you know it can’t end like that.  s h e ’ s  n o t   a l r i g h t.

                             a n d   n e i t h e r   a r e   y o u

c: no i am not his associate. i ’ m   h i s   b e s t   f r  i e n d . right now, his best friend in the universe. have you got some kind of cyber-net in there? because, really, you should look up it up. look up what happens to you if anything happens to me. you think i would give up the doctor? don’t be daft. i would never, ever give up the doctor because  h e   i s   m y   b e s t   f r i e n d   t o o . he is the closest person to me in this whole world. he is the man i will always forgive, always trust. the one man i would never, ever lie to.

Why was Tobin playing defense? Why was Megan even subbed in, and Kelley taken out? Why was Christen not even playing until extra time? The fact that Jill has Alex, one of the best forwards in women’s soccer, and Christen, who with more experience can be one of the best, and they aren’t starting together?! It’s absolutely ridiculous. Those two, given the time to get in rhythm with each other, would be unstoppable. Yes, we had a lot of opportunities on goal that we should have made happen, but Jill and her coaching decisions played the largest role in our loss yesterday.