Coming here was a good decision, since I can’t be in London without getting chased by the paparazzi. I feel like I’m being watched my every move. Hopefully Hideaway will give me some time to relax and be at peace with myself. Anyway, I’m Emma, I think I like it here already. If there are any signs of paparazzi’s, then please tell them Emily Jean Stone isn’t here, thank you.

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Can we have an hc about Andrew.... And tattoos.... thank u

……Excuse me while I die just imagining that. (this isn’t long at all oops)

  • umm tbh who knows why andrew would want to get a tattoo
  • its probably because of renee
  • or possibly neil, if he decided to get a tattoo before andrew
    • the tattoo was probably a key
    • there might be another one thats a fox paw
    • who knows with neil
    • (hint: he totally has a key and a fox paw)
  • andrew probably only tells renee and neil
  • maybe just renee
  • (revenge for neil not telling him about his tattoos)
  • (jk)
  • anyway
  • andrew gets a knife on his arm first
  • it symbolizes the knives in his armbands and it also covers his scars but keeps a reminder
  • when neil finds out, he probably makes andrew get a key on his wrist too to match
  • well, he asks him to do it and andrew does but “this means nothing junkie”
  • the knife and key are really the only things that stay for a few years
  • but then he thinks “huh. there are some things i might want to remember”
  • when he and neil make the same pro team, he gets a small tattoo of the mascot
  • nowhere noticeable, but noticeable enough for neil to see
  • (neil smiles and doesnt tell andrew that thats kind of cute)
  • he has tattoos of King and Sir Fat Cat on his biceps
  • (if anyone remembers my photographer!neil post, andrew gets a tattoo of a camera somewhere. maybe over his heart idk)
  • (said camera totally does not symbolize neil capturing his heart)
  • (imeanwhat)
  • andrew isnt really a big tattoo person so he only gets tattoos of things that he figures are pretty memorable
  • he probably gets like a rainbow somewhere to symbolize renee and his pride
  • but its a badass rainbow
  • or smth yknow idek dont ask me
  • maybe a flower is what he uses to symbolize renee
  • something cute yet deadly
  • like a black rose
  • or a daphne (which is apparently a pretty pink flower that is entirely poisonous)
  • uhh
  • moving on
  • then one day andrew and neil are doing an interview or something
  • and someone notices something
  • “hey” says this person “whats that on your guys’ hands”
  • “what” andrew says, looking down but not seeing anything
  • “your ring fingers” the person gestures
  • “oh this” neil smiles “its nothing”
  • on their left ring fingers are simple x’s

Birthdays got put on hold a lot. There were constantly more important issues: reapers, saren, reapers, collectors, reapers, the council, reapers, the illusive man, reapers, cerberus, reapers. Issues that made a cake, a gift or two, a silly song and a wish seem completely unimportant. Every year that it passed Shepard marked it off their calendar, holding their tongue and thanking anyone who remembered in private. It was not a celebration, a happy day or, at least, a day off, it became, instead, any other day.
A mission, a task, a goal. An enemy (or a few hundred) and a victim. Achievable. Manageable.
It became something they were so used to that when there was finally peace they almost had forgotten what to do on that day. They had no mission, they had no enemy. Their life was simple and mundane and peaceful.
When their birthday first crept around they stayed quiet, out of habit if nothing else. Shepard had underestimated their friends. The shadow broker, an AI, various captains, commanders and admirals, and even just friends who had fought by their side for years, were more than able to know when their birthday was.
Shepard was still in hospital when it happens, a large chunk of the citadel falling on you really can do some damage, surprisingly enough. They anticipated a nurse sneaking them an extra piece of jello, or a super fan sneaking in a birthday card. They didn’t expect to be woken by a nurse yelling that there’s a limit to how many visitors were allowed in a patients room at a time, a limit that had been surpassed about 12 guests ago. Shepard was greeted by their entire Normandy crew. Gifts and cards and hugs were presented to them with smiles and laughs and jokes. The nurse yelling that ‘krogans hug too hard and if Grunt doesn’t stop immediately he’ll be removed’, alongside the new rib injuries they gained from Grunts defiant rebellion against said nurse served as a desperately needed reminder that Shepard did in fact have a family, who were, without a doubt, there for them. As long as Shepard had a family, people they can protect and love, Shepard still had a purpose besides the Reapers. Joker placed a cake in front of Shepard with wobbly icing letters, EDI played a ‘Happy Birthday’ recording without the singing while everyone loudly sang the words (even if some of the non-humans messed up a lyric or two), Shepard blew out the candle and made a wish.
I wish that I’ll never have to lose my family.


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Excuse you but Montparnasse singing "I See the Light" in the Rapunzel AU because Jehan is so good and radiant (Plus in French the very last lyrics translate to "Now everything seems different, I want to believe in you, I want to believe in /us/" and I'm ASBJSKLRHQGLKJSHJL


Pynch Week - Day 4 - "I'm Begging You"

I tried to write an angsty/beefy one based on “Try Me” but idk, it’s not my style haha 

So this is rushed, and it features two prompts, but at least I’m not running two days late! Have some teasing fluff 😂 

Adam was quicker than Ronan had thought. He’d lunged for the photograph held delicately between his fingertips, but before he knew it, Adam was across the room, the incriminating evidence held firmly in his grasp. 

