Teen Wolf Hitlist (so far)

It’s in order of how much one’s worth from high to low.

Bold names = characters we know
Red = dead


  • Names that aren’t on the list (yet): Malia, Peter, Liam and Meredith

  • Will the druids (Deaton & Morrell) be on the list? Maybe, but will have to wait and see..

  • Scott still is “The hot girl” with 25M behind his name (It’s not really fun to be the hot girl in Beacon Hills now is it ^^)

  • Jordan Parrish is on the list with 5M, so what is he exactly?

  • The keys to crack the codes were ‘Allison’ and 'Aiden’, who were both close to Lydia and both were killed. Allison was a hunter and Aiden a werewolf. Is this relevant or coincidence? And what will the third code be, if there is a pattern? 

  • The last part of the list has names with a worth of 21.750.000, so who will be on it?

  • Some people asked why Stiles isn’t on the list.. Stiles is human and it’s a list of supernatural creatures, so of course he’s not on it. They can’t blame Stiles for what the nogitsune (that evil son of a b*tch) did.That doesn’t mean he’s not in danger! He’s friends with the 'Most Wanted’ so he still needs to watch out, 'cause the killers will do about anything to finish the job!

  • Last, but not least.. Who is 'The Benefactor’? I’ve seen so many different opinions about this.. Is it another supernatural creature? (that’d be hypocritical) or is it a hunter with a grudge against the supernatural and BH? (like grandpa Argent) Or is it someone entirely different?