if you’re making fun of jimin or no longer “like him” because he doesn’t have abs like before then it could honestly be said you’re not a true fan because if you were you would know that jimin is the member with the most insecurity issues and the one who stressed about his looks the most. he is not obligated to have abs in the first place so seriously, shame on you

if you really wanted tracy to be saved from the kanima powers by liam mason and brett getting her necklace back like how jackson was saved with his house key and for her to become a part of the mccall pack and for her and malia to bond because of the whole “killed my parent while not in control” ordeal and for scott to teach her control and for her to bond with all the ladies but now you’re heartbroken and bitter clap your hands

  • what she says:im fine
  • what she means:pietro maximoff grew up so wanda didnt have to. pietro gave up everything so that his baby sister didnt have to. he saw the world through her eyes. wanda maximoff was his world. and if she had been the one that was killed, pietro would have followed shortly after. all he had was wanda, all he saw was wanda. he allowed wanda to see.