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why was mark upset? if you dont mind answering

I think Mark is actually really hard on himself because as he’s always said, he had to learn everything from the beginning and from scratch, and never had any practise doing singing, rapping, dancing, or acting. The hardest thing about training for him was that he constantly compared himself to people who he felt were more talented than he was, especially in a company such as JYP which takes in hundreds of trainees from all different kinds of backgrounds. 

So you can tell from the video of GOT7 at the 2015 Dream Concert (x) that at 6:50, Mark takes his earpiece out angrily and JB pats him on the shoulder because he’s frustrated at how the performance turned out. This is because the background music has all of a sudden sped up, the mics are not working (this happened to JB as well) and he can’t keep up with the rap since his audio equipment isn’t even functioning properly. Mark honestly handled it very professionally, as did all of the boys, considering that there were many difficulties that they could not prevent. However, it was obvious that Mark felt s if he had let people down because he hadn’t been able to give his best performance, and because this in part mostly happened to him and not the other members. 

That rap is what represents Mark in the song - that’s his solo, his time to shine, where he gets to show how hard he’s worked and how many hours that he’s put into memorizing that rap, perfecting it, and performing it. And to have something that you can’t control stop you from doing your best - it’s frustrating because that affects not only you, but it also reflects the entire group. And so Mark, as always, took on that pressure by blaming himself and therefore you can tell that he got upset because he felt like he let his team and his fans down, even though he STILL remembered to wave to the fans at the end of the performance and tried to smile. 

I’m so thankful and happy that everyone in GOT7 is so supportive - JB patting him is the sweetest thing because everyone understood the difficulties of working with that equipment during that performance (not to mention that god-awful cameraman who didn’t even shoot Mark’s flips???? Especially the slow-motion one???) It makes me so happy to see the fans not blame them for their mistakes, but rather realize just how hard it was for them. I hope that everyone realizes that despite the fact that they’re trained to go on stage, things still happen, but GOT7 really works their hardest to put on the greatest performance that they can. And seeing how upset Mark was just shows us how sincere and passionate Mark is about his flipping, his rapping, and being an entertainer - something that he’d never even thought of becoming while he was just a regular high school student in LA. 

Let’s not stay angry about what happened at the concert. Instead, I see this event as evidence of how strong the brotherhood within GOT7 is, and how much Mark has grown as a member of the group. From a boy who didn’t know what he wanted to do while he was in high school, to someone who is so determined and hardworking and tries his best in everything, who blames himself the most whenever something bad occurs - I really hope this helps other people to see not just GOT7′s accidents during live performances, but how it’s not only their talents, but the way they approach their work and their fans, that make them truly, truly special and one of a kind.


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