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Bagel dies during child birth!

Hello? Is that you Satan? Well Today is your lucky day cause here we go!


Today was finally the day. The day I had only imagined in my dreams, that was now a complete reality. As I held my children in my arms I looked at Bagel, preparing to ask him about naming them. But…something was wrong. He had this glossy look in his eyes. One I had seen before, but never imagined seeing so close to me. I shook him lightly, saying his name. He looked at me with almost a terrified smile. “Bagel…don’t you do this.” Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched my one love fade out before me. I quickly set the children down in a safe place, and ran back to bagel, holding him in my arms. “B-Bagel you c-can’t leave me…not now…p-please.” A single tear fell from my face, landing on his. He now smiles sweetly whispering softly to me, telling me it  would be alright and that he had faith in me. His lower half began to dust away. I began to sob like a small child, holding my lover in my arms. “I-I love y-you B-Bagel…”. He smiled at me with that same smile he had when we first met, as he told me that he loved me back. I felt him dissapear, seeing the small flakes of dust on my jacket. I sat shocked, unable to move, tears running down my face. *Lament wakes up* My cheeks are stained with tears, with my nightmare staining my memory. I looked next to me and there sat Bagel, dreaming sweetly. I held him closer than I ever had before, as he began to stir, while I continued sobbing.

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD IM CRYING TT_TT *sniff* send in more nightmares! *buries face in blankets* @scrumptiousbagel


September 3rd, Bangtan was prepping for Show Champion in Manila. This is the day that Tae found out his grandma had passed away. (He announced at MUSTER that his grandma passed away, which is why he randomly said, “I love you my grandma” during their music show.) K-ARMYs tweets say how they’re sorry for not fully paying attention to the sadness painted on his face. We love you, Tae, and hope your heart heals soon.