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(2/2)and then im sitting there feeling shitty and it triggers me and makes me think things and i still have to try to help her and i just...i have no right to be frustrated, im her best friend, i should be supportive, but i just...feel like im suffocating and i cant deal with it and i just wish she had someone else to talk to bc i just cant do it. im such a piece of shit. i dont understand how you can help so many people, i really dont. thank you so much. i have so much fucking respect for you

i totally understand how you feel and you have every right to feel this way. honestly i know i answer a load of advice questions but even i get overwhelmed some days and i can’t help anyone, there are days when i don’t answer any anons and leave them for a few hours or a day until i can cope better with helping myself and others. what i’m trying to say is that it happens to everyone, everyone gets frustrated and overwhelmed sometimes especially when someone close to them is struggling and they can’t help. just put yourself first and take care of yourself okay?x

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not everyone is a doll collector and has the time to follow things as closely as you do though. mh dolls are noticeably less detailed now not everyone's going to be a fan of it so I think its totally understandable for some fans to have an initial 'wtf?!' reaction. you dont seem like you even collect or customise mh much anymore so im surprised to hear u speak so passionately about this tbh

As you said, I don’t actively collect MH anymore but this reboot has actually renewed my interest in it due to the new body sculpts, the canon being refocused and cleaned up, and I prefer the new aesthetic. I actively lost interest in MH BECAUSE it kept trying to top itself, it kept going into messier and messier concepts, and that the “new” character designs began to look similar to previous dolls.

But like, the new MH dolls look about the same level of detail as the newest budget lines like Field trip or Geek Shriek? The dresses were super basic, the accessories were scant and the only real difference is how the eyeliner is applied and generally the eyes are differently painted. Some of the later budget dolls were missing huge amounts of detail too like shading and eyelashes, and this reboot stuff just feels like they’re streamlining the process to better match Mattel’s other doll lines.

Idek, maybe because I’m not so personally attached to MH, but the WTF reaction isn’t the fact that MH is different, it’s that people are so VERY against it? They act like it’s an irredeemable direction to take this line in and that there was absolutely no reason to change it, when there was a HUGE amount of reasons Mattel needed to change it and Mattel has never really focused on what “adult” fans wanted if it affects their marketability to children.

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I know it's stupid because tjlc is happening and I don't care about most of the dumb article but as a queer person to read what Mark said hurts. I understand they are throwing us off but it was so ...

I know.. honestly i havent read most of the article because i dont like getting into this stuff too much but we have to keep in mind that theyre real people and real people are shitty sometimes. Im glad youre not doubting tjlc! There is too much evidence in the show for this to make us change our minds, and even if it were queerbaiting (which it isnt) we reserve the right to read the show in whichever way we want. They as creators released the show to the public and our interpretation is our own and true for us. I hope you have a nice day and sorry it took me a while to respond :))

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Not only is it the fact than dnp are annoying and would be bad to live with, usually when people live together they're not always together. They typically have jobs, school, or other friends, but their jobs revolve around each other, they don't really hang out with other people, and even when they do get out of the house they're together. I don't understand how they can be so close

honestly same I dont know and I cant comprehend how they manage to live together, hang out together, and work together, like that’s too much for me, ++ they seem to know each other’s passcodes and have no privacy Its great that they are so trusting but I’m still so amazed; even my parents dont use each other’s laptops and even they dont hang out together all the time. 

Like just the other day when phil mentioned “oh im going to a bbq party” there is no doubt dan is going with him too and everything is we us and our and how do they do it idk

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OK YE S YES I HAVE CONSIDERED i even read like a SUPER good genyatta fic im 125% solD JUST



calum is continuously being whitewashed -- a rant

can i just talk about how whitewashed calum is ALWAYS?? like in photoshoots??? like when u see calum in real life (i just did last night—i was on his side) his skin is beautiful and brown and LOVELY (its v dewy and glowy and just????? anyways im getting extra) but in magazine pictures, and other pictures taken of him that are edited he’s made to be white (sometimes as white as luke or michael?????) i just dont understand like ??? let me show u what i mean under the cut:

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Dear Rosso, i still dont read the mp100 manga, so i really dont understand why everyone loves Reigen so much (not that i hate him, he's hilarious and looks like a saigen lovechild), i guess i'll know why later. But maybe you can explain me.

