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you make me happy when skies are grey
you’ll never know dear, how much I love you
please don’t take my sunshine away

“I am afraid I will never forgive myself for leaving you here.”
“You told me once that life is precious and you wanted more from it than I could offer you. Don’t give up on that. The only way I’m going to survive this is if I know that you’re out there living your life, happy.”


Arthur: “Ah, w-well…Madam, I beg you forgive me and know that I find you to be a lovely lady. However, I feel as though I woke up in another person’s body and this isn’t my life at all (especially considering the child in your belly is suppose to be partially my fault).

Do you happen to know any way to fix this? Or at least what’s going on?”

Amelia: “It’s alright and I think I understand. I’ve had some time to think about this and believe I know what to do…”

Amelia: *Kiss*

Arthur: “—!”


Alfred: “…Arthur?”

Arthur: O__O “…Alfred?”

Alfred: *squints hard* “So…are you like…magic-using Arthur again?”

Arthur: *GASPS* “Dear gods! Quickly, fetch me something to set on fire!”

Alfred: 8′D “It is you! Artie!” *More than satisfied and HUGS TIGHTLY*

Arthur: *Blushes and smiles, gratefully hugging back and happy to be home*

Six months ago, on this day, I remember falling asleep at 4 PM with the aching feeling of nothing ever being the same again. We had fought before, but nothing like this. We knew it was bad, but not this bad. And when I said “I don’t understand,” I never meant I didn’t understand you. I’ll never forgive myself for making you feel so alone.

Six months ago, on this day, I fell asleep to you telling me you loved me and forgave me. I knew it was a lie and I felt awful; still I fell asleep with the thought of it being okay. I shouldn’t have fallen asleep – I should have stayed up and worked this out with you.

Six months ago, on this day, you changed your mind. I don’t know at what time it was when you changed your mind about me, and I wonder where you were when you decided you couldn’t be with me anymore.

—  04/30/15 (s.s)

Hoot me?

im sorry for my "worst of" posts.

i hate the fact that i am not good looking enough to be gyaru but shooting down other gals won’t make me any prettier. and having people make fun of me made me realize how hurtful it is. so again, i apologize and will try my best to lift gals up rather than knock them down. i hope i can gain some of my followers back. and i want to tell all the gals i hurt that i am sorry and i was just jealous. i am jealous that you have the courage to try make and i don’t. i hope you all can forgive me.

i will not be making another one of those posts again. -bows- gomen.

               what do you know about life?

many encounters left her feeling a different way. each time she was rather angry, but at the same time, so aroused - if that’s what she had been feeling. she got off on the fact he would wish to strangle her, that he would hurt her as much as he could to get his point across.

that idea of being harmed by him, it was pleasurable.

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“During counselor free time today I went out on the lake with a kayak and I nearly tipped it because some bug flew right into my face and I lost balance. I mean, I caught myself, but dang. I should be used to this by now, and I by no means am complaining, I’m just laughing at myself for getting so spooked. I took the narrow path towards the river for once, which I know we don’t let campers back there usually but I just wanted to check it out. I felt like I could have been on one of those Amazon Rain Forest shows or whatever? With that Steve guy? The one that died by the stingray. Bless his heart, may he rest in peace. –I mean, not bless his heart. Is that distasteful because of what– Nevermind. Anyway, I highly recommend you do it at some point. Go back there, if you can. Campers I’m not condoning it. Get permission from your counselors first and what not. I’m sorry, hi. I didn’t even ask how you were doing? How are you doing? Has your day been good?”