today’s my mother’s 50th birthday. um, she’s going to kill me for telling you she’s fifty. [jokingly] today’s my mother’s 27th birthday! alright, she’s fifty, she’s fine. i would love if we could sing happy birthday to her… we’re going to sing happy birthday to my mother. her name is anne… [after singing] the cheapest gift there is! ok, i’m now going to sing one of my mother’s favorite songs.

so my dad fixes hot tubs for a living which means he goes to people’s houses and has all these crazy stories, but he has some regular customers that really like him. he’s also basically a dog whisperer, so every customer’s dog loves him (even ones that are usually “dangerous”). recently, my family’s little poodle elphie died from breast cancer, and it really hit my dad hard. he doesn’t show his emotions outwardly but it’s been really tough for him lately. apparently, he went to this one regular customer’s house that has a big black lab, a pedigree dog that they use for breeding. usually the dog is really friendly with him, but this time he got there and the dog was howling and whimpering, and ran right up to him and started nuzzling into his lap. he started talking to her owner, and she talked about how the dog just had puppies, and because she’s a regular customer she knew my family had a dog, too, so she asked about elphie. my dad had to tell her that elphie just died, and he got a little choked up. as he talked about our dog, the lab noticed and started to nuzzle and push him, and him and the owner were really confused, so he let the dog push him. she ended up leading him to her newborn puppies and pushing him to hold them. the owner was really surprised because the dog wouldn’t even let HER near the puppies, let alone touch them. somehow this dog knew my dad was hurting for our dog and wanted to make him feel better by being with other dogs. i’ve just…never heard of anything so pure in my life.

Red Paladin.

In season 3, episode 2, we see that keith has been accepted by the black lion.

he doesn’t want to pilot it.

however, take a look at this.

this symbolically represents the characters’ POVs on this matter.

hunk, allura, and pidge are all on one side, close together, with calm, somewhat happy, accepting expressions. then we have lance. he’s distressed as well.

we know that in the last episode he was very much against keith being the leader. he had always been jealous of keith throughout the other seasons as well.

so here’s where stuff gets crazy

this is the moment.

this is the moment lance realizes what he has to do.

this is the moment when lance’s attitude changes forever.

don’t believe me? guess what iconic lil thing happens right after this.

those two frames,

those significant two seconds

marked the moment lance accepted keith.

as both an ally, and a friend.

jean moreau’s thirty reasons to stay alive

this list began one year to the day of when jean moreau joined the trojans

  1. he is gone
  2. sunrises
  3. jeremy reading harry potter to me
  4. caramilk chocolate
  5. the feel of the sun
  6. dogs (i think ill want to adopt one one day)
  7. i am reading books again
  8. riko cant touch me anymore
  9. jeremy when he tries to speak french
  10. i have not gotten any injuries that are not related to exy in a year
  11. pumpkin spice lattes (especially because jeremy hates them)
  12. trojan team
  13. kevin day and i are slowly becoming friends once more
  14. renee calls every three days
  15. i have come to realize i like the smell of lilies. my dorm with jeremy is filled with them now. he took it a little out of hand. i smiled. 
  16. i still cannot go anywhere alone but jeremy always comes with me. he says it will get easier. i find myself believeing him. 
  17. every day is hard but i am breathing and thats enough of a reason
  18. graduation
  19. jeremy asking to hold my hand
  20. yes means yes now, and no means no
  21. the trojans taking camping trips so we could see the stars
  22. baths after practice
  23. when i sprained my hand, jeremy allowed me to sit out the next day to heal
  24. i get to heal
  25. i cant stop looking at jeremys smile
  26. i am not number three anymore. it is just a number. i am more than a number. the trojans know that.
  27. jeremy talking in his sleep
  28. kevin and i have been talking regularly, and he is happy. that is a good reason.
  29. game nights with the trojans
  30. him.  jeremy knox. jeremy knox. jeremy knox.