it

and come on, a plate with both of them on it? isn’t that a little bit domestic, joker?

and last but not least of my quick observations, are the two plushies laying on each other

conclusion: there is nothing straight about joker having a batman obsession when he’s directly involved in the nature of their relationship as enemies

come on dc make him gay you cowards

to everybody that doesn’t end up getting tickets to harry’s tour i’m rlly sorry :( but there’s going to be plenty of other chances to see harry and any of the other boys so try stay hopeful lovelies 💓