a client just said ‘oh you look like an assassin!’ and i smiled and she was like ‘i mean that in a good way… like an assassin in a film not a real one’ bless :’)

"Write what you know, so they say. All I know is I don’t know what to write or the right way to write it. This is big lady, don’t screw it up, this is not some little vaudeville I’m reviewing." -Katherine in Watch What Happens from Newsies The Musical

This is my mantra as I write my paper that’s due in three hours. Other good songs for getting things done:

I’ll Make a Man Out of You- Mulan

Almost There- Princess and the Frog

2014 in a nutshell aka a tumblr posy

Warning: Long useless post follows. Full of grammatical errors and typical white girl thoughts. 
And I have always had this thought that as soon as you share your inner thoughts with someone, even a mindless blog, you have to stick to any promises that you make. 

I thought I’s get round to doing this by now, but that’s normal, Kate rhymes with Late so what did you expect. It’s still the first somewhere, so I’m going to just live in that time zone, live in that fantasy that I do actually run on time. 
2014 has come, and it has come around pretty quickly. I don’t really know where or how I spent the most of 2013. Probably living vicariously through others lives, and making up random parallel worlds in my mind, the perfect daydreamer. It was a good year none the less. I’ve become friends with a lot more people, lived a lot of new experiences. But as the year drew to a close I realised that whilst I had a lot to thank 2013 for, I didn’t find my self, and I guess I never will, buts that’s beside the point. So I came to the conclusion that this year I would really strive to try figure a bit more about what it is that makes Kate Kleinsman, Kate Kleinsman. Like most teenagers, especially girls, I’m continually looking over my shoulder, hoping that my life, or the facade that the world sees is in fact the best, to the point where I hope that other’s wish they could be me. This is selfish, and stupid, and unfortunately absolutely true. I hope to have the best of bestest friends, and the luscious’ hair in the world, and the clothes/outfits that everyone will wish they were wearing, and to be popular / influential on the world (which I know isn’t the same thing but quite often the two go hand in hand). And maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe I should be content with the lot I have. Maybe I shouldn’t judge myself in comparison with others. Maybe I should just release a nude picture and become internet famous. A lot of maybes. (And as you’re probably figuring out, these long winded messages go round and round and never really draw any conclusions. That’s probably why my English teacher told me I should stick to maths.)

And with that all in mind I’m going to try make 2014 a bit different. 2014 is going to be spectacular and probably spectacularly cruel as well.

So to the resolutions. “New Year, New Me”.  Biggest load of billshit to ever be said by nearly every body on the entire face of the world. But like the rest of them I’m going to follow it. 
January: ’Just Start, or Just Starting’. Fitness. Health. Water. Weight. Acne. Mindset. Change.

So far so good. Every muscle hurts and I’m contemplating never running again. But burn is to have been burnt, which means that you actually tried. Before you going getting idea’s that I’m some fitness freak, I’d like to confess that I am in fact eating an ice-cream whilst writing this.  

So now we finally reach the meaningful message that this post was meant to convey. I’m not trying to be something different, I’m not trying to be someone better. I’m instead trying to better myself by doing things a little bit differently than what my personal norms are. 

I encourage you to follow along, as I try, helplessly, to create a blog that will depict this journey. 

Much love, whoever you are. 
Me and her ice cream.