Hmm what are these strange objects and lights that fly extremely fast and disappear in a blink of an eye above your head? Some are ET vehicles and some are concealed governments free energy technology reengineered from ET vehicles. They’re as real as the airplanes flying over your head and seen daily around the globe. Various types of ETs conduct various types of interactions with Earth with many different intentions. Many ETs exist on the same spectrum as angels or spirits and can easily manifest themselves and their ships here into the 3rd dimension so you are able to see them. ET ships do not have to be seen if they don’t want to be and reveal themselves to humanity in small doses. You just have to be lucky or also it could be just a means of just sharpening your perception and developing an easier way to view them by seeing past the 3rd dimensional boundaries. You can make contact yourself with these beings through meditation protocols ( CE-5 ) and get consciousness in a deep state of unbound mind. In that state it is possible to contact extraterrestrial life forms and to invite any benevolent ET to interact with you and view their craft. Or view ET vehicles through the process of morphic resonance just by being interested and thinking about seeing one for a period of time and you will see one, your consciousness will attract the event into being. The word UFO doesn’t exist anymore we have known for centuries what these are, these are IFOs. Identified Flying Objects. Get ready for things to change for the better real soon. Truth will always reveal itself and many great profound changes will occur as we transition into the golden age of Aquarius. May peace and wisdom blanket the Earth. Love and Light.

Learn some Gagana Samoa!

Let’s start with the days of the week.

  1. Aso Gafua (Monday)
  2. Aso Lua (Tuesday)
  3. Aso Lulu (Wednesday)
  4. Aso Tofi (Thursday)
  5. Aso Faraile (Friday)
  6. Aso To'ana'i (Saturday)
  7. Aso Sa (Sunday)

Moving on to the months of the year.

  1. Ianuari (January)
  2. Fepuari (February)
  3. Mati (March)
  4. Aperila (April)
  5. Me (May)
  6. Iuni (June)
  7. Iulai (July)
  8. Aukuso (August)
  9. Setema (September)
  10. Oketopa (October)
  11. Novema (November)
  12. Tesema (December) 

Common phrases/questions/slang.

  1. Talofa lava/Malo

  2. Oa mai oe?
    How are you?

  3. Oai lau suafa?
    What’s your name

  4. Fia ai?
    Are you hungry?

  5. E oso se kafaoga gagei?
    Is there an outing tonight?

  6. Afai e moni lau alofa mo au matua, ete toaga e fa'alogo ma usita'i.
    If your love for your parents is true and real, you will try to listen and obey them.

  7. To'aga i le lotu ma fai sau tatalo moe.
    Keep going to church and do your night prayers.

  8. Oute alofa ia te oe.
    I love you.

  9. E fia au tausaga?
    How old are you?

  10. O lea le pese gae eke fa'alogo iai?
    What song are you listening to?

  11. Aua le fiapoko oe, uailoa?
    Don’t be a know it all okay?

  12. O fea le gu'u eke sau mai ai?
    Which village are you from?

  13. Malo lava, o lea ouke alaku i lo'u feau ou koe sau ai.
    Hi there, I’m just going to do some errands then I’ll be back.

  14. Aua ge'i e kaukalaikiki ifo i au uso ma kuagage makua uailoa?
    Don’t be cheeky to your older sisters and brothers okay?

“She lived in Hagar-dhere camp, and I lived in Ifo camp. We met at a wedding in Ifo. A friend of her was getting married, and she was one of her bridesmaids. The groom was a close friend of mine, and I was his one of his ushers. The bridesmaids and ushers were working closely together to make sure that the wedding goes smoothly. When I saw her for the first time, I was mesmerised and blown away. I fell in love with her right there and then. The whole evening,  I couldn’t get my eyes off her, and I knew she liked me too. We got together and dated for a full year before getting married. I was a student whilst we were dating, and she was extremely patient with me. Being that loyal is quite rare nowadays. I waited for him because I was very much in love with him. He said he fell in love with my personality and religiosity. I fell in love with him for his generosity and his desire to do things. He’s incredibly ambitious. We have four beautiful daughters now, and we couldn’t be any more happier. Love’s essential to individual happiness. Don’t ever marry someone you don’t love. It never ends well.”

(Dadaab Refugee Camp)

“Waxay ku noolayd xerada Xagar-dheere, aniguna waxaan ku noolaa xerada Ifo. Waxaanu ku kulanay aroos ka dhacay xerada Ifo, gabar saxiibadeed ah baa la guursanayey.  Iyadu waxay ahayd mid ka mid ah malxiisadaha, wiilka caruuska ah wuxuu ahaa saaxiibkay aniguna waxaan kamid ahaa malxiisyada. Malxiisiinta iyo malxiisaduhu way wada shaqeenayeen inta arooska lagu jiro si loo hubiyo in waxkasta sidoodi u dhacaan ama u qabsoomaan. Markii igu horaysay ee aan arko xaaskayga markiiba waa ka helay, waan jeclaaday, kadib habeenkii arooska oo dhan iyada eegayey markasta indhahaygu dhankeeda ayey ku maqnayeen. Waan ogaa in iyaduna iga heshay, kadib waanu is baranay muddo sanad ah ayey nagu qaadatay in aanu go’aansano in aanu noqono lamaane nolosha wadaaga, kadib waanu is guursanay. Anigu waxaan ahaa arday wakhtigaa aanu xiriirka is barasho yeelanay, iyaduna way i samirtay wakhtigaas aan ardayga ahaa. Dacadnimadaas waa mid  aad  u yar in la arko maalmahan. Waan u samray isaga, sababto ah aad baan u jeclaa, wuxuu igu yiri waxaan kugu jeclaaday shakhsiyadaada iyo sida aad diinta ugu dhaqanto. Anigana waxaan ku jeclaaday deeqsinimadiisa iyo dookhiisa. Waa nin han iyo hami leh, waxaanu hada haysana afar hablood aad u qurux badan, farxad naga maqan majirto. Jacaylku waa muhiim waana lagama marmaan, weligaa ha guursan qof aadan jeclayn, hadii kale guurkaagu ma noqonayo mid sii raaga.”

(Xerada Qaxootiga ee Dhadhaab)


My friends and I subtitled the Chain Chronicle OVA. Sorry if there are any mistakes, our translators mostly translated from the Chinese subs.

UFO or IFO? The U.S. Miltary’s Flying Saucer for #UFODay:

This Identified Flying Object is the U.S. Military’s “Avrocar,” an experimental flying saucer conceived in the 1950s.  The Avrocar was initially intended to be a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft that could travel at speeds of up to Mach 4. During the Cold War, traditional airport runways were seen as easy targets for an attack. With a fleet of VTOL aircraft, the United States could build underground airports, protected from Soviet bombers. The Avrocar would ascend through a shaft and then zip away at supersonic speeds.

The Avrocar’s disc shape and ability to hover bring to mind the flying saucers that we associate with extraterrestrial sources, but the project never really got off the ground–both figuratively and literally.

More about the Avrocar at Media Matters » Avrocar: The U.S. Military’s Flying Saucer


From the series: Moving Images Relating to Military Aviation Activities, 1947 - 1984