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House Party

Characters: Dean Ambrose x Female Reader

Warnings: Unprotected (wrap ur willy!), Dirty talking.

Summary: You show up to a friends house party in which Dean Ambrose is also there. You guys finally have a conversation after months of small talk backstage and… sexual tension. Smut. Smut smut smut.

I warily walked into the threshold of Naomi and Jimmy’s home, the music engulfing my ears as soon as I had stepped in. I closed the door behind me before making sure no one else was coming in, though I’m sure I was probably the last guest to have arrived.

It was a celebration at their home, all of our coworkers being invited to let loose and talk about their long week as Wrestlemania finally came to a close. Everyone was unwinding and enjoying a few beers, dancing to the music. Not only were fellow WWE superstars here, but even some people who worked backstage that people were cool with were here, too.

Naomi had begged me all night to show myself at their wonderful home, but me being the antisocial that I am, I kept kindly declining to which she would not take that for an answer. “Just have a few drinks,” she texted over and over. Finally, I gave in.

I walked to the familiar crowd of people which included Naomi, Charlotte, and another backstage friend.

“She finally makes it!” Charlotte cheers, squeezing me in for a hug. I smiled and hugged back, looking over her shoulder at the party, specifically catching eye contact with Dean Ambrose, the most mysterious guy I think I’ve ever met. I finally broke the contact, pulling from Charlotte.

“Hey,” I smiled at everyone, taking a glass of wine that Naomi had already prepared for me.

“We knew you’d come, girl. Go mingle.” She winked, inching her head over towards Dean. The girls caught on and chimed in annoyingly. Dean and I only ever exchanged a couple of words when we would pass one another, but I couldn’t deny that I did think something about his rough, gruff look was very attractive. The girls always detected it I guess and would never stop teasing me about it. Dean didn’t seem like the type to get involved in backstage gossip, though, so I hoped he didn’t hear anything about me having a stupid school girl crush on him, which I did.

I of course never acted on it because we never really crossed paths, him being in his group of buds and me being in mine. He is a very chill guy, and I always tried to strike up a conversation with him but never really knew what to say. Something told me though that after a few drinks, maybe tonight could be the night.

I shook my head. “No guys. Not gonna happen.” I laughed before taking a bigger sip than usual of my alcoholic drink.

They only rolled their eyes and changed the topic, and throughout our conversation it felt like Dean and I had been exchanging glances the whole time. I only told myself it was probably him wondering why the hell I kept staring at him.

“I’m gonna go look for a beer.” I told the girls as I headed for the kitchen, trying to get a change of scenery as for some reason my eyes just kept venturing over to him. I brushed past him as he was leaning against the kitchen counter, and opened up the fridge to find a cold can. Beer honestly wasn’t my thing and I would prefer some shots of tequila right now but those aren’t exactly provided at house parties.

I swiftly opened it and took a quick swig.

“Hey babe.” Seth called out to me, teasing playfully. He was standing right beside Dean, them obviously having their own conversation before Seth saw me. I nodded at him and began to approach the two.

“Hey.” I smiled at the men, Seth returning a warm smile as he had an empty beer can in his hand, doing a once over on me. Seth and I did always have flirty encounters or conversations, but it never really came to anything as he really isn’t my type. He has hinted a few things or two, which I would politely decline and we’d continue on as casual friends. Then it would repeat.

“Didn’t take you for a partier.” Dean commented, looking at me in what looked like amusement on his face.

“Are you kidding?” Seth chimed in, “she’s a sucker for partying. Yeah, uh huh, don’t act like you don’t remember the time at that one bar. I forgot the name of it.”

I scoffed and shook my head, laughing. “Don’t even bring that up. I was a mess.” I sighed, playing with my hair in the comfortable silence. I decided to say something else.

“To what you said earlier, Dean. I do like my fair share of partying. Not so much house parties though. More like show up to a bar with a friend and get wasted, then forget to pay the tab and skip out on the bill…” I trailed off realizing I was rambling, but Dean was in a fit of chuckles now as I explained one of my many crazy nights.

