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“[[MOR] *mumbles in pain* i realized earlier today that socks +…”

aaaaa oh no thats not good! i hope you feel better in the morning and if you dont go to a doctor or somethi ng


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“[[MOR] *mumbles in pain* i realized earlier today that socks +…”

Ouch dude! Nothing is broken but bruised tailbones/other bones can be serious business. If it persists go rto the doctor to see if anything is sprained. (If u have insurance)

thanks, guys :) I’ve bruised bones before (my tailbone and a couple wrist bones) and so far this doesn’t feel like that. i’ll definitely get it checked out if it’s still this painful in a couple days tho

I’m feeling minutely better this morning, but that may just be because I’m still lying in bed and haven’t been walking around at all. mostly everything is just sore, without the stabbing pains from earlier

my art teacher from middle school is here and she said she rlly likes the new look and i cried a lil cos she’s my fave…. im so happyyy y

IM SO HAPPYYY ME N MY BOYFRIEND R gonna go to the city after exams I’m so frickin exCited

I think I just got a drawing request in public for the first time

So I think I just made my whole day. I met a guy named Michael one of the employers at the hotel I was staying at was actually a drummer and a song writer. He was like the nicest and funniest person ever and he asked me what I was do as a hobby and I showed him some of my artwork and he asked me to draw a little something for his drum-set and I’ve never been the happier in my life. I usually only get request from family and rarely on tumblr but for the first time someone I just met asked me to draw something for them. IM SO HAPPYYY. It’s really hard to explain it in words so I’m sorry it sounds weird ;-;

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IM SO HAPPYYY I've been collecting charlotte tilbury products for so long and now I find out El has the same stuff!!! Ja feel me?

yesssss i totally feel u!!!!! like YES BITCH WE GOT THE SAME FACE ON