g00d sh1t (a playlist 4 u)

-Never Be Like You (ft Kia)
:Flume, Kia:

-Like You

:The Kite String Tangle:

-Good To Love
:FKA twigs:

-push pull
:Purity Ring:

:Fickle Friends:

:Smoke Season:

:Elliot Moss:

-When You Loved Me Least


-Youre The Best


:St. South: (i dont care if u dont listen to the rest of these songs just please listen to this one i l o v e ok help me im obsessed ??)

spotify link;

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~ 10 THINGS ~

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Okay so let’s list some random stuff about myself.. here we go;

1) Ever since I got my first dog, who’s a dachshund, im obsessed with them. Can’t and won’t have enough of thoses dogs, I’d take a third one any day x) but most importantly, give me everything that has their figure on it. Even if it’s toilet paper, I dont care, I WANNT IT ! I lost my mind for some dachshund silhouette ice makers tray soo… ;-;

2) Talking about my dogs, Im over protective and they’re my babies. I dont care how much you will say that im not, I AM their mother. Adoptive Mother, because of course I could never birth a dachshund out of me .. but yeah, I snuggle with them like their real mama would .. 

3) Im paranoid. 

4) Im scared of everything xD kinda go hand in hand with the 3rd point, but like, seriously everything. people, situations, opportunity … 

5) I love any TV show that’s either paranormal or crime investigations, or sexual -for exemple, Sex brought me to the ER-

6) I rarely take -and keep- pictures of me, if you check through my phone, probably 95% of them is of my dogs .. 

7) Coffee has no effect of my body. It doest keep me awake nor anything. However I still drink it xD I like the smell & the taste. 

8) I believe myself to be the worst canadian, Yes of course I love me some maple syrup !! But I hate hockey and winter 😂​

9) I love books. I buy way too many, I cant refreign myself of doing so even when I have already 10books waiting for me at home … And then my brain yell at me because I have some hard time actually reading them .. Its getting better, but still … 

10) I collect iPhone cases. When I was taking pictures to sell everything of my iPhone 4s, I had 27 cases to sell … and that was without the two Zelda ones that I got made by a lovely woman on Etsy and that I send back to redo for my 5s! 

this was harder than expected to say 10 random things about me, what the hell DX 

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