i’m doing a raffle! every like on this post counts for one entry and every reblog counts for two. multiple reblogs won’t count so max number of entries will be three c:

onto the prizes!
1st place: gets a 5k drabble, no restrictions. can be a reader insert, shippy thing, whatever floats your boat. you can tell me exactly what you want or just give me a character and a word and let me roll with it. will also get a gif OR edit. the gif can be for any kurobasu character, edit can be of a character or yourself. if you’d like an edit of yourself (like those ones you see on instagram, see below for examples of what i can do), I’ll ask you for a theme and a high quality photo of you. if you don’t want that, there’s always the gif or an edit of a character :)

2nd place: gets a 2k drabble OR edit OR gif. no nsfw, but everything else is cool :)

3rd place: can pick from either of the remaining options that 2nd place didn’t pick.

my only rule is that it is followers only. this may seem a bit unfair but this is my way of saying thanks to my followers so it kinda makes sense

after the event, i will write all the urls on bits of paper and put them in a hat. first name i pick out gets first place, next gets second, next gets third.

this will run until sunday 24th may, 10pm GMT +1/BST, thanks again guys

look below for examples of my edits (obvs if you want one like this it’ll be of a much higher quality and i’ll make sure it’s absolutely perfect)

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I wanna do a nostalgia post too because I'm a follower

When I was little I used to go as high as I could on the swing set and close my eyes so I could imagine I was on a pirate ship. Then I would imagine jumping off at the highest point where I was parallel with the top bar and flying around the playground… That one is kind of a thing everyone does, but I never had the guts to actually jump.

The Tale of Sheep-Zoe and Her Sheep-Family

My name is Zoe and I am a sheep. 20 years ago I married the love of my life, Jolene, who was also a sheep. even though our marriage grew rocky as it wore on, we raised 2 beautiful daughters, Pam and Suzie. When Suzie turned thirteen, Jolene slammed me with a surprise divorce. After fighting for a year over custody of the children, I lost due to past drug problems. Nowadays, Jolene is in Chicago sleeping with a journalist. Pam will be going into college in the fall and Suzie is starting high school. I miss my kids terribly and I’m hoping to visit them for Christmas. I am planning on convincing Jolene to let me take the kids for a while and then my parents will meet their granddaughters and Casey will meet her nieces. I can’t wait for everyone to meet them!