you know it can’t end like that.  s h e ’ s  n o t   a l r i g h t.

                             a n d   n e i t h e r   a r e   y o u

c: no i am not his associate. i ’ m   h i s   b e s t   f r  i e n d . right now, his best friend in the universe. have you got some kind of cyber-net in there? because, really, you should look up it up. look up what happens to you if anything happens to me. you think i would give up the doctor? don’t be daft. i would never, ever give up the doctor because  h e   i s   m y   b e s t   f r i e n d   t o o . he is the closest person to me in this whole world. he is the man i will always forgive, always trust. the one man i would never, ever lie to.


still cant fathom that this masterpiece of a show will be ending come 2018. Adventure Time had and still has a lasting impact on the animation scene. Cartoon Network will never be the same once it’s gone. gonna be a hard one to let go.

boy and dog forever ✌



alana bloom wardrobe appreciation


its been so long and im still upset about this