our love is so different.
it’s not just the ordinary cliche meaningless words that people just throw around that mean absolutely nothing to them.
our love is everything.
I live to lay peacefully with your hand in mine, your head on my chest, and the silence that’s surprisingly the most comforting feeling I’ve ever felt in my entire existence.
our love isn’t perfect,
it consist of mistakes and me leaving you voicemails at one in the morning crying because the thought of losing you scares the living hell out of me.
but it also consists of uncontrollable laughter and smiles that are so real.
god, my smile is so real with you.
Im so in love with you, your flaws, your laugh, your presence, the way you carry yourself, everything. you you you.
it’s always been you since the day I saw you walking towards me, I fucking knew it.
I love you endlessly and I will love you until the day I die.
💗💗💗 brookenzxox 💗💗💗


oh my god, elliot… did you forget again? did you forget who i am? what do you mean? forget what? elliot, i need you to tell me who you think i am. what are you talking about? tell me right now. what are you saying? elliot. of course i didn’t forget. you’re darlene. you’re darlene. elliot- you’re darlene! i’m your - sister.


encouraging taehyung for the sweet anon ^^ (im so sorry that this is late, I really hope that school is going well for you! dont cry bby ;A; if anything is ever stressing you out feel free to come talk to me anytime <3 you can get through this~ “it could be worse, this too shall pass” is a quote that has helped me a lot because you’ve definitely faced obstacles before and you can overcome this as well! <3 -admin a)

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please link me to fics that will make me cry im begging

hoping this cold blue water scrubs me clean and spits me out again (the brain cancer fic please don’t read this for your own good); 

 "Stay,“ Harry whispers desperately, pressing his lips to Louis’ temple like he can somehow ease the pain that’s blooming there, but he can’t make the pain stop and no matter how hard he tries he can’t make Louis stay.

Room 317Louis has a habit of not complaining. Harry hates it because, sometimes if you don’t complain, bad things happen; like ending up in the ICU.Catch Me I’m Falling

like a bastard on the burning seaau; harry breaks louis, louis breaks everything.

27 minutesSo in the next… 27 minutes I want to tell you the truth. Every last bit of it.. But 27 minutes is all the time left before I say goodbye.

this house no longer feels like homeHarry and Louis have been together for 20 years. Harry cheats. Louis cries. Harry is given a year to fix their marriage.

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hey, first of all i really like your blog!! so my girlfriend of 4 months is depressed. it really sucks. sometimes when we go swimming she cant join because she has cuts on her legs. she is crying often on the phone when we call. and when i calmed her down shes okay. but it still worries me. aldo she havent cut for like a month i can still see she feels bad. i really dont know what to do with it. do you have any tips? (sorry for crabby english im from holland 😋)

if she starts cutting again, you NEED to let an adult know. My best friend started self harming and I talked her into going to the guidance office with me. She discussed her depression and when she was getting ready to leave I said, “What about that other thing…”. She ended up realizing I was right and told the counselor who contacted her parents and got her into therapy. She’s been clean for 4.5 years now. 

are people seriously getting mad that lydia had less screen time this season and complaining that it’s all revolved around parrish? 

like. that is literally all people seem to do with lydia and stiles. oh lydia is crying? well stiles is there. lydia almost died twice with the whole jackson thing? well stiles would’ve been devastated. lydia showed up where stiles was? must be a sign. 

plus the ‘oh no theo hit lydia, stiles is going to be pissed’. seriously?? you don’t care about her but you care about stiles’s feelings about it?? when he’s got so much other shit to worry about?? i thought she was such a strong character and didn’t revolve around a dude?? 

every single time lydia or stiles show up on screen i see people complaining that they weren’t together in that scene, or that they did certain things with the other in their mind. 

stop being hypocrites. yes, the ladies are being degraded and having less screen time but we still got 5b to hope for. I hate that they are on screen less, but we still have to get to the lydia being in the eichen house. all we needed is jordan’s story and lydia and him are both harbingers of death so they have a connection, the writers confirmed that. stop using some crappy writing ideas on telling stories as a way to say that marrish is bad. do we forget that season 1 had pretty much just lydia revolving around stiles? everything was about her and stiles’s obsession with her in season 1 except for the peter part at the very end of the season. but of course that’s different right

please listen to me because im tired of fighting

im sorry but, im so fucking done living in this shitty world. i hate this place and i cry almost every night because apparently respecting other people is such a hard thing to do.

i hate that my friends are getting misgenered every single day, i hate that ‘gender’ is something that most people in this country laugh about. it’s a fucking joke apparently. no one is going to use your pronouns here (no, NOT preferred pronouns). they will laugh at you and call you a freak. i hate that when you go to the doctor you’re always either male or female, when you apply for a job you’re either male or female, when you apply for a university you’re always male or female. they make us choose and i don’t want to. why cant i be an employee, a patient, a student. why everything has to be gendered?

i went to a pride march this year, just to be shouted slurs at, to be called ‘a pedofile’. at a pride march they said ‘welcome ladies and gentelmen’ and i wanted to scream.

my friends can’t feel safe at their own home, they get kicked out of their houses because of who they love and who they are and im tired and im want to yell ‘stop this is enough’. i have tears in my eyes writing this. i want my friends to be happy, to be safe, to be loved, to be respected. but they can’t, not here. not in this country. please stop this, i want to burn this fucking world to the ground. i hate cisher people for how they make me feel, for how they make every queer person feel. at this point i would love to say that i won’t ever give up, but i can’t because it’s to hard and some times i can’t breath because i feel this weight on my heart.


Hi, my name is Venus :D and it is 1 in the afternoon and  haven’t gotten out of bed (whoo) Troye and Connor make me very happy and I love them very much. I spend the majority of my time on Youtube watching videos (currently in the process of making my own videos) I want to become a famous singer one day, hopefully soon, and Troye inspires me and motivates me to never give up because anything is possible ♥ I also like to talk to nice people so if you wanna chat I’m all ears :)

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This is to all AK members. I love you all. Thank you for supporting me..i may not ever be on again. My account has been suspended. Im crying atm. I don't know why or what happened. Please. Im sorry ~Viley

Wait seriously? Because my sister’s account was temporarily banned as well a day ago, and she’s done nothing wrong.

Are you able to contact support to see what the issue was? You deserve an explanation, at the least, especially considering you don’t even know what happened.

but i’m all for bestfriend!calum who loves to open doors for you and carries your bag. bestfirend!calum who gives you cuddles and let’s you come over at 2 in the morning because “darling, don’t cry. that guy was a dick and he’s not worth a single tear. now, come help me eat all this ice cream”. bestfriend!calum who makes you take dozens of selfies with him and brings you on long car rides because “c’mon, let’s be adventurers”. and also bestfriend!calum who always gets pouty at guys who get to close and shoos them away because “baby, you deserve so much better than him”, but he’s just really scared to tell you how he wants to be more than just your best friend.

for tokyoluke‘s and ifyoudcntknow‘s blurb night (if it’s still on :-) )