Scilla concept, 2017 (2030). A collaboration between students from the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Turin, with Pininfarina and the editors of Quattroruote magazine to create a vision of a car from 2030. The Scilla seats 2 in tandem and has semi-autonomous capabilities. Each wheel is designed to house an individual electric motor

so i’ve noticed that literally NO ONE talks about intermitten explosive disorder and it makes me pretty uncomfortable and sad because imo if anyone needs support its explosive people
i don’t think its fair to ignore an entire mental illness no matter how unsavory it seems
ied has a very high rate of self harm, property damage, and verbal abuse
ied can incorperate physical assault
if you’ve never dealt with serious anger issues you will never understand what it’s like to lose control like that, you will never know what it’s like to want to destroy everything in an entire room just because you can’t tie your shoe correctly, you’ll never understand what it’s like to choke someone over not getting to use the bathroom first
people refuse to offer support to ieds who want therapy and want medication and want balance in their lives and thats not fair because it’s just as out of their control as your anxiety or depression
do you think anyone WANTS to live like that? you think anyone wants to blow up at the tiniest, stupidest things? you think anyone really wants to destroy entire friendships over one poorly worded sentence or misconstrued gesture?
love people who can’t love themselves
help people who break the bones of the hands that hold theirs
everyone needs help sometimes, please be patient with everyone and especially those who are typically shunned, ignored, and more often than not demonized


What a difference 65 years makes Alternating pics of Cisitalia 202, 1947, by Pininfarina and Cisitalia 202 E, 2012, by IED. Pininfarina’s Cisitalia 202 is considered to be the first car of the modern era because it was one of the first production cars to have fully integrated fenders. Using many Fiat parts, 170 202s were made between 1947 and 1952. In 2012 the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan decided to create a contemporary version of the Cisitalia 202 where E stands for evolution 

How come whenever I’m looking at a website about mood (anger specifically) disorders and I look at the “if you need help” page, it always lists help for people being hurt by others with anger problems rather than the people actually with the anger issues?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, they absolutely should list the “help with abuse” information, it would just be really nice to also see some concern for the other party aka the ones visiting your pages for information on their disorders


Intermittent Explosive Disorder

I’m a trigger. One wrong word and I’ll explode. Explode all over you. Destroy everything in my path until my knuckles bleed and my skin burns. There’s a fire in my gut, just waiting to let go. Waiting for it to take over my mind and race through my veins.
I feel powerless. I need to punch and kick, prove I’m not weak. So I do. I destroy my belongings, my home. Nothing seems enough so I keep going. Picking up and throwing, stomping, punching, kicking, scratching at my skin until my skin is bright red, smashing… destroying. Only stopping when the tears escape my eyes and I fall into a ball on the floor. My breathing rapid as it escapes. I’m shaking, pulling my arms and legs close to keep them from the biting coldness of reality. I feel like death, I feel empty. Like if I stay here no one will notice, no one will care. My fingers claw through my hair. Part of me wants to let go, thrash around and fight the other half wants out, just to be normal, not to take these pills and not to feel like I could kill. Nothing seems to work but eventually I stop. My breathing is slow and my heart beating loud in my chest but steady. I want to change, but this is the reality, this is my life. My life with IED.


One weird trick for defeating armoured vehicles

This type of device has been used by activists around the world, and occasionally shows up in Derry or Belfast. It consists of a section of metal pipe holding an explosive charge, over which is placed (and clamped into place) a steel or copper parabolic disc. Note that it’s not very deeply indented; just a bowl shape rather than a cone or ogive (which is a cone with a curved profile).

When the explosive is set off, it propels the disk forward and stretches it into a sort of arrow or warhead that can travel some distance, and can penetrate about the radius of the original disk or a little more, into steel armour. Some people calle it an ‘explosively formed projectile (EFP)’ or just a platter charge.

this particular design won’t work so well with gunpowder or anfo type explosives (someone tried last winter); it needs something that works faster, like semtex or gelignite.