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I like the idea of sans and Chara randomly finding something they both love on accident and just looking/leering at eachother with equal parts surprise, suspision and disgust in having something in common

I just, love imagining all the struggles the two of them are going to go through the first couple years of their newfound friendship

with Sans feeling like he’s maybe being kind of shitty, choosing to believe that Chara really is different from their demon self, despite having no concrete evidence

and Chara knowing full well that things are never going to be back to the way they were when they had a one-sided friendship with Sans through Frisk, yet still not being fully able to let go of the hope that maybe he could still become a real friend in some capacity someday

Just imagine the two of them finding out that the other likes a tv show that no one else in their friend-family does, or Chara wanting to learn something about a specific field of science that none of the other adults know anything about aside from Sans

I bet the two of them actually have a ton of things in common and it never fails to be super distressing for both of them, even though it may or may not also be a little healing to know that your once-enemy is a lot more like yourself than you previously thought.

Tumblr Volleyfamily Awards!

So here we are for the first tumblr Volleyfamily Awards!

Let’s give everyone a prize they’ll never get irl!

How does it works?

It’s simple: Starting from today till the first half of November (21st October -15th November) you’ll submit your faves teams/players as many time as you want for each category.
You don’t have any limits, it’s just to choose the nominees for the awards.
On the second half (16th-30th November) the real voting starts! The five players/teams with the most nominations will be ready to be chosen for the award!

If I want another award that’s not here?

I put them randomly, following the 30 days of volley challenge and a few one I made up.
You can submit them in the form (see below) and we’ll consider it!

Can I help?

It would be awesome, like really! I know evreyone is excited about that and even if it was my fault idea I just talked about that with Eloise @simxnegiannelli) but of course everyone should collaborate!
I was thinking about the fact maybe someone could work on the “award” (like I dunno, be ready to make an edit or something like that…
I’m just thinking it would be awesome to give also them irl but it’s impossible and i know that

But let’s get real, give us the links!

Okay that’s just a raw one to choose the nominations, maybe we’ll change it or add another one in the future…


that’s the link for it, get ready to vote!

If you have any other questions feel free to ask them!




You can choose who to play as
You can name them
Gavin Routh is that one guy from Rules of Engagement
The “old” Gavin actually is kinda nice
And you can’t save your character… unlike before.

Every inch of his body was tingling, electricity and anticipation coursing through every vein as readied himself for this. Only when he was satisfied that he was well coated, did he position himself. Lightly, he ran his hands along the other’s inner thighs ad whispered in his ear, “No one’s gonna hear you.” The city raced on around them, no one was able to hear the two of them in the dark alley. “I get to do whatever I want with you.”

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Did you buy an ISBN for Eve? You don't have to answer if you've already made a vlog about this topic which I'll check on but I wanted to know your personal opinion on them. Do you think they're worth it even when you're on a budget? I heard you can get a free one but the recommended is for authors who choose to publish once. I did some research and I learned that you need one for an eBook and one for the physical copy of the book(?) Is this true?

Createspace gives you the first ISBN for free. 

Not only are they worth it, they’re necessary - at least if you want to be able to sell your book on Amazon, or in a bookstore, or have it available in a library. 

Yes, you need one for the paperback and another for the ebook, though if you plan to have your ebook exclusive to Amazon, Amazon will provide you its own version of an ISBN number. 

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I'm curious in the Guardian series, when you say partners are one male one female, how do trans folk fit into that? Could you have a partnership of a girl and a trans boy, or girl and trans girl?

y’know I wondered if someone was ever going to ask me that.

To be honest, I haven’t given it much thought, simply because it’s not relevant to the main story line. I suppose it’s not too much of a stretch at all to assume at least one trans person was chosen at some point. We now know that kwami choose people by looking at their souls, which tell a lot about who they are. Physical bodies don’t matter until the selection has been narrowed down to a few potential candidates and even then, they only look just to confirm that the potential host has no physical disability that would hinder them. (Missing limbs, illness, physical handicaps, blindness, or deafness–since all of these would hinder them in survival situations.)

Also, keep in mind, kwami are technically asexual (in both senses of the word) and each made the choice of whether they wanted to be feminine or masculine when their bodies were created, but only to make themselves more “of” this world and so their hosts would be able to relate to them. They chose their genders.

