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dear person who weighs 180 and wants to lose weight, ily. body doesnt matter honestly. youre probably the cutest person ever but i do have advise. cut your meals in half. works for me! (ily mom) and ily anon!

💕👏 sometimes it’s just a matter of eating a lot of something else that is filling (:


☛ ‘ i really don’t like dancing the most ‘  -ksj

i told my mom about harry being 3 months pregnant and she was like “oh my god! you guys are crazy! no, no. he is a BABY! a BABY!!! that would be like a baby having a baby. he’s younger than YOU! you really think he’s ready for a child right now?! no, not at his age!!” - but, said nothing about the fact that he is a bio-male.

my mom and I went to McDonalds for burgers and ate them before we got home and we’re still hungry so we turned around this is the second time in my life this has happened

the other day  me and my mom  were discussing me being rommates w a friend and she was like “is she a virgin? cause if not she might bring in unknown guys and that’s stranger danger blah blah” and i was like arent you wondering if im  virgin? and she just fucking laughed and said “no im ok i know the answer is yes”

  • me:lol mom listen to this song
  • me:*puts on "act my age"* *intro plays*
  • mom:............
  • mom:*shifty eyes*
  • me:
  • mom:
  • me:
  • mom:
  • 1d:when i'mmmm faaaat and olddddd-
  • mom:i will not listen to this turn it off