it’s okay to have different writing styles for different threads!! i know i’ve seen many people that struggle with writing one specific type of way, but remember that it’s extremely difficult to keep your words consistent with your thought process. sometimes we adapt to what we’re currently writing ( and who we’re writing with ), and writing can often develop, change, or fluctuate! i know for me personally, my writing gets more flowery during thought-based threads, but becomes more simplistic during action-based threads, or threads with heavy dialogue. and i know that people really fight to keep everything the same, or make their words sound perfectly like their own, but it’s okay to let your writing evolve and adapt to the different situations and rp partners!

have you ever finished a book or show and just had the strongest longing to be a part of that universe, where you have special abilities like them and friendships like them, and sure life is hard there but you know you’re special, you’re valuable, and that everything will be okay in the end

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Hey, you know where can I read the character descriptions of exo's paper toys?

hi, i saw it on the photos of the banners fans took like these:

Yixing- “Being quite sensitive he breaks into tears even after seeing the falling leaves. for he is quite fond of animals and plants, he is often found talking to animals and flowers”  he breaks into tears after seeing the falling leaves ksjdfhkasjdhflkajs zyx is sm’s renowned gardenere or something =))

Baekhyun- “This manly guy having no patience with injustice is quite proud of his job as a cop. But the deep secret is that he is afraid of the dark and ghosts and usually stays home at night!”

Sehun- ”He is a skillful pilot and he is a cool guy who loves to travel  around the world! He enjoys sitting on the cloud and meditate from time to time!”

Chanyeol- “ He is a free spirit who loves to wander around , and he enjoys BBQ and campfire. Anyone who wants to join him is welcomed!”

Kyungsoo- “He is  good with his hands and loves working on something alone in a quiet place. He is having trouble adjusting his strength while he got the hang of handling of his power”   good with hands :-)

Jongdae- “He can freely handle electricity and dreams of building a ‘Pretty Boy Robot’ that perfectly resembles him. He is excited with the thought of chatting with the robot all night long” what even

Minseok- “It is his power that lets him sell ice creams in the middle of summer! Rumors say that he eats his ice creams more than he sells…”

Junmyeon- “He has the deep secret that he cannot swim! Cute guy, but scared to even get near the sea without the rubber ring.”

Jongin- “He usually acts secretively. He always takes his dog to everywhere and has the habit of collecting something secretively. He has a glitch that he does not have the sense of direction! Perhaps it’s rather his dog takes him not him taking his dog.” im crying

I could’t find fantaken photo of tao’s banner that has the description. 

Tao- “He is developing a ‘Time Machine’ using his power for those who remember the happy moments. He often has troubles after he fails to adjust time” do you see my tears??

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Glad to see you making an edit again! I missed seeing good edits on my dash so much, do you know any good ppl who make edits or even graphics besides you? (^_^)

thank you very much! thats nice to hear, and yes, I’ve been kind of gone the last couple of weeks. unfortunately tumblr has kind of lost its appeal to me, but I’ll still be queueing and answering questions in the future
but to answer your question: halloawhatisthis, reichebach and sallydonovan are my definite favourites. they make the best edits and graphics, believe me

All right, but like, can we just talk about:

  • Hotch and Reid being insecure about their work personas and always double-checking with everyone to make sure they’re not showing some form of favoritism
  • Hotch and Reid offering to room separately to make things less awkward for everyone
  • and then when they do end up rooming together, they literally only end up cuddling because they’re too sleepy to do much else, and really, they just want the comfort of holding and being held tbh
  • Hotch getting irritated with Reid for taking off his Kevlar vest again and the two spending the entire jet ride home on opposite ends of the plane as the team tries not to grin while making bets on how long the lovers’ tiff will last
  • Reid getting angry with Hotch for chasing down an unsub without backup
  • and when Hotch ends up with a few cuts and bruises and a busted lip, Reid fusses over him and takes care of him but is “still really mad, and stop laughing damn it, I’m serious–no you can’t have a kiss, you jerk”
  • Hotch falling asleep in his seat on the jet, and Reid curling up next to him, and when Reid falls asleep, too, one of the team members grabs a blanket and covers them with it
  • Reid hating pictures and being very camera-shy, and Hotch asking the team to take pictures without Reid noticing
  • and Reid knows it’s happening but pretends to be affronted when Hotch shows him a new batch of pictures for their photo albums
  • Reid’s hand unerringly finding Hotch’s when something on a case frightens or bothers him, and Hotch lacing their fingers together without question
  • Hotch getting really emotional (usually angry) and Reid gently touching his wrist or squeezing his forearm to calm him down
  • Hotch and Reid getting defensive of each other when an LEO says or does something rude to the other
  • and the team getting really defensive of them both when an LEO makes an off-handed comment that makes Hotch and Reid tense

I just really wanna talk about it.  uwu