Due to popular demands, here is a detailed overview of the PYCbunnies’s room.

Floor: 2 thin layer of outdoor green carpet brought from costco for $40 (they have other colors as well). Bunnies still dig/scratch it but it is low profile so they cant really do any damages. We used small nails to secure the edges so the carpet will not budge. We put this carpet cover thingy (gold line in the picture) to hide the area where the two layers meet so it would look nice and prevent bunnies from chewing on it.

Fences: Made of NIC cages connected together. The small wood spikes were from Ace’s Hardware ($10ish). Wood were secured on using screws.

Poop station: Green basket with holes is from Container Store ($9). There is a small container underneath to catch all the poop and pee. The green basket has legs so there is another big container to catch anything that the small container didnt. We used Feline cat litter. We change it every 4-5 weeks. Bunnies are really good at doing their business inside even when the hays/veg/treats aren’t near the poop station. There are of course poop outside the poop station but rarely do they pee outside. We use Resolve for any pee mishaps, it works great.

Hay station: New hay are in the white pot. The bottom pan is a metal baking pan to catch the hays bunnies dont like and to prevent them from peeing/pooing in there. The green box is where the hay is stored (we brought the 20 lb oxbow from amazon). Still looking into a better hay station.

Bed: Ikea toy bed. We put the soft pet bed underneath to give them more support.

Bunny shirt hanging: from build a bear

I hope this post answers all the questions you have and help you build a nice bunny haven for your buns.


Seven for Sunday.

  1. I woke up this morning from a dream where I was staying in a beach house in New Zealand (where I have never been) with the window open and a nice breeze blowing through watching waves roll onto the shore.  Somehow, my actual bedroom window view this morning seemed a little more disappointing after that.
  2. Minky asked to play with Wyldestyle, Emmet, and Princess Unikitty, which I agreed to if he ate a good breakfast…
  3. …which he did.  I expected to split a bagel 50/50 with him, but he ate both halves, and then another quarter of a second bagel that I made up.  If he grows a foot this week I will not be surprised.
  4. 3-day weekend means I can paint my fingernails and actually leave them for an extended period of time.  It may seem rather trivial in the grand scheme of things, but it makes me happy.
  5. Tulips! Apparently even grown in (a greenhouse in) Minnesota.  Still months away from any blooms outdoors, but glad to have this little bunch here on our table.
  6. This toy from IKEA, and its related versions have interchangeable cab and back parts.  The concept is cool, and they are nicely made, but for whatever reason with this one Minky is constantly convinced that it is backwards.  I have tried every possible configuration to no avail.  It is always wrong.  Going up on a high shelf for a while.
  7. Navyy is at work this morning so Minky & I get more quality time together, and then Navyy’s mom & stepdad are taking him for an overnight tonight!  Not sure what Navyy & I will do with our spare time.  We talked about seeing The Hobbit in theaters before it is gone, but the only show we could make it to would be a 9:40pm which would get us home after midnight.  Otherwise we might just hang out around here.  I got us some wine and nommy snacks, and I am totally game for a quiet night in after my busy week. Decisions.  Either way, we both have tomorrow off, and do not have to grab the little guy until at least mid-morning/lunchtime.  What luxury!

“Place the moon at my eyes…”
- Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Day 01: Yourself or your persona

I’m late for Witch Week every single year so I decided to screw it and draw my witchsona for Inktober instead. Ahhh.. my witch’s power is the ability to hold a vision of the moon in her hands summon familiars reminiscent of a certain Ikea toy line and generate plantlife at will!

ALSO also, I’m gonna try doing the 30 day art challenge at the same time lol. If I don’t hit all 30 by the end of Inktober I’ll extend it into Sketchavember.

I apologise if you’ve been seeing this post everywhere, it’s the first time I tried to crosspost my stuff on every social media account I have m(__)m


IKEA:  Soft Toys for Education

IKEA had thousands of young artists submit their best illustrations representing the plush toy of their dreams. They then selected 10 finalist and brought their ideas to life. The toys are now being sold as a limited-edition line in collaboration with Save the Children and UNICEF, so that $1 from each sold toy will be donated to promote children’s education projects.

Such a great idea.