“You sound like more fun than I thought.” He replied, it sounding like he meant something more than he was saying, and I brushed it off with a small laugh.

“Yeah, you’ve never tried to get to know me, huh.”

“Sounds like a loss on my part for that.” He responded, his eyes staring deeply into mine. I didn’t know what to take from that and I felt a sudden warmth between my thighs from his looming stare and suggestive tone.

“Get a room, won’t you?” Seth said in feigned disgust, in which Dean and I were still staring into each other, Seth’s voice seeming so faint even though he was right beside us. Though I didn’t even notice he had walked off and started conversation with a nearby girl.

Dean took another swig of his beer before he spoke, “how are you liking the WWE so far?”

I rolled my eyes playfully, “really? We’re gonna go with that? I can’t tell you how many people have came up to me asking that word for word.” I giggled, my liquid courage sneaking up on me.

“Okay. My bad,” he chuckled, surprise on his face at my sass. I was surprised too, but something told me that he liked that sort of thing. This was the most words we’ve exchanged so far and I didn’t want him to remember me as the shy girl who wasn’t even remotely memorable.

“That dress compliments you really well.” He broke the silence, his eyes glued to my army green bodycon dress. It accentuates every one of my curves, being met by black thigh high boots that I had borrowed from Summer Rae in which she told me I could keep.

I grinned in response, putting my weight on one of my legs as I shifted a bit.

“Why is it now that you wanna talk to me, Ambrose? Because I’m wearing a dress that just barely covers my ass, or is it the fact that you can tell that I’m obviously not wearing a bra?” I said as I glanced down at my chest. I added playfulness in my tone but I was serious at the same time. This has been one of our first interactions and all he could do was bore his eyes into my body. Not that I didn’t like it.

I thought I heard a small groan from him at my words. “Honest? That could be a big part of it. You really do look stunning tonight. I do regret not striking up more of a conversation with you sooner. I’m always you know, just in my own head. But I mean, could you blame me? I think every guy on the roster has looked at you more than twice since you came in here.”

The sexual tension was increasing and I didn’t know what to do. I liked to call myself a confident girl, and I could initiate things but when it came to this man I felt like a teenager thinking of what to say to her crush. But then again I thought about Dean. His rough, edgy and mysterious personality obviously wanting a girl who could think for herself.

I stood up on my toes and whispered into his ear, getting dangerously close. He smelt of alcohol and faint cologne. “Follow me up to a room?” I bit my lip with a smile as I backed away to see him completely intrigued, that being my cue to turn around and head up the spiral stairs, soon hearing him come up after me. I didn’t care whether the other superstars knew what we were up to at this point.

I picked the first bedroom I saw, hoping it was some guest bedroom and not Naomi and Jimmy’s. I took the last sip that remained in the beer can and set it down on the end table. There Dean was, at the entrance of the bedroom not hesitating to walk in and shut the door behind him, the blasting music being only slightly silenced.

His shaggy hazelnut hair laid over one of his eyes, his hand instinctively pushing it out of the way. He wore a white t-shirt that clung perfectly to his fit torso, and dark blue jeans. In two quick strides he was leaning over me and he brought his hands to the sides of my face, looking into my eyes once more as if he were asking. I pulled the back of his head to me and engulfed him in a hot, quick kiss.

His kisses were rough and fast, my lips almost feeling pained but loving it at the same time. I was really doing this. I was going to sleep with this man and the most we’ve talked was literally the same night. I felt no shame in it, really feeling a rush as I pulled onto the ends of his hair. He pushed me back further onto the bed, now leaning over me as our steamy kiss ensued. His tongue slipped into my mouth and we were going at it. His demeanor screamed dominance and I was ready to submit to him.

He pulled away to lift his shirt up off over his head, then going for my boots to slip them off.