So, that being said, I think the kwami would defer to what the person identified with over anything else. The first kwami to choose a trans person might have been a little confused at first but they doubtlessly would’ve been like “aight cool” after getting an explanation.

Okay a part I had to watch twice in disbelief was this part (and I shall commentate):

Okay, normal. He’s either gonna get rejected or pounced on (most likely the former).


Ford?! This little awkward nerd owl who’s last known flirtation ended with punch all over him? Dr. Stanford Filbrick “I’m married to science” Pines is actually trying to pull the moves on this lady?

Are they making separate attempts trying to win her favor one way or the other or are they trying to pull a “double the trouble” deal? Did they make a bet on what her favorite flower was?

Will she accept?! Which one would win the bet?

Nope. She’s done. They will never know her favorite flower.

Yup, there they go. Blaming each other for the failure. Should’ve just asked what her favorite flower was instead of making her choose out of those two. She knows you picked them in the middle of the park. Probably gonna attract bees. You two are gonna get attacked by bees because of-


Sooooo…. Westallen makin’ out on the couch…

They got the candles going. Barry’s shirt is untucked. They’re HORIZONTAL. That’s all amazing, and I am excited.


Am I the only one not incredibly happy with the fact that their possible first time is on Joe’s couch (which @ohmygettingcrazy has pretty much proven is their location)? I’m just nervous because, god damn it, I don’t want them interrupted. Why wouldn’t they choose to do this at Iris’ apartment where no one can just waltz in at any moment? They have went on two dates and BOTH were interrupted. You wanna try this with your luck so far? And I could hardly see Iris or Barry going up to Joe and Wally saying “Stay away from the house for a few hours unless you want to get an eyeful, k?”

It’s not like I am saying they can never have sex there. I just don’t like it as a roadblock for their first time. Because you just know the writers are gonna go there.

Honestly, though, I should just be happy with the direction this is going. Even if they are interrupted, they’re at that point now. They can just pick it back up somewhere else.

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“God Seven, the mission was a success. I sneaked in and acquired the white fluff ball of fluff known as Elly.” She holds the cat in her arm with a smile. “But the real question is: What do you really want? These remarkable delicious Honey Buddha Chips?” She holds a bag of them up. “The softest fluff ball in existence, Elly?” Elly reacts to it with a soft meow. “Or…me?” By now her cheeks had turned a soft red tinge. (Please tumblr get this one over. This is the 5th time on this one)

*he let out a gasp and frowned, thinking for a moment before taking Elly and placing her on the floor, then pulling you into a kiss*

“You, my love. I will always choose you”

im gonna kick myself in the fucking face if i hear one more time that “you can’t be this character because she’s a girl and u use he/him!!!” (vice versa) how about… get over it because:
1. i’m gonna id with/ be my fucking self, whether u got damn like it or not
2. stop being a dick

people don’t just go “hey look i like this character a lot .. lol gonna id with them even tho blah blah bla”

you can’t choose who you’re kin with or who you id with. its based on a sort of, personal connection, that sometimes only you will understand. and that’s completely fine if no one else gets it, but it doesn’t mean they have to fucking bash on you
if you have an opinion like that. how about dont be a dick and mention it to the person just to upset them..
if you don’t agree with me on a personal matter then how about, don’t tell me your opinion, i didnt ask and its just going to be negative anyway!!

stop bashing on good people that are just being themselves.
for crying out loud just stop causing conflict when it could matter less to you.. just keep your opinions to yourself if youre gonna be like that, my god..

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Your art looks really good, I would love to see your version of the cabin crew or of your favourite character. Which of the episodes do you like the most?

Thank you! You’re very kind! I’m actually working on them right now, I hope I’ll be able to submit something soon! :)
Well, this is a tricky question. Since I listened from Abu Dhabi to Zurich all in one session it is difficult to focus on one episode in particular, but if I have to pick one out of the loades I loved it would probably Ottery St Mary. Or Johannesburg. Or Fitton. Or… geez, it’s difficult to choose! xD

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13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 30

13) what ninjas would you want as your teammates : i guess  i only get to pick 2 huh? i’d probably want lee and temari; a good balance of fighting styles and personality. plus i love them. 

