blue-winged-dark-angel  asked:

Hey if your not busy, can you draw the gaming club president with or without his glasses? (thank you I'm one of your new followers)

He’s probably gonna be the cliché geek who only love his waifu and video games but I really want him to be a grumpy motherfuck.. he’s.. cute af.. 

Also, the shirt is from here  but i do too much hoodie so yeah

it’s rvb15. donut has omega n doc ofc has o'malley. o'malley is rambling abt rocket launchers n omegas yelling angrily, idk

then, in unison, donut n doc go “come on, omega/o'malley! stop being such a negative nancy!” 

everyone around them has a heart attack. theres two (four) of them now.

parts of grif that are canon organ donations from simmons: 

- “all the internal organs” 

- “some of the more disgusting external ones”

- the shoulder/the flank/spare rib/porterhouse/brisket/hocks/the gristle

- “the ass” “the naucy bits” “Prairie Oysters” 

- “Simmons’ stupid sweat glands” (implying All of his skin)