*i* dont even know why i like him tbh im not far enough into mobpsy to have seen much character development its just


hey! id like to make a formal apology to anyone ive hurt in the past few days! i realized that i have been ugly and pretty terrible because i let myself get swept up in drama, nd i have absolutely no excuse for my actions at all. ive been horrible and im really really sorry about that i was taking out anger from past wrongs ppl have done to me. i realize that everything i have done is wrong and i am working to fix that, i do not condone my actions or the horrible things i have said! please try to be understanding. i attacked people who dont even know who i am because of past grudges, and it is horrible and ugly and disgusting. i will try to not do this again, i wont delete what i said because that would be denying that i said those things and thats wrong. im so so sorry

please do not repost/delete my caption

ive been paying attention to #CipherHunt for days now on twitter and im !!!! so pumped for the cipher hunters to find bill!!! keep up the hard work, everyone!!! 

i started this yesterday while i was watching them try and complete the puzzle and the music was… go nice to draw to… even if i dont understand how backgrounds work yet

remember, reality is an illusion the universe is a hologram buy gold bye!

i need a new best friend

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It's kinda annoying to think we could possibly not have any LGBT characters because "kids won't understand it" when my 6 year old cousin watches the show and perfectly understand that gender binaries are stupid, people date people of the same gender, and that some people were, 'born in the wrong body.' She knows and is perfectly fine so I hope Aphmau doesn't pull that on us because it's just not gonna work.

hmhm i feel u, i rly dislike the whole “blank orientations” thing i’ve ranted about it before (basically went off lmao) 

im hoping teony is a fully canon lesbian i want her to actually straight up say it, something that kind of just confirms it

i dont want another caddy to be pulled out (even if im hc her marriage with zack as a political marriage where they r both gay n are just married best friends so people will stop pestering them about it)

kids dont have a hard time understanding lgbt concepts, heck even helps out some of them figure themselves out

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You're the only person I can turn to for Iwaizumi ships besides IwaOi. So... what do you think of IwaKuro?

Oh boi sign me up im all for iwakuro 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 tbh i ship any iwa ship but iwaoi and i dont even understand why

Ballie - Bea death

Im honestly sick of seeing people writing or talking about how unfair and wrong it was that they killed Bea off and that it was just for shock or it didnt fit the story.

What the fuck have you been watching?!

Have you even seen the other seasons? Or did you just tag along for the Ballie?

The death of Bea WAS fitting and made SO much sense.
I understand the pain of her death, she was my favourite character and portrayed by one of my most favourite people in the world.

But dont go complaining and tearing down the writers, dont make this like a ‘Clexa’ thing.
This season like the others was brilliantly written, the finale included.
Painful but beautiful.

Dont be a dick.

RIP Queen Bea.

Ive never felt the need to punch someone before but I think I have now
I’m still “friend” with my ex, and one of the reason I broke up was because since he was male and older than me, he felt superior to me and that his opinion>my opinion
I remember that particular case which was about me not wanting children. Since “he knows woman better” he told me nah its because ur young when you get older you’ll want some I bet you. Usually I don’t take bets because I have shitty luck/intuitions, but this I can bet, since I know there aren’t any child who’s going to ever live in me, nah, never, to which he just said yea we’ll see
And a while after I said I’m considering babysitting because I need money and he fucking rubbed to my face a “its your maternal instinct, see you want children” WELL LISTEN HERE U LIL SHIT, ME IS GOING TO PUNCH YOU SO HARD IN YOUR MR.KNOWITALL FACE WITH MY PUNCH INSTINCT

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''please dont send me a list of shows im making a point'' lmfao

No you don’t understand. I say one (1) thing and I know I’ll get 10 million anons trying to get me to watch some random show because in episode 12 of season 3 there was a lesbian couple and even though they disappeared forever after filling the show’s gay quota they technically didn’t die so it’s a good representation.

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I have liked guys and ive liked girls and im not sure what i am. when i say im bi i feel like im lying, because i have liked a transgender boy before. when i say im pansexual i feel like im lying because i don't even know all the genders. When i like someone i dont care about gender at all, so I started to just say i am queer, but saying that makes me feel invalid and vague and i want to tell my mom, but she needs a specific label to understand. i also really want a label. thank you :P

You could use the label “polysexual”. It’s the attraction to multiple genders, but not all. It seems to describe your situation fairly well.