Inanimate Insanity Fan Fix I guess

Fan finished typing the last words onto the internet post he was making as he frowned slightly. He stared at the phone screen for a few seconds, the light coming from it illuminating his face in the dark night. He went to press the “post” button, but he soon found himself having his finger hover over it instead. His frown became deeper as he began to feel uneasy, although he had no idea why. Was it the words Paintbrush had said earlier? He was so unsure. As he kept thinking, his frown became more and more deeper, and he soon felt frustrated.

    “What are you going to do?! Write it on your blog?!”

    He soon slammed the button and it was quickly posted. “I guess I did.”  He thought. He didn’t know why he was outside, and up so late. It must’ve been at least midnight, he wasn’t to sure, and didn’t bother to check the time on his phone. Maybe it would be best for him to sit outside just a while longer…

    “Fan? Why are you up so late?” asked Test Tube from behind him. Fan flinched at the sudden voice that came from the scientist. Fan looked at her nervously, still frowning.

    “Oh, um, I guess I just couldn’t sleep.” he answered quickly. He seemed to have a lot on his mind. Test Tube walked over to fan and sat right next to him while frowning slightly.

    “Golly, Fan, it’s about one in the morning you know!” She exclaimed worriedly. She looked at Fan with worry on her face. Fan looked away from Test Tube now. He looked only somewhat tired.

    “If it’s so late, than why are you also up late?” asked Fan curiously. Test Tube looked nervous for a few seconds, then put her hand behind Fan’s back. Fan quickly looked surprised.

    “Nevermind that, you seem to have a lot on your mind! And as your friend, I feel that I should try to help you.” Test Tube smiled brightly as she said that, and Fan’s eyes widened in surprise as he heard her words. He looked at her for a few seconds. He hadn’t really felt that he had any friends here, and it was suddenly very comforting, the fact that he had someone he could trust on this show. He smiled softly.

    “That… really means a lot Test Tube, thanks.” said Fan with a slight voice crack. He didn’t know why in the world he was feeling so emotional, but he was. Test Tube’s eyebrows perked up quickly.

    “Oh! No problem,” She smiled goofily and happily,”Um, you can tell me what’s wrong, you look pretty upset.” she changed to frowning once again. Fan sighed.

“It’s just… I honestly hate how this show works! You have one flaw, and you’re voted off! I’m trying my best, I really am, but it just hurts, the fact that we could end up having something happen like last season. I wasn’t there for it, but I certainly watched it. And there’s Steve Cobs, and,” he let out a deep and shaky sigh, “There’s just so much pressure, you know? I just… I’m kind of used to people leaving me out I guess. I know most don’t really care about me, heck, Lightbulb doesn’t even remember my name, and you got really hurt in the last challenge and-” Fan was quickly interrupted by Test Tube hugging him. He stayed quiet in surprise until Test Tube brushed a finger under one of his eyes, which made him realize he had started to cry.

    “Sorry about that Test Tube-”

    “Why in the world are you apologizing?!” Test Tube looked at Fan worriedly,”I understand how stressful it can be, but I’ll always be here for you, okay?” Test Tube smiled softly at Fan. Fan looked at Test Tube for a while with his mouth in a small frown, but then smiled in relief. In fact he looked much happier and he felt relieved after letting that all out to someone he could trust.

When Death reached out its hand,
you should have cowered. When you felt the
flames of hell licking at your insides, you were not
supposed to draw closer to the fire.
I watched you disembowel the Earth, saw you pluck
flowers from your mother’s garden and gouge
your fingers into its open wounds,
trying to pry secrets out from the soil.
Everything green started to shrivel
and die when I entered the meadow, but you didn’t
flinch away; instead you kissed me voracious,
like I was something dark you’d tugged
out of reluctant soil.
I wanted your hands, still caked in dirt,
pressing into my naked back.
I thought you’d understand me. Both of us
wanting what we shouldn’t. I know your mother
must have warned you about gods like me.
Tell her I am not a selfish lover. Tell her how
I kneel at your altar and crush the berries
of your hips into wine. That I worship you.
That we spread each other open like flowers
blooming in the night. You wanted to see
what paradise looked like drenched in moonlight,
so I brought you home with me.
When you stood before the gates of hell,
all the beasts lowered their heads
and bowed at your feet.
Everything I have belongs to
you — my wife, my queen.
You are so much flesh and blood,
so much heaving, pulsing, breathing life.
You make the death in me tremble.
I am forever yours.
—  Anita Ofokansi,Hades”

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