youre my sugar sugar honey honey

im not allowed to listen to music ever

this is dedicated to that anon who mentioned shirt this is your fault

also idk why but i imagine them referring to glynda here maybeqrowsisforsm1elsecoughs

and theyre not even wearing shirts this was a horrible idea

Here’s typically the kind of art that doesn’t make any sense and that I love drawing on a regular basis. I watched the Shaun the Sheep movie on Friday. And I love Bucky, who has anything to do with Shaun the Sheep, of course. So when I got back home, I started to draw student!Bucky with a Timmy plush on his back pack. Don’t ask.

I’m sorry.


Yes I have been reading @ask-spiderpool and my feels have been utterly shattered. These babies fight so much, it’s a good thing these guys have Matt. He’s the one who keeps them from tearing out each other’s throats. Yay Matt!


Aaaaaand Lightgazer Apprentices. A masculine familiar to round out the fam.

Okay last of the Pastwalkers for now. I gotta drop off the map for the weekend anyways. I’m totally not hiding from how many notes their lore post got, noooo not at all. lol but yeah enjoy the 4th to those who celebrate it~

sheep on tracks au

where bilbo and thorin are both on trains that stop because of sheep and they spot each other across the train windows and hit it off, with bilbo writing messages on his notebook and holding it up to the window so thorin can see and thorin trying to hide behind his newspaper pretending to not sneak glances bc damn that man is cute