Honestly? I’ve been waiting for this moment since forever. I remember during the earlier stages of their debut, Hoseok’s verses were always significantly shorter than Namjoon and Yoogi’s. In the ‘Dark & Wild’ album I remember listening to Namjoon’s solo for the Intro and was so excited, then I heard Yoongi’s solo for the Intro to both parts of HYYH and I was super duper excited cause I was just hoping that in the next comeback the Intro or something would be a solo of Hoseok. I know that the song they used in the ‘Boy Meets Evil’ trailer can just be a snippet from a full length song, but I’m so so happy that the first preview they gave us was of Hoseok. I’m so happy that the preview they gave us, was a deep and meaningful song where you actually heard just how emotional his voice can get, how powerful his rapping is. I’m so happy that even though I didn’t know what he was saying, I still felt every syllable that left his mouth, send a shiver down my spine and a sense of longing right thru my chest. I’m so happy they allowed him to dance, not with other members or with backup dancers and not in a video on YouTube for fun, but dance by himself for a promotional video for BTS. I’m so happy they allowed him to use his skills as a means to better BTS. I’m so happy they gave him the opportunity to show us that he can actually covey feelings thru the movement of his body. I’m just *wipes tear* so happy.