“…What I do is play along with records. My ear is such that I know how to play the guitar part of an album, but putting very little energy into figuring it out. If I’ve heard it enough times I just know how to play it. I mostly just play along with things because it deepens my sense of all the different colours I can draw upon when making music - and every day I am inspired by a new group of musicians. Like right now I’m thinking about Pete Townshend, and a week ago it was Queen, and a week before that is was Eddie Van Halen and so on.”

- John Frusciante

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If it's not yet widely known, some of Turn's Official Score has been posted to Soundcloud! There are 4 tracks from S1 (Abe's Oath, Barn Burning, NJ 1776, This Is Bigger Than You) on Marco Beltrami's acc. A few more of S1 (Mary Gets Wise, Richard's Speech, Showdown) and newly added season two (Abe Arrested, From One George To Another, Robert Rogers) have been uploaded onto another account (by a Aaron Roethe). Just thought I'd pass it along for others (like me) dying to hear it! (pass it on!)

thank you so much! the show does have an amazing score :D

here are the links: x  x  x  x


Nom (idk what to put for title)

Soooooo a few hours (or minutes ? idk) anonion-greenie and I accidentally kind of fuck up a post the lovely Breezy (flareflavoredpancakes) made. And we are EXTREMELY sorry, and we just thought we’ll do something, because for me, actions are more valid than words. Well, to me. Anyways.

So anonion-greenie decided to make a lil text, and I made a little aesthetic about the Ivy Trio on a road trip (I prefer expressing myself over pictures)


Breezy, we know this thay haven’t been so good for you. But we want you to know that we’ll always be here for you, whenever you want for whatever you need. I am sorry for what happened and if I could go back in time to not do that, I would, because you’re so sweet and cute, you didin’t deserve that.
I apreciate you and your blog, I hope something like this never happens to you again, and if it happen, come talk to us, we’re here for you. We are our own Ivy Trio and we care about each other, so never think that you’re alone here.
We love you and we only wish the best for you, we are all in this together, never forget that.

We just wanted to say that we are really, really sorry and that we love you

Hey guys…I finished my College/Gaming Olicity AU a few days ago… I’m really, really proud of it - and that’s not something I ever say about my writing.

Go check it out on ao3, maybe?