“Although these are sexy as hell, I want them off.” He groaned, throwing them behind him on the floor. He pushed my legs open with one hand before getting a glance at my black underwear. He smirked to himself before pulling up at my dress, needing the two of us to slip the tight fabric off.

“Fuck.” He groaned once my boobs bounced out, completely bare and perked up for him. He was in the middle of unbuckling his belt before turning his attention to them, holding one of them in his warm, rough hand, massaging it while the other boob was met with his warm, wet mouth. A moan left my throat as I arched my back up to him.

“Please, I need you. No time for that.” I begged, bucking my hips up at his waist. Another smirk played up on his lips. “Okay, baby.” He slipped off his jeans and in one swift motion his briefs were off too. His rock hard shaft bounced against his stomach and he wrapped his hand around it, pumping himself all while using his other hand to get my panties down in a swift motion. It was mesmerizing to watch him please himself, the way he did it so quickly and his eyes glazed over with lust, my heat was probably pooling by now. He brought his finger up my slit suddenly, and I gasped, looking down at the sudden contact.

“I wanna go down on you so bad. I bet you taste amazing. That’s gotta be for another time though, huh?” He cooed, pumping his one finger in with ease. He looked up at me, a sweet teasing expression on his face.

“Mhmm, and then I can suck your cock.” I teased back, lacing my tone with lust. He groaned to himself again before lining himself with my entrance, “can I fuck you raw, baby?” His tone was so dark, and deep, and teasing all at the same time. He was so dominant and his sweet, cooing tone was turning me on more than I could explain.

I nodded desperately, wanting him inside me already. He pushed in in one swift motion, my wetness making it all a breeze. He was more on the thick side than in length, but it was already reaching the places it needed to.

He didn’t stop once as he pushed all the way in, his pubic hairs brushing up against my clit. He pulled out all the way, doing the same thrust as before. He picked up a rhythm, and I wrapped my legs around his waist to prevent him from pulling out anymore, me not wanting to lose the warm contact. I moaned once his pace increased. His thrusts going at me so hard. I felt like I could break underneath him as he slammed his hips against me, his once steady pace turning into fast and hard thrusts. Whimpers erupted from me as I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck and looked up into his eyes, before he broke the contact to watch himself disappear inside me.

I was definitely more vocal in moans than Dean, but his face said it all.

“You feel so fucking good. This pussy is so good.” He groaned into my ear, his hands gripping onto my hips harshly. He knew I was gonna feel that tomorrow and I think that turned him on even more. I pulled him down into another kiss, this one being much sloppier than before. Our tongues were all over each others’ and his thrusts felt so good at this point, I never wanted it to end.

He reached his thumb down to my clit as if he were reading my mind, applying slow lazy pressure to it.

“You love the way I’m fucking you,” He gripped back onto my hips, applying a rough pressure in which I whimpered in response. “Tell me you love it.”

“You’re fucking me so good, Dean. I love it.” I panted out, a whimpering mess underneath him. I forgot about anyone else downstairs or around us as I felt my orgasm come close. Dean let out a low grunt, feeling me tighten around him.

“Cum for me. Cum for me, baby. Who’s making you moan like this? Who’s fuckin’ you good like this?”

“Dean!” I shouted as I arched my back up off the bed, a wave of pleasure washing over me. I dug my fingernails into the back of his shoulders as I let my orgasm take over, my eyes flashing open to see him watching every moment of my climax, his thrusts growing sloppy as he chased his own peak.

“Oh, shit.” He let out another deep groan before slipping out, jerking himself only twice before hot shots of his cum spurted onto my stomach. I moaned, watching him come undone and his eyes closed tightly. His mouth was opened, sweat beading across his forehead.

He opened his eyes to see me swiping up some of the cum off my stomach, my eyes innocently locked onto his as I sucked on the salty substance. We stared at each other in silence before he quickly leaned down and swallowed me in for another kiss. He pulled away slightly, his forehead still on mine.

“You are somethin’ else, baby.”

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