heres my #controversial #opinion of tbe day… i dont like to see so many people making fun of hillary clinton it kind of freaks me out. partly because of how incredibly hard she’s had to work to overcome so much instant hatred of her and sexism and partly because there are so many men using support of bernie sanders as an excuse to bash hillary and say sexist shit and like. im not the most politically informed person but the hillary hatred on tumblr feels way too close to something most of us have acknowledged is a problem, the unwavering and unquestioning support of bernie that was going on a few months ago. like its really dangerous to not question a political candidate and this hatred of hillary feels close to that and its kind of scary that so many of us are caught up in it idk??? sorry this isnt a very well formed opinion and im not trying to start shit i just wanted to express it

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um i want to play off bc it seems super cool and the kind of thing i like but it says that some parts may be disturbing? could you maybe say what could possibly be triggering? or would that be too spoiley? im sorry i just want to know beforehand just in case...

hmm… ok im gonna try to keep this as vague as possible but heres what i can think of

  • body horror out the ass
  • decapitation
  • animal death
  • child death
  • lotsa blood
  • lotsa murder
  • some unreality shit probably
  • drug use ?
  • loud, sudden noises and distorted music
  • body horror is the most common though
  • but yknow its all cartoonish its not like. gory
  • the monsters just tend to elicit a general reaction of “WHAT THE HELL”
  • and a lot of bad shit happens

my tumblr isn’t working and shuts down when i try to submit it so ill just post it. so; im sorry your forehead is fucked up but at the picture i drew this from it wasnt in frame so i just put your url there. and those black dots were an accident but the kinda look like stars if you look close enough so i kept them (and it was to late to remove them). and you look way better than it looks on this picture IM REALLY SORRY @lamapalooza

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i rlly want to be yr friend but im the worst at having friends lmao

I mean… same though. Like I am a pretty shit friend irl and less so online (partially because self esteem/believing people don’t actually want me, and partially because anxiety) but I miss having internet pals and I want more people to send memes to, talk about drama with, and compliment my selfies. I MISS THAT SO MUCH. If this fits your description, and you don’t mind me sometimes not writing back for days because I’m an anxious forgetful piece of shit, that’d be super chill. We can be shit friends together.

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Aaaa So im a guy and I wanna start to dress a little more femininely i guess you would call it. I really like to wear cute shit and wear makeup and have my nails painted its all fun and its COOL. So my main question is would you have any advice on what are some shops or online stores that would be a good place to get makeup boots leggings ect. and are their any items that are like MUST have in any closet and are to be bought first? Thanks! It means alot sorry if this is kind of a weird question.

Nah not weird at all! My go to stores are forever 21, h&m, and hot topic. Must haves I would say distressed jeans, graphic and band tees and you can find them at each store!

SU meme

tagged by @jankybones god WTF they tagged me a while ago and i kept putting this off but w/e ok time to do it AAA

Favorite Character: this is so utterly difficult to choose but uh!! prolly steven! i love him so much
Favorite Crystal Gem: its a tie between steven and peridot… ;-; dang.. i love them all honestly asfdsgf
Favorite Human: LARS PLS holy shit… connie comes to a very close second!!
Favorite Song: Love Like You!! And Peace & Love…. and also idk if this counts but i also love Peridot’s and Opal’s themes!
Favorite Episode: x___x im sorry but i really cant choose for this… i love all the episodes………fsdgfd
Favorite Fusion: Garnet is my fave but Opal is aesthetically pleasing to look at
Favorite Ship: Larsadie is my guilty pleasure aaaa

ummm… i tag @plutoesque, @alliseearegemsandimgoingmad, @dyed-easter-eggs, @chihirobonbon and whoever else wants to do it!! :3 you dont have to do it if you dont want to tho :O


Coming from a man, what in the hell are some of y'all doing out here? you gone shoot her cause she didn’t want to give you the number ……what kind of new age fuckboy shit is that ….. like reallly….I don’t even understand how u get mad for getting curved…nigga u might smell like mothballs….breath might be on a million…..u might not be attractive to her…she might not like guys.Take the L and keep it boomin fellas, its so simple. Women….im sorry….its gotten to the point that is hard to participate in a normal part of life with out some asshole getting pissed if it doesn’t go his way. I assure you its plenty of good dudes out here…we out here 

So fucking sick of this bullshit...

I fucking get ignored, you prefer your stupid ass league than hanging out with me or even having fucking sex, i fucking buy you everything you fucking want, do fucking everything for you, fucking take care of you, and put up with you and all i get is fucking shit from you. Fucking talking to me all kinds of stupid because some fucking almost hit me? Because its my fucking fault right? And them you continue to act like a fucking little bitch? Yeah you got one fucking tooth pulled out today, but i had all 4 of my teeth fucking removed and you were a complete total dick. I cant even get an apology for you being thY way with me. Cant get no “oh man im so sorry for bieng selfish and an asshole to you when your wisdom teeth were pulled that shit is painful with one tooth i cant even imagine 4. Thanks so much for taking care of me babe!” Nope i don’t even fucking get that shit. Its not fucking fair. Dont get fucking mad or heartbroken when the day comes that i go looking for love and attention else where you fucking asshole….

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i dont understand the whole littles thing or ageplay ?

shit i thought i was posting to my other blog. sorrt about that. its something that helps me to cope with things in my life. its kind of like a double personality thing. i dont know how to describe it im sorry.

All this shit in real life is so bad i dont think ill ever even have a datefriend/boyfriend/girlfriend because im not attracted to anybody expect maybe one of my friends but its more like a uh…. “I would really like to kiss you sometimes and i think you are cute/handsome/pretty but lets not do anything more than that ok?”

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I guess it depends on who you talk to, but I don't mind people who are loud and "annoying". It kind of hypes me up, fills me with energy to want to do stuff

im p sure i annoy like all my friends excdpt for one. idk why but i always feel the need to be loud and obnoxious bc on the inside im actually suffering 24 fuxkin 7 but i cant let anyone kno bc for some reason i dont think i need help even tho im gonna probably kms next year or the year after and fucking shit im sorry this got too deep and i need to stop emotionally analyzing myself its bad and im sorry u had to read this

You fucked up, I didn’t. 

You fucked up massively weeks ago and I shouldn’t have forgiven you after that, but I said “Hell, give her a second chance. She really deserves one.” 

Shouldn’t have, in retrospect should’ve just ignored you. Won’t make that mistake twice. 

Getting close again to people who treated you like shit mercilessly isn’t just pathetic, its telling. Ive held my tongue on it for awhile, they haven’t changed, and you’re still going to be their doormat because thats what kind of people they are, and I guess you are too. Have fun with that.

Adding new people into your life isn’t going to fill the gap your ex left you. Im sorry you cant see your awful taste in men, or deviate from them in any way.

I don’t have anymore  respect for you, but I’ll still wish you the best even when it all crashes around you.