• Lacy: so umm i'm having problems with a guy...
  • Piper: Like his dead body won't fit in a bag kind of problems
  • Annabeth: or you like him kind of problems???

So I drew Kylo with a baby carrier a while ago and @thedarksideoftheslash added a realistic scenario where Kylo goes on a mission with the baby so this is the result. 

And– a few more all inspired by the awesome tumblr ppl’s suggestions.

Based on @wthawd‘s idea where kids coming to Hux on the bridge late in the evening asking for a fairy tale.

Andddd @elviscl suggested shoes/clothing shopping because kids need new shoes and clothes so often and somehow that inspired me to draw Hux knitting.

Finally, the babies have names thanks to @longstoryshortikilledhim. The boy is Archibald Hux and the girl is Valentine Ren :DDD