It's interesting to note that...

When Eurus wanted John’s attention, she impersonated a vivacious, confident woman who found him attractive.

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When Eurus wanted Sherlock’s attention, she impersonated a slightly awkward, pretty, but vulnerable woman who needed him to save her.

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What, therefore, might we deduce about Sherlock’s “type?”

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As an asexual myself I want to personally thank you for your kind words! I don't usually see posts about asexuality (only on ace specific blogs) and it makes me sad, so thank you so much! :) I saw you lost followers... Screw them! You're doing a great thing! :D

awww thanks! i’m ace as well so i feel you tbh. i only see shitty posts most of the time and?? there’s only one sh blog i’ve really noticed posting ace positive stuff periodically and it’s such a breath of fresh air and aaahhh i’m trying to be more vocal about it as well so yeah! 

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I just want to thank you so incredibly much for being supportive, informative, and helpful when sharing you expirence of transitioning away from veganism. For the longest time I felt so much pressure to stick with it even tho I felt like I wasn't thriving. It just seemed like every source/person following it said it works for everyone & there's no reason to quit. You were so real & open about what you went through, & I want to say thanks! I'm now vegetarian and I feel so much better & happier :)

Hi beautiful! One day soon I will make a more detailed post about the whole thing for me, as many people have asked me to…because I feel it will help take the pressure off a lot of people who are thinking similar things. I appreciate all of the love and support I have received about it…seriously…I was so nervous to be honest and open about it and it took me a while to finally say it. I love you and am smiling at your message…it means the absolute world to me :) And I am so happy for you!

because i love when things pass through the fandom

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 5 blogs you want to get to know better

  1. Nicknames:
  2.  Fishy or Fish… its my last name and my friends hate me? 
  3. Star sign:
  4.  Pisces
  5. Height:
  6.  5′9
  7. Time right now:
  8.  4:01 pm(holy crow, where’d my day go?)
  9. Last thing you googled: 390-77  ??? 
  10. Fave music artist: These are always hard because I never pay attention to who is preforming. I like Adele and Taylor Swift. That one band that does that one song?? 
  11. Song stuck in my head: Gilmore Girls theme song. 
  12. Last movie I watched: Secrete life of Pets?? 
  13. Last tv show I watched: Gilmore Girls
  14. What I’m wearing right now: Pj bottoms and a sleeveless t-shirt
  15. When I created this blog: This is my main blog, I don’t know why I didn’t just make a new one… but yeah, about 4 years I think. 
  16. The kind of stuff I post: Mainly twilight, I have an equestrian blog also. 
  17. Do I get asks regularly?: its picking up which is odd to me. 
  18. Why did I choose my url: I’m fond of contradictions but I also try and be extrememly optimistic about things. 
  19. Gender: Female
  20. Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
  21. Pokémon team: Mystic??? I honestly don’t know. 
  22. Favorite color: Lavender and Light Teal
  23. Average hours of sleep: 6
  24. Lucky number: 13
  25. Favorite characters: Esme Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Hermione Granger, Natasha Romanova, Lorelia Gilmore, I could go on forever. 
  26. Dream job: Anything with animals. 
  27. Number of blankets I sleep with: 2; one as an actual blanket, the other as a pillow. l

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Hey, how’s it goin? Welcome to the stream, we’re about halfway through, we’re about halfway from me to you the distance not so distant no more and now me tell you how love you are to me and when we look stars in sky, you know what i see? you. I see you lighting up life in every capacity there’s no limit to beauty rainbows no compare there ain’t no way you could sail whole ocean never get a same fish as you and when i hug you close, slippery, scaly, but lovely. Filled with love, love juice, not that kind, good kind and when you go cross world Russia, Siberia, also Russia never find another, I don’t care how much that ad said Russian wives are hotterst, and not as hotterst as you, and because you here with me alone, me get to open feelings to you… like open coco-nut, to go you meat, eat… and juice drink me crack you open, drink juice of love.. you understand me? Good. Me think you do, cause, I love you….. I. love. you. Make sense? I think do, yeah, K. Me have big heart, throbbing, oversize, doctor says going kill me in ten years but it for you. Big heart for you, anyway, just wanted personal moment for us to share, like Canadians share, love…. Yep.
—  Markiplier’s stream, one-on-one

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man this song made my day, please for the love of god listen to this i want you to be as happy as it made me. "Good Day" - Nappy Roots. i have no idea why this boosted my mood so bad but mannnnn, chris, you gotta vibe to this.