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flammabellum asked:


♀ for a mother headcanon 

Hashirama’s mother died giving birth to Itama. No one (except for the midwife) was allowed to be present in the room during the childbirth, but Hashirama sneaked in when the screaming became too much. After her death, he obtained her crystal necklace; but with it came his decision to dedicate his life to healing and medicine so no one else would die on or off the battlefield.

♂ for a father headcanon

When Hashirama was young, he often feigned sleep. On one occasion he overheard his father apologizing to him. He never knew what the apology was for.

♖ for a sister headcanon

After Hashirama was born, his mother became pregnant with twins. But one twin completely absorbed the other. Tobirama had consumed his twin sister in the womb.

ψ for a brother headcanon

Kawarama played the flute; Tobirama played the horn. Itama sang. Hashirama, however, was musically illiterate. The best he could do was hum. 

↹ for a best friend headcanon

As children, Hashirama cut off a lock of Madara’s hair as he slept. He kept it safe and secret; but after fighting at the Valley of the End and killing his best friend, Hashirama could not bear to visit his grave. He said his goodbye at their river instead, tossing the knotted lock into the water.

✤ for a grandparents headcanon

Hashirama never knew much of his grandparents. His uncle had told stories of his and Butsuma’s childhood, but little of their parents–both of whom had died at a young age in a fire.

that one article about zayn... (part 1)

so theres this article going around lately about “fans” on twitter being asked why harry forever will be better than zayn and it fucked me up i was about to tweet the author asking him to delete it but then it hit me

we basically missed the point of what he wanted to prove. 

at least i did. when the man who wrote it (@LoganRhoades) received angry tweets from fans (well silly what did you expect) asking him to delete it he simply replied: “Won’t be deleted. My point was to see WHY he gets hated on. Conclusion: It’s mostly innocent/ridiculous reasons.” (z)

you see the way he presented the question made it seem like a dare so i accepted the challenge.

(even though i think that theres no certain reason.. people just hate and thats messed up)

is zayn dead?? is not speaking makes you dead?? 

btw he commented to a fan recently about her art being sent directly to him (z

umm.. sorry dirty? (z)


therefore zayn is a normal human being how disgusting.

yo guys zayn is bald !!!!!1!!!1

girl hes getting there!

no dimples but holy hair indeed


your problem love

her tweet

is this aesthetically pleasing you ?


excuse me come again?



watch this yeah zayn has swallow, wings, snake, space monkey, tiger, wolf and last but not the least fantail on his back 


in other words bc he didnt “date” taylor ?????

idk what his dreams are but these eyes man 


zayn christmas present for his sister made the whole fandom jealous


and lets not forget he bought his mom a house ! (z)



the vine 




credits to the owners and mrzayn for the original post.

unclejwrites asked:

⁇ for frankie/lucy

send ⁇ for a worried text

[text:] Look, Holt. I know you think we’re –
[text:] You did how much coke????
[text:] Duela?
[text:] I swear to god if you crack yourself out on the streets and I see “deranged clown child dead and covered in blood” in tomorrow’s headline I will find you and kill you again.
[text:] and don’t you fucking haunt me.
[text:] Frankie?
[text:] Francesca. 

byeolvixx asked:

HI!! my name's nuttie hehehe so i ship neo and navi, i guess~ my first fandom is cassiopeia (tvxq fandom) until now too <3, three things about me errrrr i wear braces, im 157 tall and im from thailand, i follow you bc you're vixx blog and i think you're sweet but, im not good at english so i stalk on your blog then, unfollow.. nahhhhhhh i want to say 'NEVER' <3

Hello Nuttie! That’s such a cute name hehe c: Neo and Navi!! I can’t even express how much I love TVXQ. They are perfection and just flawless. I actually knew about them before I got into kpop lol

Oh wow Thailand~ that’s really far from here ahaha. Omg your english is just fine and awwww thank you sweet heart! Feel free to talk to me~

miyku asked:

don't know what going on ...but here (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

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