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2014: What I Didn't Post- Is That All There Is To a Fire Part 1

The last really good rain we had in Los Angeles, was this past February. I know this because that was when the garages behind my house caught fire.

It started when the storm knocked a wire down which ignited the neighbor’s yard and started our garage roof smouldering.

There were transformers blowing up and down the street. The Fire Department had dispatched so many trucks to the blocks around my house that other companies had to be called to East Hollywood. The first truck on the scene felt that our smoulder would go out, as it was being rained on. So they went to one of the other explosions happening down the street.

In a classic, you can’t tell a book by it’s cover moment, that smoulder pictured earlier was the visible part of a substantial fire eating the inside of the roof.

At this point I should tell you that there are no photos of the actual inferno. When flames are shooting outside, I put down the camera and get 3 cats in carriers (in 9 minutes between myself and Randy my roommate). It’s impressively quick. I am bragging. Sorry if you feel cheated. Here’s what the fire did…

I love the sort of WeeGee quality the little girl in the window gives this.

Back to the story, when we called again we were told that the Fire Department was here already, after that confusion, they did arrive, and in an impressive feat, only two of the four garages met grisly ends.

I love the Hollywood sign overlooking the soggy scene. This house on the left, belongs to my neighbor that we will gently say is a few bagels short of a dozen. In her yard is a shack that, well if anything on the block was going to go up in a fiery blaze one would think it would be that. 

While I was outside watching the firemen battle the blaze and keeping close enough to the door that dashing with bags of cats was an option, Crazy comes out and starts yelling at me for not calling the LAFD. Then she begins to shout at me that the whole block would have gone up if she hadn’t called. As I am naturally designed to do I begin to discuss the reality of the situation and how it differs from what is in the whirligig that passes for her thought processes; then I just yelled “Shut Up! My house is on fire you crazy cunt.”

I admit that was not the most helpful of actions but it got the job done.

Up next, the aftermath…