I’m blaming @hopeymchope for this one. I can’t and WILL NEVER get over the one shot you wrote me based about my headcanon. I cannot thank you enough ahhhhh!!

So here, have this!

Remington (my OC)


[Part 2/3] Continuation of the Reiner x Geek!Connie au (x)

Still can’t believe that I actually did part 2 and it’s not even finished. Part 3 is still in a VERY slow process. Haha. ha. 

I LOVE YOU GUYS! -Idk what to draw anymore so have some shitty sketched Swapcest-

     as of late, i’ve been feeling quite disengaged with most of what i owe.

mainly things that haven’t been plotted out / talked about in depth can’t seem to muster motivation in me because i like having something to write towards. i’m thinking about dropping some threads so i have the headspace to start some fresh interactions, which doesn’t mean i don’t want to write with the people i’ve been writing with anymore, just that some new and original threads would be great !

So my parents and my Uncle were talking about what they would do when I finally got a serious boyfriend and they were joking about having a son is easier because there’s this big process a girl has to go through when she brings a boy home. And I just started laughing inside because well yes, I am bisexual but I just finished crushing over this girl like ten minutes ago so I have no attention for guys in my head at the moment and I guess I said something out loud like “Well you don’t have to worry about me bringing home some random guy since I’d much rather bring home that girl over there” and the only person who heard me was my aunt and she just looked me straight in the eye before laughing and that was the story of how my aunt and I shared this big inside joke about my sexuality through out dinner whoops


I may or may not have turned 5sos into powerpuff guys