Sunshine Prince

chenmiux asked: Hallooooo can I have a Jaehyun au of him being a cold prince and then u come along and ur drawings capture his heart (this is so cheesy I’m sorry)

I got super busy and had no time to write this so I’m so sorry for it taking forever. I… tried my best so I hope you like it.

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youre my sugar sugar honey honey

im not allowed to listen to music ever

this is dedicated to that anon who mentioned shirt this is your fault

also idk why but i imagine them referring to glynda here maybeqrowsisforsm1elsecoughs

and theyre not even wearing shirts this was a horrible idea

i got called a sheep one day by my baby cousin bc they were trying to teach him that he should use she/her pronouns for me and not the he/him he keeps using (i actually use they/them but you know, not coming out to family and all that jazz) 

but in response he just continually said “[my name] is a sheep!”

this is the best thing anyone has ever said to me thank you little guy