14) which opening is your favorite : 

part 1 - it’s a tie between sadness into kindness and seishun kyosokyoku 

shippuden - it’s really hard to choose because there’s 19 but possibly the 3rd one and the 9th one and the 14th one (which i think is visually the most gorgeous)

15) which closing is your favorite

part 1 - ending 12

part 2 - uh there’s so many let’s make this quick and just say ending 1 because SENTIMENTALITY (i linked to the full song because i’s just so good; i used to listen to it all the time)

18) favorite character : gaara and naruto 

19) least favorite character :
danzo, he doesn’t even have a sympathetic backstory he’s just the worst 

30) otp : we all know it’s narugaa

11 Questions

Tagged by the lovely @bts-studyblr

1. Favorite song atm?

This is probably one of the hardest questions you asked me considering that there have been many comebacks and many songs that I am currently obsessed with T-T BUT if I had to choose, probably Am I Wrong - BTS

2. Favorite book of all time?

The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls

3. Any pets?

I have a Pomeranian named Ginger and a robo hamster named Cheerio

4. How many languages do you know? What are they?

I only know English, some Spanish if I’m forced to, and I’m currently learning Korean.

5. Favorite quote?

I have a lot, but I never remember them. My favorite recently is “Do no harm, but take no shit.”

6. Last concert you went to?

EXO!!!!! I am going to CL on the 31st of October and I’m so excited.

7. Where are you from?

Seattle, Washington, USA

8. top 5 tv shows?

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, Empire, anything on food network. I don’t watch a lot of tv shows anymore, mostly dramas.

9. Favorite weather?

Stormy and rainy weather ( can you tell I’m from Seattle? )

10. Write a haiku

With this new comeback

Bangtan be spittin’ fire

Softly killing me

(I’m not trash????)

11. How was your day today? Talk about it.

My day so far is really uneventful. It’s really the same everyday. Work, take a nap, eat, tumblr, back to work, come home, back on tumblr. It’s a vicious cycle. I really need to do more with my life.

My Questions:

What is your favorite comfort food?

If you could have one animal as a pet, what would it be?

Where do you think you’ll be in 5 years?

Who is your ultimate OTP?

Dream career?

Where do you want to live for the rest of your life?

Favorite dessert?

Someone you wish to give a compliment to?

Are you type A or type B personality?

Play any sports?

Tell me a secret.

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If you wanna~!

Agents of SHIELD 4x04 tag meme

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Thanks dears!


Fave quote: All of them. This episode was full of awesome quotes. 

“Agent May says you can shove your tests up your ass.”

“I prefer classical beauty myself.”

“Those are strange words to use about a person.”

“Nailed it!”

Everything. Just everything.

Funniest moment: (actually puppy dog) Fitz, in general. Him getting exasperated at Radcliffe, and then “She’s from Canada” with May, and then the arms thing with Coulson, and then with Jemma “You do know she’s an android”

But when I found out James worked at a firework store I lost it.

And AIDA’s “Most of me is from China, actually.”

Best brotp: Bioquake!!!!!!!!! I loved seeing them together again. And the quotes were perfect. A sampling:

 “You always had a thing for breakfast nooks.” 

“I’m the boss.”

“Don’t I get an A for effort?”

“We’re in this together now. So suck it up.”

MayDA was awesome too, and hilarious, Coulson/Mack was perfect as usual, and Fitz and Radcliffe killed me, but Bioquake was perfect and sweet.

Biggest punch in the feels: Daisy saying “She doesn’t understand what it’s like to change. To lose everything” I died. Because of course Jemma understands that (see Maveth, s2) and it really struck me how different they’ve become from the carefree hacker and the peppy scientist they were in season one. I just…. feels.

Biggest OMG moment: the opening scene. It is not okay to give me Fitzsimmons saying “I love you” and Daisy being hurt, and then Bioquake brotp being adorable, and then buskids feels all at once that is not okay. I nearly combusted.

Tagging @bigfunnywords @delicatelyglitteryperson @the-nerdy-stjarna @spookyfitz @kona-kathryn @lovelornrocketscientist but you guys are all lovely and probably did this already. Apologies for double tagging

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How would Vell handle a situation where he /has/ to choose someone within his household to die and stay dead

Probably not very well. I mean you’re saying he chooses someone to die right? That would fuck him up. He’d probably wait for one of his less long term residents, Adam or Darnel, to make some kind of mistake so that he could try to justify to himself. 

If someone was dying and did not wish to be resurrected he could.. pretty quickly come to terms with that and let them go. 


make me choose:
padfoot-s asked: Merlin annoying Arthur or and Arthur annoying Merlin.