• Matt in October: omg pumpkins are just the best I love them
  • Matt on Valentines Day: omg man candy is just the best I mean it literally beats everything else wow
  • Matt on the first day of spring: omg guys plants!!! they are?? just?? amazing??? yay photosynthesis!!! :D
I have heard, I think, nearly all of [the new songs]. And listen, it’s not hard to make me cry. But I cried at almost every single one of them. It is so incredibly magical, and I am so honored to have heard it. It’s going to be something so special, I don’t think people are even ready for it. I was blown away.
—  John Krasinski (Emily Blunt’s husband) on the new songs in Mary Poppins Returns
That moment when you're trying to study

But you keep thinking about your otp fucking