IERG Panel Discusses Boston and Global Green Initiatives 

Boston MA, April 27, 2011– International Executive Resources Group (IERG) hosted a panel, on Monday, April 25, for one of the hottest topics in the global business world–International Sustainability Initiatives–to discuss the different ways various entities, at the city, state or global levels, have tackled sustainability challenges and initiatives. Currently available resources and favored directions and business opportunities on the horizon were explored. 

Moderated by Shruthi Rao, Sustainability Consultant to the Boston Globe with speakers Jim Hunt, Chief of Environment and Energy Service at the City of Boston, and Dave McGlinchey, Senior Program Leader for Energy & Environment at the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences, the successful night ended with lively discussions on sustainability initiatives and an opportunity to network with others enthusiastic about the topic. 

 “This is the first IERG event I have attended, and I was fortunate enough to moderate a panel on a topic I am really passionate about,” said Shruthi Rao. “It’s great to see a group of both local and international executives coming together to discuss the range of sustainability initiatives starting from green building, CleanTech to climate change adaptation. Forums and events like these spread awareness and motivate people to take action.”

The panel looked at Boston’s green initiatives and its selection as number three among the top 10 CleanTech cities around the world by Green Chip Stocks. Noting that “the secret sauce for Boston is innovations,” Jim Hunt also expressed that while Boston has made great headway on building efficiency to reduce emissions, the next big area the city needs to focus on is its transportation, lhence to the launch of innovative programs such as the Boston Bike Share program. 

The panel carried on to discuss some current international sustainability movements that Boston and private sectors in the area can use as examples. Dave McGlinchey mentioned that predictability of government incentives and regulations is key to further success. McGlinchey also described the need for impartial scientific organizations to advance contentious debates over climate change and energy.

The panel also explored climate change mitigation, which refers to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change adaptation, which is the preparation for the effects of climate change.

“This is an important aspect of sustainability that is often overlooked by many companies,” said Rao, who opined that companies should focus on innovative ideas for market opportunities that center around building resiliency to climate change impacts.

In closing, Diego Tebaldi, president of IERG Boston, said, “The IERG is a group of senior executives with substantial international experience and where the green sustainability agenda ranks always high in importance. Hence, tonight was an excellent meeting for promoting an effective dialogue.” 



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