“What do we have here…? A young Ronan? Curls? Facepaint? Is that… Is that a headband? Retro. Historical, even. Oh, I’m sure Gansey would love to see this.“ 

"Adam! Adam.” He had arched an eyebrow. Ronan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. 

“I’m begging you." 

Adam hummed, "What would you do in return?" 


Adam’s eyebrows shot up in surprise and Ronan rushed to correct himself, "Okay, okay, not anything. I’ll… I’ll let you drive my car." 

"You already do that." 

"I’ll make you dinner." 

Adam shook his head, "You’re losing me, Lynch." 

"Okay, okay! Just let me think.” Adam tilted his head to the side, a grin teasing at the corners of his mouth. Ronan’s eyes dropped to his mouth as he started to ease forwards. 

“How about… You and I…” Ronan was soon within arm’s reach of Adam, close enough to see the flush forming in his cheeks, his mouth parted as he waited for Ronan to continue. He reached out a hand and dragged it up Adam’s forearm, leaving goosebumps in his wake and causing Adam to shiver. He walked slowly behind Adam, resting his fingers lightly on his arm as he whispered into his hearing ear. Adam gasped in shock and Ronan took his chance, seizing the picture and running through the open doorway behind him.

 "Oh, you little-“ 

Ronan continued to run, skidding around corners in his socked feet until he reached the kitchen. He yanked the cupboards open until he found the little locked box his mother used for medicines, and quickly shoved the picture inside, careful not to damage anything. He locked it swiftly and turned to find Adam standing with his hands on his hips and his chest heaving. 

Adam narrowed his eyes and moved closer, as Ronan clutched the box to his chest. When they were close enough to share breath, Adam poked him in the chest with a long finger. 

 "You’re still making me dinner.”

 Ronan laughed, “I thought I lost you, Parrish…?" 

"You’re awful at bargaining." 

"And you’re fast.” Ronan leant forward until their noses were brushing and whispered, “Just not fast enough." 

"Oh, shut up. I’ll go find another one to use as blackmail.” Adam called over his shoulder as he turned on his heel and left the room. 

“You do that!” Ronan shouted, laughing as he stowed the box away and went to find Adam and his treasure trove of memories.


relationship with taehyung

01. best part of me - landon austin  02. turning page - sleeping at last  03. after afterall - william fitzsimmons  04. look after you - the fray  05. can’t help falling in love (cover) - twenty one pilots  06. a thousand years (cover) - boyce avenue  07. once in a lifetime - landon austin  08. angel of mine - the icarus account

rushing to the hospital on a monday evening was not oliver’s ideal weekday. of course, he didn’t blame drew for whatever happened, he was only blaming the hospital staff for not letting him see the other right away. oliver picked at bit at his nails, his knee bouncing rapidly as he waited. he must’ve sat in the waiting room for at least an hour before receiving permission to go up and see him. the man shifted from foot to foot in the elevator, his fingers tapping gently against his thigh before reaching the sixth floor. inhaling slowly, he followed down the hall, eyes flipping from room to room for room 626. “hey,” oliver exhaled, slowly moving into the room. @thcforest



I was out shopping when I found this little guy under a bush! I didn’t have anything to pick her (I think it’s a she but idk for sure) up with so I rushed into the Trader Joes and bought a singular lemon (for 39 cents!) in one of those fruit bags that they have. (I actually got two bags and layered them on top of each other) I picked her up with that, doggie poop-bag style, and brought her home. (With a stop at the nearby pharmacy for some isopropyl alcohol). She’s now sitting in the closet (I’ll find a place on the shelf for her tomorrow) in a mason jar with the alcohol. These pictures don’t do her justice, she’s absolutely adorable and looks just like she could be sleeping (in a really awkward position in a jar with her eyes slightly open but still). I’m going to try to get some better pictures in some better lighting tomorrow.
I’ve named her Lemon because of how I got the bag. It saddens me to think she was probably killed as a result of mall pest control.
She’s my first wet specimen and I really hope I didn’t mess it up!!

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I don’t hate Jackogen I just don’t like/love them that much. Yeah Zoe was the one I disliked the most at that time but Lola annoyed me too. And Jack acted so different around every different person she interacted with it just made her feel two-faced. Yeah 15B makes more sense when it was only 10 episodes each block idk why the writers are rushing through everything so fast. What’s weird though is Clare’s class was the class of 2014 so in Degrassi it’s only 2015. Their timeline sucks so bad lol

I get it. I was mostly saying that because the fandom seems to resent them because they like Fimogen better. But since I could never get into that pairing, I had no problem with their relationship. I don’t remember having much of an opinion on Lola, but I was annoyed because it was a terrible introduction for Shay and Lola in general. They did it again with having Yael, Vijay and Baaz join Hunter in harassing Maya. Right?! Maybe they’re worried they’ll get cancelled again? Plus I realize this cast is aging and, with most of them, they look college age. Still, it’s a tough adjustment after four consecutive seasons that were twice as long. Even season 14 felt a lot longer. I’ve long given up on figuring out the timeline.