"Rentenalter muss steigen, um Flüchtlinge zu ernähren"
Die Deutschen sollen nach Meinung von ifo-Präsident Hans-Werner Sinn länger arbeiten, um die Kosten der Flüchtlingsintegration stemmen zu können. Auch der Mindestlohn müsse abgeschafft werden.

The president of the IFO-institute claims that Germans need to retire later in order to feed asylum seekers. Furthermore, he insists that the minimum wage needs to be scrapped, so that they can find work.

In other words, he expects Germans to retire even later and to lose their jobs to foreigners who will work for much less. He might as well start burning the German flag while he’s at it, because his suggestions boil down to making life much worse for as many Germans as possible in order to accomodate immigrants.

Interesting how, in the light of this, it’s becoming evident how many of our elites sincerely do hate Germany and the German people, and who still has the courage to resist this madness.

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