You know what makes me mad? The fact that Kim Samuel, who is 15 year old internationally, creates the most fun, enjoyable and energetic “Super Hot” performance. He even included Daehwi and Seonho’s idea, Minki’s shoulder pose, the rabbit move that Jihoon did at the arm wrestling match against Dongho, the heart poses, the dabbing pose, Daehwi and Dongho scary scene and the iconic trouble maker that Seonho and Guanlin did together in the performance. What he wanted was for the fans to enjoy the song as well as the little things that made up Produce 101 Season 2. He went through so much in the past and suffered all the negativities comments from this show. And I’m going to say it one more time that no one deserves this 15 year old talented boy. No one. Not Mnet. Not Kfans. Not even us. 


still cant fathom that this masterpiece of a show will be ending come 2018. Adventure Time had and still has a lasting impact on the animation scene. Cartoon Network will never be the same once it’s gone. gonna be a hard one to let go.

boy and dog forever ✌

to everybody that doesn’t end up getting tickets to harry’s tour i’m rlly sorry :( but there’s going to be plenty of other chances to see harry and any of the other boys so try stay hopeful lovelies 💓

i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare


you know it can’t end like that.  s h e ’ s  n o t   a l r i g h t.

                             a n d   n e i t h e r   a r e   y o u

c: no i am not his associate. i ’ m   h i s   b e s t   f r  i e n d . right now, his best friend in the universe. have you got some kind of cyber-net in there? because, really, you should look up it up. look up what happens to you if anything happens to me. you think i would give up the doctor? don’t be daft. i would never, ever give up the doctor because  h e   i s   m y   b e s t   f r i e n d   t o o . he is the closest person to me in this whole world. he is the man i will always forgive, always trust. the one man i would never, ever lie to.

So Jensen and Jared are in leather jackets in the promo photos X , and Misha is wearing that potato sack , again!

Some will argue that this is Cas’s usual outfit, but Jensen and Jared aren’t wearing plaid shirts, are they ?

It’s like they do it on purpose to make Misha (Cas) look less attractive , it’s disrespectful for Misha’s fans and really infuriating.

@ OB 5x02