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“I’m sorry Eijun…”

I was just slapping colors like a boss but then it struck me. Yea why don’t we make another AU??? I mean, I don’t even know where this is going, but this just has so much potential and maybe you want to pitch in your ideas as well and let this AU budding in our minds~ well it’s certainly going to haunt my mind so…. hahaha

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anonymous asked:

What do you think miyuki, furuya, tetsu, kominato bros, eijun and tetsu's s/o do that'll unintentionally make them really embarrassed? How will the boys react when they're flustered? I love your blog so much keep up the good work <3

such a cute and innocent ask  (◡‿◡✿) unlike admin (i added nori because of reasons)

Tetsu: Back hugs. Tetsu melts from those and they are always able to calm his usual serious composure. Especailly when they are unexpected and out of nowhere or in front of his teammates. He tries to stay calm when his s/o’s arms are wrapped around his waist but he always ends up blushing and literally melting in their arms. “______..” He’s surprised by their action and might turn around as his s/o is just smiling at him. “Hey, Tetsu!”

Ryosuke: It’s a bit difficult to make him all flustered but one that that might make him really embarrassed is how his s/o pats his head. They do it sometimes without realizing it and Ryosuke is just a mess. He does get a little angry but he can’t stay mad forever and in the end is really embarrassed hat they do that to him. It adds more embarrassment if his s/o is taller than him. “D-don’t do that..” He quietly says as they catch them self and pulls their hand away. “Ah! Sorry Ryosuke!” They apologize but chuckle at his cheek that are growing pink.

Miyuki: Whenever Miyuki’s s/o spills their feelings to him, and he just knows when that is, he feels really warm inside and grows really red. He feels bad that whenever his s/o tells him about what they like about him, he doesn’t really share much. But he always loves hearing them talk about him. When they pinpoint things even he doesn’t notice, his interest in them just goes up because of how much they seem to care for him. Miyuki can’t help but feel all flustered because of it all. He usually just sits quietly there and looks away, hoping that they won’t really notice him but they do.

Sawamura: As much as Sawamura loves to proclaim his own successes, hearing them be agreed upon can make him blush. “I’m going to become the ace!!” He would yell and his s/o cheers him on next to him. When he hears this, the blood rushes and he looks at them. “Wh-what!?” It’s as if he didn’t even just say it himself. “Eijun..” They laugh. “You said you were going to be the ace. I’m just agreeing with you!” They poke him and he’s already really red on the cheeks. He never really thought anyone would agree or even support him like that so he’s really happy to hear it but also really embarrassed. He especially gets nervous when they’re around a lot more people.

Haruichi: Even a kiss on the cheek would turn this boy a darker shade of pink than the pink that coats his hair. The words out of his mouth wouldn’t come out right as he tried to call out their name and ask them what the kiss was even for but his s/o would just laugh at Haruichi. “You don’t have to be so shy, Haruichi..” They teased him. “B-b-but..” He wanted to just cover his face and run away.

Furuya: When his s/o intensely stares at Furuya, he blinks nervously and then he’ll begin to get all red. He loves their attention but with so much on him, he just can’t handle it. He can’t take the long stares from his s/o and when they smile at him too, it kills him. “Furuya..” They might call out, not breaking eye contact. He would be looking away and trying to glance somewhere else. What really tops it all off, is when his s/o reaches for his cheek and he could just melt from their touch.

Bonus character:

Kawakami: He doesn’t know why but he gets really flustered when his s/o sings him song lyrics and dedicates them to him. Well actually, of course he would get all shy. They might occasionally do it out of the blue and he would just freeze up and look at them with pink cheeks. Kawakami is just speechless because he doesn’t know how to react but by blushing and wanting to hide his face away.