do u ever think about someone and ur like: i wanna take care of them so hard??? i want to be their #1 supporter especially during times when they think no one believes in them. i want to comfort them when their thoughts are too loud and i’ll stay up with them all night until they drift off into a peaceful sleep in my arms. like u just wanna b there for them???? and love them endlessly????? and give them affection and so much love that they have never received????

anyway now that we’re on the topic i just wanna say all my love goes to wlw who are terrified of having sex with girls bc they think their bodies are gross or not attractive enough and who always feel like they gotta compare to their partner aesthetically (esp us fatties)! you’re sexy and your girl will love every single inch of you!


Smash Series Swap - Fire Emblem x Star Fox

Okay, this is very silly, but I just wanted a chance to draw the Fire Emblem cast in Arwings. ;) If you have any ideas for two Smash series you’d like to see “swapped”, I’d love to hear them!