Ok but honestly that “what would happen if Rose went to the zoo” anon made me so happy, because I love animals and it makes me so happy to imagine how much Rose would’ve loved them, too. 

She’d be so excited by everything. By the diversity, not just of the animals but of the environments, all the plant life, all the people. She’d probably try to go inside some of the enclosures. 

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junie do u ever have conflicting feelings about kpop esp since youre a korean .. like what i mean is like how the industry is very cut throat.. i think about this a lot

lol super. kpop is a shitty industry. u have to be thin, pale, pretty to be accepted regardless of talent. kids are forced to diet and lose weight, not to mention the problematic statements they make bc theyre ignorant. members are pretty much disposable for most companies so they remove/add more members if there is a conflict of interest. the pop industry anywhere is pretty terrible if u look into it but i try to just support ppl i like lol. if they are happy im happy n i want them to be happy n succesful bc i enjoy their music n their music helps me through hard times. its super conflicting for sure but it doesnt mean u cant still enjoy their music n stuff they create

im so excited my friends are having a party tomorrow for making it this far and getting accepted into college and whatnot and i talked to my dad about it and he said i could go see them and literaly all the pain of this week has kind of melted away. i adore my friends so so much and i feel like im gonna cry tomorrow because we all never thought we’d make it this far but we’re here and we’re happy and i can never thank them enough for all theyve done for me

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hey nicole! so I'm fucking Ryden trash and I relate to this blog so hard and I was just wondering if you had any Ryden head canons and if so can you share them?

hi! im happy to know that im #relatable and oh boy i do have ryden headcanons!! i think ive talked about some of them already but im gonna try to add a few more

  • live in denver  
  • slow dance lore 
  • idk if u remember this post but i like to joke that the sun/moon trope was relevant even back in 2006? so imagine brendon and ryan playing around with eyeliner and one of them, probably brendon, ends up drawing a tiny moon on ryan’s face/hand? ryan doesnt even ask him why but just laughs and goes for the same thing with bren and draws a sun instead,, eventually it kind of becomes their thing? seeing themselves as the sun and moon
  • brendon and ryan dancing to more songs by the killers!! it doesnt even have to be dancing actually, they could be lying next to each other and listening to sam’s town and when they get to when you were young brendon cant help but think how “the beautiful boy who doesnt look like jesus but talks like a gentleman” reminds him of ryan
  • them alone in a hotel room, ryan playing guitar, brendon singing along and not being able to take his eyes off his boy. thats all
  • august 31st 2007, 4 am, it’s raining heavily in seattle but ryan and bren have managed to find a restaurant where they can wait for the downpour to stop. brendon in his worn out grey hoodie has never been more beautiful in ryans eyes. ryan feels like he’s in some sort of a jetlag ‘awake-but-dreaming’ state. he’s already writing northern downpour in his head
  • brendon reading the lyrics to northern downpour for the first time and knowing what they truly mean because they’re about the night in seattle when it was only the two of them and it all felt right and perfect, so he wants to bring it up and talk and cry and just be with ryan but he cant find the courage to do so
  • both of them refusing to admit their feelings for each other and trying to belittle their relationship to some “i get lonely on tour and you’re one of my closest friends so i need you” sort of fling,, and they need to talk about it and figure out what it all means but they always end up with “we’ll talk next time” until they get to the point where there’s no next time

god im sure there are more scenarios that have crossed my mind and i should mayhaps write them down sometime? also here are 2 of my fav fics that i count as actual headcanons 

south carolina is for lovers (myrtle beach)

my emerald city (seattle)

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hi junie! i just wanted to thank you because i wore a makeup look inspired by ur coral coral tutorial for a first date today and they complimented me on it and everything went great so tysm for helping boost my confidence cause i was so nervous earlier i hope everything is well with u!

omg gO OFF!!!!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY FOR U!!! i hope everything goals well for u and them… uwu 

Good evening friends!! :) how was everyone’s day? Mine was good, my missing/hiding alters came back so Diancie and Tabitha are back now! Im happy to have them back.

ghryson replied to your post “it’s late so im salty but the reason people are so down on “filler…”

If you think about it, kissing is an Earth thing and gems create and even more intimate experience by fusing and experiencing their partner’s every thought and emotion and Garnet describes it as them being “an experience” and so like, for me it makes me so happy when i see that. Pearl kind of holds Earth at arms length so I don’t think she’d ever do the weird face-smoosh the alien humans do

  • i just want to see pearl kiss a lady

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Okay so I'm watching cupcakes wars and I was rooting for this guy Casey, when the time comes for them to decide, he wins. I screamed so loud that my dad came in with a baseball bat. IM JUST SO HAPPY HE WON HE WAS GR8

IM LAUGHING OMG at vidcon after i met dan and phil i got a noise complaint in my hotel

ask me questions!

i want his traits in my kids too. i want them to be our kids and i want a happy family and i want to be happy with him. but im scared bc im such a mess that i could pass my depression and anxiety on or my kids could become addicted to drugs. but then again, i kinda in a way want to have kids just so i can teach them things and be there for them and be the parent i never had and i want him by my side through it all. and then we will watch our kids grow up and then they will have kids and we will have grand children and we will be happy and live to be old together.
—  just my daily thoughts

“New brush testing”

I downloaded the newer Firealpaca and I. FELL. IN. LOVE. WITH THIS BRUSH.♥♥  

So for practice, I doodled a much younger Nickolas and Cathal. (    ᵒ  < ᵕ )♡

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