Important notice

Okay, but away from all this debating I’m having…. I wanna try this out in the online public now since I’m still not out to everyone in my social life. I’ve said this myself several times now and I’m rather confidant and comfortable with it all, but like I said I wanna try it online publicly to see how it feels coming from others.

Anyway, my name is Maxwell “Maxy” Lee and I’m a guy. Male pronouns please and thank you!!

i just need to address this because i said i would, regarding the ask i got about not caring about muslims when i posted about the murders of my friends’ dad and his friends for being christians.

obviously, i would care if it were muslims being killed instead of christians. my support for my friends’ family does not mean that i hate muslims or can only support christians henceforth and forevermore. if you haven’t been around long enough to not see me getting angry over islamophobia in america or american christians’ support of zionism, don’t accuse me of something i haven’t done. 

also, i never wanted to make it look like muslims are the enemy, because they’re not. i lived in a muslim country, i know firsthand that the great majority of them are amazing and dedicated to their faith, and i would never try to intentionally put them in a bad light.

the reason i’ve recently been focusing on persecuted christian groups more than i used to is because tumblr willfully ignores their existence, citing christianity as inherently oppressive, which i find infuriating. i stand with hurting religious, ethnic, and other marginalized groups all over the globe.