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Im,,,, just so happy,,, this chapter was a blessing!!! It was so sweet and intimate aaaa im just so happyyy! What are your opinions?

YESSSSSS!!! I’m honestly just so happy??? I haven’t smiled as hard from a tokyo ghoul chapter in ages. My face was nearly burnt red last night….

This chapter was so beautiful in many ways: from the imagery to the symbolism behind it. Kaneki and Touka have now grown even closer than ever before. Kaneki, who admitted to suffering from loneliness chapters ago, has now found someone who he really loves, and loves him in return. That’s why tears were shed on his end. As he laid there curled up on the bed with Touka caressing his hair, Kaneki felt affection. A sensation that he wasn’t so used to getting.

I think Sensei did a marvelous job with this chapter. ❤️

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your artist trademark would be the way you give a sort of "bounciness" to the hair, the way you do faces and also dynamic poses too, id be able to recognize your artstyle in any situation 💪

 //continues to sob on the floor!!!!!!

IM SO HAPPYYY….ive worked so hard to try and keep improving on my poses and keeping them expressive!!!



My part of the art trade with the very lovely @tsurakerusartandcraft​ ♥ ♥
Hope you like it!! qwq I’ll draw you something better soon I swear ;; v ;;

I did a cute chib just for you look at him love is blind zfdzfdzfdqsdd